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  1. i dislike vinyl that is not 12. bigger nice artwork cover. even singles. cant cost much more for a 12 so just make everything 12 inches.
  2. heres our first look at the 20th anniversary edition. the back cover removed the band photo and new inner sleeves. The Used – The Used (20th Anniversary Edition) (2022, Vinyl) - Discogs
  3. numbers update /2000 milky clear/oxblood swirl (theused.net exclusive) SOLD OUT /2000 milky clear w. oxblood splatter (indie exclusive) VERY LOW STOCK (check local store, maybe you get lucky) /1000 bone & oxblood split (urban outfitters exclusive) IN STOCK!!! /? black (merch booth on tour but maybe added to used site soon, now that color variant is sold out)
  4. saw a pic and can confirm its black. so i think there are 5,000 combined of the 3 colorways and then a somewhat unlimited black variant or maybe its a tour exclusive or gonna be for general retail or maybe it will be sold on the used site once the color sells out in a couple days.
  5. tour started last night and they are selling it on tour as well. the pic is blurry but hype sticker looks the same without the "special variant limited to 5000" sentence. so my guess is that is variant is black.
  6. ok now its confusing time again... the video the used posted today to advertise buying the vinyl from their site says its limited to 2,000 units. not 5,000 like it says on the mockup hype sticker. and i previous said that i thought that 5,000 would be too many for urban outfitters to be selling since most retailer exclusives get 1,000 at the most. sooooooooooooo with the hype sticker on each saying 5,000 maybe there are 5,000 total (2,000 from the used +2,000 indie + 1,000 from UO).
  7. please stop with the lies. you have done this before and not sure why you don't get banned for this. its very dangerous to put out fake news like that.
  8. yes the vinyl really appears to be 5,000 of each for a mega 15,000 total. the indie is hard to find a site that the PO is not sold out. the used official store is selling like hot cakes. urban outffiters may be peoples only choice soon. but the cassette tape has 750 made.
  9. i get this forum is more about the vinyl but tapes seem to be a norm now too so the used finally put this on tape. i guessed 1,000 were made but instgram story said 750. but theres still 500 left so maybe they only needed to make 500 of these. but i feel like 250 is a little low on the sales side. maybe it will pick up a bit since its only been a week since the 20th anniversary stuff was posted.
  10. ok so i think i confirm its 5,000 of each. theused.net vinyl alone is listed as sold out but the bundle is not so they probably just divided the 5,000 up between seperate and bundle. 5,000 seems like a lot for UO but thats where i think we are at... hey @meatrocket8 can you update the main post to say 5,000 of each variant and only 750 copies of the cassette instead of 1,000 and remove the footnote. please. thank you. 😎
  11. 750 - translucent yellow - theused.net exclusive - https://heartwork.theused.net/collections/all-products-1/products/the-used-self-titled-20th-anniversary-cassette
  12. the used site has a different number remaining for every size box full of sharp objects bundle and vinyl separate so maybe they have 1000 for the vinyl alone and 4000 for the bundles to total 5000? also, UO also let me add over 1000 so maybe there really are 5000 and no other store gets exclusive (besides the indies)? i guess 5,000 of each to get 15,000 total would make sense since every variant always sells out so fast.