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  1. That’s Sumerian for ya. Putting out another repress for an album that didn’t need another one while ignoring the rest of the catalogue. I’m losing hope that In Dreams will ever get a vinyl release.
  2. There’s a good amount of Metal Blade artist that I’m surprised haven’t had any vinyl releases. The Red Chord and Animosity both come to mind.
  3. Someone on Instagram showed off at least 2 variants so I’m guessing there’s 3 versions. One was red/yellow/blue and the other was brown/orange/green.
  4. I’m super pumped on this release but I’m a bit torn on the artwork. Like, I appreciate what they were doing but I can’t get into it.
  5. Here’s the thing though. It wasn’t an accident. He didn’t stop the hit on his own volition. He went all in and took every step on his end to make it happen. It was then in the hands of the man he hired(the undercover cop) If fate had not intervened, would you still be humming the same apologist tune? At the end of the day, it’s your money but don’t act surprised that people are disgusted by this person.
  6. This right here. He payed the undercover cop so he essentially pulled the trigger. If it weren’t for the fact that he was caught by the sting, his ex would be dead.