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  1. Dude, don’t let these shitty keyboard warriors get to you. I think you’re awesome for tirelessly being helpful on these boards. Seriously, thank you. On another note, hopefully, putting more copies up on sale will kick the lazy asses at SRC to ship my copy that I ordered nearly a month ago....
  2. This album is as excellent as I wholeheartedly hoped it would be. Although the original recording’s rawness and character is very much absent here, it’s refreshing to hear it again and it seems like Buddy really tried to preserve the original while sounding like he’s come a long way vocally. It satisfies me in the same way the Offspring did when they re-recorded Dirty Magic. Good shit.
  3. Niagara, yes. But they have to receive their batch from Pure Noise before they can ship them out. PN probably didn’t send them until on or after Friday.
  4. Living in Canada sucks too. Still haven’t gotten a shipping email from SRC even though I was one of the first to preorder (surprise!). Tired of waiting so I bought a copy from Rarewaves because they ship for free here. It’ll probably be the splatter. Oh well. Maybe I’ll end up with two variants. The only other album I have two copies of is Renacer.
  5. I’ll update the OP with official links as soon as @IanRees posts them. Edit: done.
  6. FINALLY! 200 - (PN Webstore Exclusive 1) - Easter Yellow in Baby Blue & w/ Heavy Black Splatter 300 - (PN Webstore Exclusive 2) - Cyan Blue & Bone Aside/Bside w/ Heavy White Splatter 300 - (US Indie Retail) - Half Aqua Blue/Half Baby Blue 250 - (UK / EU) - Baby Blue 300 - (Tour) - Easter Yellow w/ Baby Blue & Aqua Blue Twist 600 - (Various) - Clear w/ Heavy Aqua Blue Splatter https://sensesfail.merchnow.com/ Baby blue UK exclusive. https://www.banquetrecords.com/senses-fail/from-the-depths-of-dreams/PNE2492 Out September 6. Bullmoose and SRC are carrying this also, links are in the thread.
  7. Has anyone bought this yet? My local stores didn’t get any copies this week ☹️ Want to hear some opinions.
  8. Please. I much prefer lemon Pledge over orange. I must get my Vinyl Records smelling just right for that much desired improved sound quality.
  9. I have a yellow/green starburst copy and I think it sounds great. Better than the CD for sure, as mentioned it isn’t that great a recording to begin with. I don’t suspect Craft could make this sound much better. I’d like to hear the remastered audio beforehand.
  10. TEN’s last two albums have been serious growers. And I’ve never felt a rush to preorder as most variants are easily attainable months after release. So I’ll wait until this album drops before diving in as well.
  11. Ordered one of each coloured edition. I sold my original copy of How Strange, Innocence years ago and have missed it ever since. This new version won’t be as special, but it’ll fill the void a bit.
  12. This is the 30th variant of this record. They must have spent a while thinking, shit... what color hasn’t been done yet?!
  13. 5,000 copies?! I honestly believed SRC had milked this froggy dry.
  14. I’ll chime in. These have been mentioned but need to be again. Our Lady Peace - Happiness... (can’t believe we’re still waiting for this) Matchbook Romance - Voices (just a 180 gram black pressing! Please!) Filter - The Amalgamut (now that Title of Record has been announced, I want this even more)
  15. It definitely happens, that’s how I found the empty box to the blink-182 box set at my local store for free! Took it and put my existing blink collection in it.
  16. That’s right. It’s missing One as well. Oh well. I just hope they include the hidden track of Richard Patrick’s vocal exercises. That would be friggin’ awesome.
  17. Absolutely! I play My Long Walk To Jail to test the limits of all speakers I come across. Many eardrums have been damaged. Worth it.
  18. YES. I’m one of the few who prefer this album over Short Bus. All I need is The Amalgamut to exist now and I’ll be happy. Might wanna fix the Title of Thread ...
  19. Honest question - did such a rights issue exist when the Hot Topic represses were done? I have a copy on black that is devoid of all mention of Drive-Thru, including their logo. Which, by the way, you can find and snag for $40 if you’re patient. I’m sure a repress would be priced at something crazy like $35 today anyway.
  20. Happy June 7th! Won’t get a chance to play it tonight, but it looks great.
  21. Well, today I received a shipping confirmation for the green variant from SRC Canada. Quite surprised by that email. Anyone else?