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  1. Rarewaves on eBay. I got Billy Talent III for about $23 with free shipping, and if stock doesn’t move quickly they slash prices. I got OLP’s Naveed for $13. Both MOV releases.
  2. Shit’s fucked. I have to sell the records I can live without for now. I’ve listed them on the bay and discogs (user: noseatbelt.88) for reference. I’ll obviously let them go cheaper here, just shoot me a pm and we’ll talk. DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE - We Have The Facts And We’re Voting Yes - 2000, White /400 - NM/NM - asking $110 SENSES FAIL - If There Is Light, It Will Find You - 2018, Electric Blue with Grey and White Splatter /300 - Sealed, Mint - asking $45; bundle with a sealed Speak The Truth... 7” on Coke Bottle Clear for $60 PARAMORE - All We Know Is Falling - 2013, Teal/White Opaque Marble /500 - M/NM - asking $80 PARAMORE - Riot! - 2019, Orange /3 billion - M/M - asking $50 PARAMORE - Brand New Eyes - 2013, Yellow/Black Marble /1800, NM/NM - asking $80 CITY AND COLOUR - Bring Me Your Love - 2016, Single LP, Black /500, NM/NM - asking $50 I’m in Canada, so sadly expedited shipping is $18 to the US no matter how many records you buy. Sorry. Fellow Canucks pay $14. Prices in USD. Thanks everyone.
  3. And - I just did a little sleuthing - tug’s last activity occurred on the SAME DAY tuggerball’s account was created. Coincidence...? I think NOT!
  4. I can’t figure out how to embed images anymore, but: https://imgur.com/a/zc1yuMj That’s over $51 CAD. I declare myself the winner of the price-gouge-victim wars.
  5. Calm down, tuggerball. People getting sick and dying is a little more of a concern than a new USED record getting sent out on time.
  6. I spent this winter going back and filling in the gaps of my Alk3 collection. I re-listened to everything and can honestly say that these guys can do no wrong. I can also report that my bank account is now empty. I might not buy this 7” cause it’ll probably cost me $20 or something stupid, but I will buy it digitally for $3 to crank to 11 in my apartment while practicing social distancing!
  7. Aww man, I was just aiming for light-hearted fun. I see the abuse you get on these boards and I’m not about that. I truly appreciate your efforts - I’ve scored a lot of good records thanks to you. The fact you haven’t stopped trying speaks volumes!
  8. This has been up for pre-order on SRC’s site for like a week. Where the hell have you been, dude?!
  9. Anyone know what this is then? https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.ca%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F114081185608 I’m genuinely confused.
  10. Actual question - does this album come with a digital download that’s any good? I remember Dead Reflection had shitty 160kbps mp3s...
  11. I’m really having trouble with this album. I think I expected a Silverstein-flavoured Interrobang (cause that album fucken SLAPS) but it just isn’t even remotely as satisfying. Too much filler, which is a first for these guys. A couple copies of the purple smoke variant showed up at my local store, they’re not individually numbered. Just the hype sticker on the front “limited to 850.”
  12. You own it, you like it, then keep it. Or sell it for $30 to cover the cost of the new press.
  13. We should all give up hope of SRC repressing anything, ever again. It’s over.
  14. So from what I’ve gathered, there will be 3 variants - champagne VIP edition, a tour variant, and the online splatter variant. Can’t find anything on whether all the bonus material will be available digitally or included with the album download. Hopefully so.
  15. JUST THIS MORNING, I told myself I would take a break from buying records. Oh well. There’s always tomorrow...
  16. Looks like this pressing is going to be at least 5,000 copies. Total take is almost 4,600 at this point. That’s massive!
  17. Any variant pressed by Mightier Than Sword or SRCVinyl is safe. They’re the best quality imo but pricey depending on the variant. Universal pressings from 2016 on black are all safe, I believe. Avoid any variant issued through Hot Topic, and the 2019 edition that’s the topic of this thread.
  18. Yeah, the last two releases were produced and distributed independently by the band. I couldn’t wait any longer. I pre-ordered from the evil SRC ($27, or cheaper than $21 converted to CAD). The Canadian site is good for getting things out on time that SRC don’t press themselves. I’m not worried...
  19. YAAAAS. Beyond excited for this. I have the remastered CD set from 2004 and it sounds just fine. I’m sure the vinyl will come out beautifully!
  20. Most of my purchases are forced to be one record at a time, from the US, due to availability. Average shipping cost this year is $18, at a 1.37x exchange rate. Usually doubles the price of any given record. The only relief I have is Rarewaves on eBay and Pop Market on discogs. Buying this OLP album locally for $30 CAD is a relative steal.
  21. Well this is a pleasant surprise! Just brought it home from my local shop. https://imgur.com/a/uQZMp55
  22. Nah they just press and distribute one variant without a limit (i.e. too fucken many). Or black.