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  1. Been going to thrice shows for nearly 20 years now. I’m thankful not to see the same old shit/same old show for the umpteenth time. Thankful for something different. It would be a waste of money to just hear the songs I’ve heard live 20-30 times already. At this point, I hope I never hear Deadbolt live again.
  2. Not at all. Vheissu is the follow up album to TAITA and it contains the last remnants of the TAITA era and pre TAITA era. And even then, Vheissu only has small touches of it. Basically a transition album out of that style and into their experimental era. However, they do have a lot of excellent albums after TAITA and every single one of them is so different that they each stand alone. Try them all once.
  3. It’s really hard to drag someone with a good taste of music. I mean, they’re a Thrice fan aren’t they? Obviously they have good taste. It’s nobody’s individual fault that Thrice’s discography is so diverse.
  4. Beggars for me was excellent because it combined all of the elements of Alchemy together. Listen to the album again and listen for it. Some examples of what I’m talking about. All The World Is Mad: A combo of Fire and Air. The Weight: Air with a touch of fire. Circles: Water with a touch of air. Doublespeak: Air with bits of Earth and a tiny tinge of Fire. It goes on and on, but that, plus a lot of the interesting progressions and rhythms, is where my love for that album comes from. I’ve never felt like Vheissu was some experimental album because it just felt like a natural darker and, a bit slowed down/more mature, progression from TAITA. I’ve never felt there was a connection between Vheissu and Alchemy, but I have always felt like Beggars was the band saying “Let’s do Alchemy, but in a single album format so we can transition out of this sonic era and back into albums again.” I feel like the thrice fan base is extremely multifaceted, but has this one specific subset of fans who still want them to be a fast punk/post hardcore band. Which always seems crazy to me because out of their 23 year career they stopped being that about 6 years in and have been more the direction and offshoots of Alchemy for the last 14 years. It just makes me wonder what those specific fans are holding out for. I also don’t understand the Dad Rock label either. It feels like another misplaced label like “post hardcore.” When I think Dad rock I think arena rock mixed with classic rock plus these indie bands like Wilco or the Nationals. Thrice doesn’t sonically hit those genres so I’m always confused. I feel like it has always been a shot just because they are dads who haven’t put out another punk album in the last 75% of their career and the fans who are still mad about it can’t let that go. The fact is Thrice was absolutely those things that embody IOS/TAITA/Vheissu at a certain time in their lives, but they haven’t been those things for a loooong time and their experiences and lives have shaped them in a way where they won’t be going back. I do want to throw in here at the end though that I hate Black Honey too. The only time I can find any appreciation for that song is when I am playing it on vinyl at a louder volume and the bass kicks in on the second verse. That’s the only think I find enjoyment out of.
  5. I like this take just because it is such a departure from the all-too-common sentiment that M/M is somehow their worst album. Honestly, it’s not my favorite and a little too religious for me, however musically it had some amazing work on it and considering the context off all of the loss they were all experiencing, it felt right. However, I will shamelessly admit that I like TBEITBN and Palms. I’m just excited at the prospect of getting another album that is once again totally different than everything else. The closest connected albums in their discography, in my pathetic little opinion, is Alchemy and Beggars and even those are miles apart. To me that is the ultimate appeal of Thrice. You NEVER get the same thing twice (so badly want to make a thrice pun there).
  6. I will admit that Alchemy is hands down my favorite. Always has been and probably always will be. And Beggars was an absolute surprise for me how they combined all of the elemental sounds, removed the experimentations and made an amazing follow up. I just don’t know if they can go back to that ever again. I think they completed their experiment and it enabled them to go where they have gone. Being an alchemy fan, I’m just happy that every album since has been distinctly different. I don’t feel like they’ve every put out the same album twice ever and that makes me super happy as a fan, even when I like something a little less than other stuff.
  7. Yikes… might be time to move on from the band then friend.
  8. Honestly, I’m not sure where you expect them to go after alchemy except for Beggars. Four completely different EPs and they still managed to combine all four to make Beggars despite Beggars being all in the same tuning and on the fewest number of instruments. So would it be fair to say you’re seeking a Beggars part 2?
  9. Just curious, what are you hoping for? For instance, if you had to pick an album in their discography that this one was the natural of, which one would you pick?
  10. So that makes 10 variants. Is anyone else hoping, for the first time in their life, that a band doesn’t do a tour variant?
  11. https://www.banquetrecords.com/thrice/horizons-east/THRICE-HE
  12. Alright. Lots of people hitting me up about UK/EU variant. Long story short, shop I ordered from fucked up and wasn’t supposed to let it hit yet. They have asked me not to share the information yet as they have taken it down and don’t want attention for their mistake. Being an indie shop, I have to respect that as I don’t want them to get in trouble (especially since this is the second time in 3 years they have done this and allowed me to keep my preorder in).
  13. So far I’ve picked up the Alliance - Clear/Pink/Blue/Yellow Thrice US - Black Thrice US - Cotton Candy Thrice US - Pink Thrice EU/UK - Cloudy Purple Thrice EU/UK - Purple and Mustard Galaxy US Indie - Opaque Yellow UK Indie - A=Neon Yellow B=Neon Violet If that last one is a tour variant, would anybody be so kind as to help me get one?

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