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  1. Seriously, listen to Dead Tired. Full Vol and their new album are just packed with rippers. They’re what AOF should have become.
  2. This is really good. Reminds me of the Wallflowers’ best material. So @Fowty Dollaz, you mean to tell me this band isn’t just you, cloned 12.5 times?
  3. This is the first time this has ever happened, since 1995. I should know, I have the last record made with such a malicious error:
  4. Yes! Franz, George and the boys are friggin’ awesome and the more people who check them out, the better. DT is what I always wanted AOF to become. Franz does all their artwork and his skills are totally badass.
  5. Epitaph quietly kept IATM and EIIKM in print on black, pressing it every year or two, up until 2017. They’ve been identical to the original pressings, so discogs wouldn’t have separate entries for them. Why they haven’t been treating CTTM the same way is beyond me.
  6. Had a couple stouts and came up with some improved artwork for you guys:
  7. Song is good, but the art isn’t. Give me Dead Tired LP3 or give me death!
  8. Enough politics. This band fucking rules. ORDERED. 🤘🏻
  9. I’ve been on a huge post-rock kick this past year. If I enjoy Caspian, ITTCT, TWDY, and EITS, will I like Russian Circles? Asking before I delve into their discography.
  10. I’ve already got my burnt orange in hand: It also cures covid symptoms, allegedly. Thanks, Bert!
  11. HHHHNNNNNNNNNGGGGGG: I am eighteen again. It’s so perfect.
  12. I think this is mostly true. Pressing plants aren’t trying to be creative or innovative with their new products, they’re just trying to get their 9 months of backlogged orders out the door before fucking Adele drops a new album. 😫
  13. Frig, you’d think this was TDAGARIM stickergate or something. Life gets better when you let the little things go. A seam split is a little thing.