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  1. I am jealous of you Juan. Youre probably going to be the first to have all the different variants of this. Good luck with the European press.
  2. Thanks for posting the pics of the shirts guys. I appreciate it.
  3. Is this album any good? Ive always been a Thrice fan, but for some reason i kind of slacked off about listening to this album.
  4. I ordered two right after the "Meltdown". I would be content with the tri-colored one. I think its my favorite. Can somebody post a pic of the shirt that came with the DW orders. I cant remember what it looks like. Thanks Jake and everyone at DW. You guys are the shit.
  5. I see ALOT of stuff im interested in here. I get paid on friday and ill hit you up then.
  6. I would be really interested in these. I have Abbey Road on vinyl and i listen to it all the time. I would love to hear the remastered version.
  7. My lovely girlfriend bought me the Vinyl and T-shirt package as well as another copy of the vinyl. I love that girl. Cant wait for the print to go up.
  8. I feel really ghetto, i am rocking my turntable through my T.V. speakers right now. In the process of moving my speakers decided to stop working. All they do now is click.
  9. -My girlfriend is having surgery today. We have been up since 5AM and there is no telling when we will get to leave the hospital. +Its a very minor surgery, so at least im not worried about it.
  10. +No work today +Went record shopping +Going to see Poison the Well tonight
  11. ISIS-Wavering Radiant Poison The Well-Tropic Rot Coalesce-OX P.O.S.-Never Better Still looking forward to Converge
  12. Im off today, i guess i can revolt against having a day off. But that would just be dumb.
  13. I would love to have all of his work on vinyl. He writes some disturbingly beautiful music.
  14. Good day at the record store today. I got: Envy-Abyssal Explosions in the Sky-The earth is not... Thursday/Envy split Rush-Rush All for $42, not too bad
  15. I lost interest in this band after Miss Machine. I really hope that this album is going to be good.
  16. I predict that my paycheck tomorrow is going to be gone real fast because of this sale. Thanks Jake and the Deathwish crew.
  17. +No work today -I'm really broke but i get paid tomorrow -It's pouring rain like nobody's business +New Coalesce album is in constant rotation and its badass
  18. Western Digital makes really good drives. But the software that is pre-installed on it is pretty shitty.
  19. By far the best hamburger's in the world.

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