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  1. The shirt came with mine in the package, I would message them about it since it should've shipped all together.
  2. I got my refund for this, anyone else? Really disappointing because I'm not sure what's happening but I saw ED live earlier this year in March and it was such a fun show. : ' ( https://imgur.com/a/0Qpdi8f
  3. I'm praying that the cover art is a stock holder that amazon has until the official one is released lmao
  4. rip my wallet for all these variants because I will always be blink trash
  5. I want an official release of Cherry Bomb so bad, it's one of my favorite Tyler albums. Deserves more love tbh. I might try getting a bootleg copy of it someday, but I'm afraid of it sounding like trash haha. Glad I got the limited version of Igor though <3
  6. I got an email on Monday that my order was shipped and I looked at the tracking update today and my order will be here tomorrow for me. I only ordered about 3 things but I'm surprised mine shipped so early. Maybe I was one of the first ones to get in my order quick haha.
  7. https://imgur.com/3TchCsA Shout out to whoever posted about Plaid Room, I got lucky this year. If anyone has My Chemical Romance or Modest Mouse they would like to sell, message me!! I'll send you my discogs which has 100% feedback, I really need to get those items. :-)