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  1. http://badtimingrecords.limitedrun.com/products/642543-rationale-you-are-flawed-but-youll-be-fine?view=f20016 On this page you can purchase the new album from rationale. called You Are Flawed, But You'll Be Fine.The vinyl will ship on or before May 17, 2019. Each purchase of vinyl or CD comes with a digital download code which will be emailed to you on or before the same date. The T-shirt comes with a QR code sewn on a patch into the sleeve of the shirt, which you can use to get a download of the album. rationale. is a three-piece band featuring Dan Lambton (Real Friends), Joe Taylor (Knuckle Puck) and Ryan Rumchaks (Homesafe). This seven-song album follows up the late 2015 release of their Confines EP. You can also find You Are Flawed, But You'll Be Fine plus Rationale’s past work on their Bandcamp page.
  2. I'm so scared right now liek everything is not ok. Like six sense scarred liek so scared.
  3. I emailed them Thursday and they said they were going out friday but still nothing.
  4. My pink shipped yesterday so should be seeing those on social soon.
  5. Yeah i got the shooting star as well and had this in my cart just didnt pull the trigger because i didnt think these would go so quickly... regrets.
  6. For a single black lp this is a little steep not going to lie. At least Astoria was 2lps and came with a puzzle.
  7. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07PPLY22H/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_t1_jCMYCb2TTEKNR Amazon has a listing for the vinyl. Merchbar has one as well but amazon is the cheapest.
  8. To bad they only have like 18 records left on the site haha
  9. Wow the shooting star went quick. But I was able to snag one so thanks for the heads up!
  10. Just got an email that it's not going to ship from fye till the 2nd of may.