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  1. www.reddit.com/r/TheWonderYearsVinyl Not sure if this isn’t allowed, but I just wanted to let everyone know that there is a The Wonder Years specific vinyl subreddit now. The community that collects and focuses on the band and their discography is already all over the internet and sometimes locked behind restricted access blocks. The aim is to provide one place for collectors and fans to go to discuss, buy/sell/trade, and show off their TWY and related vinyl. I hope to see you guys there.
  2. California. Should say kings road merch right on the page.
  3. I too would love to see pics. Would also love to know what company they used to ship the replacements. Edit: My replacement popped up in the USPS Informed Delivery app. On the way!
  4. https://hopelessrecords.merchnow.com/products/v2/263437/burst-and-decay-white
  5. I’m fairly certain that I’m going to hold onto mine. I collect too and I never sell or flip anything. However, if you have any particular rarities you might consider trading, I would entertain the idea depending on what you’d be putting up. Let me know!
  6. Word across the internet is that all of the tour variants are gone. Last one sold in Chicago on the 8th and witness claimed to see the last sale. First person to the merch booth the next day at Columbus on the 9th says there were no vinyl of any kind for sale and that Soupy said he went through them faster than he thought he would. I’m still trying to get anyone else to verify these two accounts. Anyone here have any information?
  7. It’s a completely real possibility at this point.
  8. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure he sold that exact copy on Reddit awhile back. Was number 1234 of 2000. If OP doesn’t respond or already has it, let me know. I might be interested in it myself. I’m holding out for the repress that is impending, but the right price could always change my mind.
  9. Yeah. Was officially tweeted about awhile back.
  10. No for several reasons. 1) They repressed those as well. 2) Album Art splatter are all the same. So each individual copy is 1 of 100+ of the same (1/100+). If you are a variant collector, you only need 1 to have the same copy as everyone else. 3) Individually unique presses are not all the same. While 100+ individually unique copies were pressed, every one of these is one of one (1/1). If you were a variant collector, you would have to acquire every single individual record to have every single variant of this version.
  11. Super long story short... KRM screwed up and sent the wrong Wax Mage records to the wrong customers. Super long story not short... check it out here because I’m not writing it all out here.