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  1. Whoa, that sentence was a wild ride. In for the EPs. So so so glad they’re on 12”. I hope they sound half decent.
  2. Why can’t people do this. It’s like removing all references to Jesse Lacey from Brand New - that would be stupid. They’re never getting any more of my money, but I won’t stop listening to their music and enjoying it for its art.
  3. That feels like half a song. They couldn’t write a bridge? Really? Maria is better.
  4. This record has more BCR flavour than any of their post-Untitled material, and I am fucking here for it. Got the indie exclusive and it’s pristine.
  5. I want more songs like Minds Like Minefields. Not this mid tempo drivel. The EP was modern Alk3 at their best.
  6. You’ve got this silly way of keeping me on the edge of my seat.
  7. New master, new cut, bound to be at least better than SRC. https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/story-of-the-year-page-avenue-limited-lp
  8. My spreadsheet has purchase price as a column from 2008 onwards. I once thought $25 was too expensive. Then I thought $35 was too expensive. Now I’m happy if I can get under $50.
  9. Please, for the love of all that is holy, step away from the internet.
  10. That blue looks familiar! Going for a green myself, I don’t have any of that colour.
  11. I’m with Chazz4’s buddy on this one - with Forest being 4 mins long, it either makes side A too long or if it were moved to side B it would make that side too long. This album deserves a 45 RPM 2xLP treatment for sure. Steal This Album should be recut at 45 RPM too.
  12. Heave-ho, Mr. Leading-The-Fight-Against-Capitalism-One-Record-Label-At-A-Time also, does Parting Gift use Intelcom Tracking when shipping internationally? Because if so, I think my Finch WIITB just shipped. Could mean this one is next.
  13. This is the stuff that keeps me comin’ back. I fucken love these boards
  14. Previous special editions were in the realm of 7,000 to 10,000, so. A lot.

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