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  1. My last ditch effort at liking modern day Weezer is hoping they do a good imitation of a Van Halen tribute band. 2020, what the fuck have you done to us?
  2. Today I got an email from Record Store UK saying that I won’t be getting my copy until October. Sounds like another pressing is coming, with a delay that long.
  3. Just look around their site for something they have in stock, that you can spend your store credit on when FOB inevitably gets cancelled on you and they give you a not-refund.
  4. I guess I’m a bit younger, so I discovered the band when Americana came out and worked my way backwards. I will happily listen to anything up to and including the punk half of Splinter. This record seems like a good successor to Splinter. Last time I saw them live was at the end of 2019, they played the new version of Gone Away with Dexter at the piano and candles all over the place. I get the sentiment, but it felt out of place at a punk show where they played mostly songs from the 90’s albums (great fucking show, btw). It feels out of place on the record to me somehow, too. I think I like
  5. Just heard the song This Is Not Utopia and I will admit it’s not as bad. Tolerable, even.
  6. I’m making the assumption that the only positions flippers know are “Side A” and “Side B.”
  7. Something new to commemorate the 10th anniversary would indeed make sense. But the “let’s only sell 120 of these and sit on the other 90% of them for seven or eight years for shits and giggles” thought is kind of ridiculous, isn’t it?
  8. They REALLY should have pressed AWKIF instead. Some dude in Australia just made a cool $800 selling three copies on ebay. Fuck.
  9. My favourite part of this conspiracy theory is that the band “waited until the right moment” to drop these. What is this right moment? When you all got your fucken stimulus checks?
  10. Don’t worry too much yet. I think I was one of the very first recipients. I’ve been sending packages to the US via Canada Post lately and they all have arrived ahead of schedule.
  11. 😍😍😍 There are 5 orange segments, but they’re super faint. I love it anyway.

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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