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  1. Yes. Do NOT try and order ANYTHING from them. I did in December and it was an absolute disaster fighting to get in contact and get my money back. I even tried to reach out to Josh directly and have been completely ignored. At one point I spoke with Dan directly via the Sun Drenched Pavement Society asking to have him let Josh know? He said he did, and. I never heard back. The guy that was running it (Kyle) as completely ignored every attempt at contact.
  2. For clarification (direct from Bull Moose). Indie Orange: https://www.bullmoose.com/p/30067053/aaron-west-the-roaring-twenties-routine-maintenance-orange-orange-indie-exclusive- Black: https://www.bullmoose.com/p/29682605/aaron-west-the-roaring-twenties-routine-maintenance
  3. I noticed that indie stores were starting to list Routine Maintenance as available for preorder despite Hopeless and Loneliest Place on Earth being almost sold out. Digging through Easy Street Record’s database I found this page https://easystreetonline.tuneportals.com/UPC/790692265817/Aaron-West—The-Roaring-Twenties_Routine-Maintenance-Indie-Exclusive-Org-Iex which seems to confirm that there is an indie store variant that is just orange. Probably to compliment Banquet Record’s exclusive blue which matches their own logo as well as the color of the album cover. No images yet, but very probable that this is the case. Check your local or favorite indie store for more information.
  4. For any of you variant collectors or Europeans out there. Banquet records now has an exclusive opaque blue variant (limited to 300) available for preorder available here. https://www.banquetrecords.com/aaron-west-and-the-roaring-twenties/routine-maintenance/aaronwestLP2 Tweet with sample photo available here.
  5. Keeping this thread alive! New double LP Newbury Comics exclusive clear with orange splatter variant available for preorder now and releases on April 19th, 2019. It appears to be that this release has a catalog number that has never been used before so it is unclear at the current moment if this is just a reissue with a repress on a different color or a full on reissue with all new mastering, lacquer cut, etc. https://www.newburycomics.com/products/the_wonder_years-the_greatest_generation_exclusive_2lp?variant=27924571586665
  6. I’m keeping an up to date list of places to buy this from here. Get ”Live From Maida Vale” without paying flipper prices!
  7. Thanks vinyl collective. Was able to cross of The Wonder Years: The Greatest Generation Marbled Orange (Single LP) Marbled Gray (Single LP) Clear/Coke Bottle Split (Double LP) Bumpity hump!
  8. Lol. Yes. Typo, my bad. Thank you for the catch. I’m glad I embedded the tweet as a back up for my stupidity.
  9. Just got the official announcement from an Aaron West tweet. LPOE limited to 1,200. Tweet here.
  10. Looking to buy some records for my wife as a gift. Have a whole list of things, can’t afford all right now, but looking to complete her collection eventually so I’m going to list it all, by what I can, and bump as I go. Here we go. The Wonder Years: The Greatest Generation Philly Exclusive NYC Exclusive Chicago Exclusive Anaheim Exclusive Pop Up Shop Exclusive The Wonder Years: No Closer to Heaven Blue The Wonder Years: Burst & Decay White with Orange, Yellow, and Purple Splatter Aaron West: Bittersweet Cherry Red Seafoam Green Cherry Red/Carolina Blue/Seafoam Green Tricolor Cherry Red w/ Tour Cover Aaron West: We Don’t Have Each Other Clear with Gray Haze Maroon with Gray Splatter Army Green Blue with Red Swirl Blue Thanks for checking this out.
  11. No problem. I have confirmation on that directly from Dan. Any chance you’d be willing to help me out getting one?
  12. Don’t quote that 1,000 press. Waiting on a correction to the tweet (from Managment, not Soupy). There is a possibility that 1000 is the total press currently out for preorder (Hopeless, LPOE), the LPOE press (1,000), or the total pressing (Hopeless, LPOE, and Tour Variant). Source: I am Perry Burner and have been DMing them as well before they went home for the weekend. They said they are getting back to me after the weekend.