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  1. Enjoy the ride is teasing this on social media currently. Assuming preorders will go up friday.
  2. https://sleeponit.merchnow.com/products/v2/296080/pride-and-disaster-lp--dd Pride & Disaster LP - Pink/Green Color in Color w/ Black Splatter - Pressing Limit: 250
  3. Album is a fun listen. Much better then 13 voices.
  4. https://shop.604records.com/shop/marianas-trench-phantoms-vinyl-pre-order/ Offical listing from the band get signed swag if you preorder before august 23rd.
  5. https://pressure.wagewarband.com/collections/pressure/products/pressure-lp-1 https://pressure.wagewarband.com/collections/pressure/products/pressure-lp
  6. Yeah it was sold out for a few hours then came back. My brother got suckered into the clear because it was gone at the time he placed his order...