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  1. I wasn’t going to admit this here, but I had this same worry… so I bought the CD. 👴🏻
  2. Yup, open the site and enter your info in the pop up offer. Emails a discount code to you immediately. Got an egg drop. A “test press” /75 is no test press, so I chose to keep my $75 from that one.
  3. I’m guessing SS will be black and LIEY will be red with smoke.
  4. In regards to Track 3: I’m in this song title and I don’t like it. Also, I’m going to fuck with this album just like I did with Erase Me. But I want to love it like I love Define and Lost. Fingers crossed on that one.
  5. Thanks, Derek. The jackets were creased at one corner along the records’ edges, but the records themselves are fine. The shrink wrap protected them all from the water damage. I’m chalking this one up as a near miss. Fuck Fedex, though.
  6. These are 100% already pressed. They’re just gonna store them in a warehouse for ten years before shipping them to the address with which you bought a ticket. And the colours will be in the reverse order.
  7. What, you didn’t download the Convectuoso mp3 from Limewire back in 2003 like the rest of us?
  8. Glassjaw has out-Glassjawed Glassjaw! How the hell can anyone support these knob gobblers?!
  9. I know he said those things, it’s been literally years since he expressed intent to repress the back catalog. I’m just sick and tired of him being a cock tease while peddling old copies of records signed by his wife and overpriced live streams just a few months before a physical tour happens. These things are making me lose interest in his band. I should probably stop spamming this thread now 😬.
  10. Ohhh fuck yeah. You speak my language. Best thing he’s ever done
  11. This is some expensive-ass bullshit. Hey Buddy, you wanna make some motherfuckin’ money? Repress THE FIRE.

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