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  1. they release 4 songs already? so half their album before it even releases?
  2. the first song was good. I know a handful of people who listened to the entire album when apple music new Zealand leaked it and they said it was great so maybe we will join them when we hear it all.
  3. ok. if anyone could do something to save dantheriver money, do not do it. take note.
  4. or only $95 if you don't care about getting the digital download https://shop.thestrokes.com/collections/merch/products/the-new-abnormal-deluxe-photo-book?variant=33161400549508
  5. Earlier this year the used did a small venue tour but most had a max of under 1,000. I would say 5,000 is actually a lot for a concert. But this may only happen depending on the corona situation. Also where did you get this confirmation?
  6. I thought this was gonna say it was delayed or pushed up but instead it stays the same.
  7. that what they said they are doing and their are items in the store that say "coming soon... 3/20 3/27 and so on"
  8. Every Friday for the past six weeks they release a super limited item related to heartwork. And they’re supposed to do so until the album comes out.
  9. Today is Friday 6pm and the used have not yet posted their limited edition Friday heartwork item.
  10. any chance the corona virus delays this release or any release? mail is still going but so many jobs are shut down, are presses or plants that make these going to be shut? I sure hope there's no delay. maybe since everyone is stuck home and everything is closed and there's nothing to do, they should release this album digitally this week and everyone can enjoy it and the physical copies come when they are ready.
  11. not announced. but assume indie is probably1000. and retail 3000.
  12. https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/carcasss-bill-steer-finds-it-comical-that-the-used-is-about-to-release-an-album-called-heartwork/
  13. 2 cool interviews about the album... here: https://www.bringthenoise.com/blog/qa-bert-mccracken-details-the-useds and here: