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  1. but thats everything not just records and tapes. just look at how much money people spend on those ugly pop vinyl figures that they dont play with and are gonna go the way of beanie babies and be worthless soon.
  2. the used released their self titled debut on june 25 2002. 18 years...wow. this gem started it all and changed rock forever. im gona be spinning this all day long tomorrow as I think most of us will be. .
  3. that's a couple on the second hand market... so that don't count. in a different language, the word derek translates to the man who has no taste in music.
  4. the thread will prob pick up again as new colors are released. this album is nearly impossible to get on vinyl. sold out everywhere of all variants. more will come as the demand for it is still very high.
  5. blue is the only color not translucent, they should of kept them all the same, either tans or not.
  6. the user who created this topic has done a horrid job at maintaining this thread. they are suppose to update the first post daily with color variants and pressing numbers and links to where to buy them but they have really done nothing yet other than create the thread and let it sit.
  7. they are joining forces in trolling. just ignore them. very dangerous game they are playing.
  8. its there but you just cant see it because its clear.
  9. you really really need to stop with the lies. you are already tricked some other members. im not falling for it but some others might. just stop. its not right.
  10. my thought is more colors are coming. the colors that have been release so far are red, yellow, green, blue, and clear. so that would leave only orange and purple to complete the rainbow of colors (which is also a rainbow image on the album art). so it is very possible we see orange and purple in the future (especially since the vinyl is not in stock on their webstore right now and sold out most places too). I expect orange and purple to be listed on their webstore maybe at the same time with limited numbers of maybe 500-750 of each. and if those sell out then prob end with a huge black pressing.