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  1. there are maybe 25 vinyl factories in the USA and they are all booked up and have a backlog of orders to press. when a band wants a vinyl pressed then its probably gonna be about 6 months until its ready to be shipped.
  2. its a little strange they only did 1,000. i know they could easily add some variants leading to release day but it only went up friday and half of them are gone so by the end of the month they will very likely be sold out. then will they add another? thats what they did with the original release but that also had retail and indie variants.
  3. Lol. I know this is a joke but my theory was deeper. 3 songs have the lyric of rainbow. And there’s a rainbow on the album cover. So it would make sense.
  4. the original heartwork was released on the colors: red, yellow, green, blue, and clear. i thought we would eventurally see orange and purple to complete the rainbow. now the deluxe heartwork is being released on orange so does that mean a purple will follow it? theres only 1000 orange so its likely. maybe for the indie stores?
  5. yes i like that they didnt make us wait until march for the vinyl to be ready. i think this is how music should be released... release the digital on release day and then put up the physical vinyl or cd for PO and ship then out whenever they are ready, this week or next month or next year.
  6. All 27 songs from the heartwork sessions on double vinyl. Ships March 2022. Burnt Orange /1000 = https://heartwork.theused.net/collections/all-products-1/products/heartwork-vinyl-4
  7. now officially announced. https://www.instagram.com/p/CTUtHJOtfFu looks like digital only as of now. .
  8. i heard it was gonna be august 27th but got pushed to september 10th. where did you see october 7th?
  9. you're from utah? most locals call it USEDtah.
  10. i'm not god. i'm just a human bean like you. and your post is rather ironic, contradictory, and hypocritical.

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