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  1. man box sets like these are why vinyl takes so long to release and always get delayed. they just press anything and everything on vinyl now.
  2. i work at mall stores and you'd be amazed at what people waste money on.
  3. what is this like 6 albums in the last 4 or 5 years? all i see is PO threads for this band.
  4. i always wondered why self titled was 2LPs. its only 47 min long and 4 mins that of silence to a hidden track. i know the rule is generally 22 min per side and 44 min overall but albums as long as 50 mins could pretty easily fit on a single LP... i know these spin at 45rpm but i still wonder why it wasnt made to just be a single record at 33rpm.
  5. well its been 2 weeks since these were posted for sale and they all already sold out...
  6. all of in love and death sold out. and self titled that hasnt sold out has less than 50 left. which makes me think even more colors will be coming soon... at this point even i am pretty annoyed at how many of these i am going to have to buy. lol.
  7. ADs have overtaken the original post somehow, at least on my pc. ill try to fix the post soon but almost everything is sold out.
  8. some of these are already sold out but being that this was already repressed a few years go, i am surprised how quickly some are selling out. its only been a couple days. geez.
  9. yes. well there is a 2002 german press i dont have but its the exact same as the 2009 usa pressing.
  10. set for a late april 2021 release date, the used "self titled" and "in love and death" albums are being repressed again due do all previous pressings selling out. this is a new pressing with new colors about 5 years after the previous 2016 repress. SELF TITLED 300 - Blue & Yellow Smash The Used - Self-Titled 2xLP | Smartpunk Exclusive | SMARTPUNK (smartpunkshop.com) 300 - Maroon & Bone Split w/ Black Splatter The Used The Used (zia Exclusive) Maroon & Bone Splig W Black Splatte (ziarecords.com) 500 - Bone In Clear w/ Black & Maroon Splatter The Used-Th
  11. ok guys. a bit of a crisis here... i had bought almost all these last night from newbury, smartpunk, and revolver. then i went to buy it from zia but my bank denied the trans because i spent $300 in 3 minutes on the previous purchases from other sites. my bank said spending money was outside of my spending habits so it denied the charge because they were suspicious. i went to buy it from zia tonight and it says sold out! i dont see how zia could of sold 300 in 24 hours when the used hadnt even posted about these yet. im hope this is a mistake and i can buy it soon or this could be t

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