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  1. that's another good point,,,most cds now come in digi packs instead of jewel cases.
  2. anyone notice that album releases have really started to be "made for vinyl" over the past few years? and what I mean by this is... after y2k most releases were CD only and everything was designed for the CD and it was either ported to vinyl or not released at all. CDs came with huge booklets and lots of artwork within it but when 2010 rolled around and everything was getting pressed on vinyl for the first time, the vinyl release would either omit the CD booklet and artwork or make a single page with a bunch of squares representing the booklet pages or just a very stripped down version of it with a lot of it missing. but over the past few years it seems like it has reversed and now the releases are being made for vinyl and ported to CD. most releases today have these nice picture sleeves to hold the record instead of a generic white sleeve. and CD versions have a very small booklet that is just a couple a pages that cut up the picture sleeve into a book form. so it seems to be that most releases today are made for vinyl and ported to CD, and sometimes even cassette. bands today are probably also making the tracklist order of songs of their albums to make sure they can fit on a single LP. anyone else notice this recently? I never really see it discussed.
  3. This is what I use. They’re best for records. Perfect size. Walmart - storage container
  4. true I always thought it should be labeled clean lyrics instead of ruining artwork on the regular version or it should of just always been a sticker on the shrinkwrap or printed on the back of the case if it really needed to be there.
  5. yes its almost unheard of these days. I remember the used first album avoiding it then their compilation album and next 2 studio albums having it and then none having it after that. so I just thought it was none and better off too, it ruins the artwork. it should be a sticker on the shrinkwrap or at least of the back artwork next to the barcode if it really needs to be there.
  6. why does blink feel the PA sysmbol is needed to be printed on their artwork?...most physical releases these days totally avoid a PA at all and most re-issues also avoid it so I don't get why they want this PA symbol printed right on the artwork.
  7. always loved this nirvana show and pretty much any unplugged show. big fan of these performances and its a shame they don't have these much anymore.
  8. what about smile empty soul LP? surprised nothing of theirs ever got pressed.
  9. the answer to your question is a snake could live in the desert.
  10. but then what store do they come from? why do some stores call their LP a different color name then the hype sticker says the same color name. why does blink sell every color from their store where as these other stores are selling exclusive colors that aren't exclusive just have a different name. this has to be the most botched vinyl release...only I could compare it to is when a label call MTS mightier the swords were releasing a album by a band named blink... ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is a blink 182 release.
  11. well there was def an orange one in that video, so I guess it will be for something in the future.
  12. thanks, the other guy didn't even bother to post a link and I couldn't find it. but the video was impossible to find for some reason... and the other guy was too lazy to simple copy and paste a link. ditto. maybe. good guess. I got no other explanation...unless they made a missing with the hype color sticker on one of the releases and they are not the same like people think they are? yeah all pics on instgram only showed 5. ...anyway looking at the video I see 6 colors: *blue splatter *yellow splatter *orange *pink *black *butter .
  13. I started buying vinyl about 10 years ago. It cost about $28 for a single LP and about $38 for a double. Now it only cost about $15-$20 for a single LP and about $25 for a double LP. This excludes RSD prices lol. But yeah prices have dropped by about 30% over the past decade.