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  1. Of course larger stores with massive customer bases and order histories should get more stock but it is really hard to take seeing all these stores throwing mass amounts of “leftovers” up online the next day. I have never had a “leftover”. Ever. I don’t get enough stock to even cover my requests, let alone have “extras”. I have no idea how to make it more fair and balanced but it certainly isn’t currently. I mean, my customers have no other option. I am the only store in the area. If I don’t get what they want they either have to drive for a couple of hours to the next closest store or they just don’t get it. My customers love music and collecting vinyl just as much as everyone else but feel like they get shorted because of where they live.
  2. Well that certainly might be the case and I guess that is something I could also do but quite frankly even if they ordered from all of the participating distributors they shouldn’t be able to get that many. I mean if they have 300 left over how many did they have to start with? 500? 1k? It’s an 8k pressing so you are talking about one store getting almost 10% of them. There are around 1,500 stores in the US. Granted not all of them participate in RSD but still. I use “Alliance” as my distributor for transparency sake. Who told me at one point they service around 80% of all participating stores... something doesn’t add up somewhere.
  3. Apparently you were lucky to get one as I wasn’t able to get any for my store at all. I’m very disheartened by the “allocation” processes over the last few years. Especially with releases like the Phish LP this year. I ordered multiple copies for my store and was only able to get one. I was turning people away all day, yet Plaid Room has almost 300 copies to sell online the next day. I mean, why get up and get in line at my store next year when I probably won’t have what you want and you can just get up the next day and order it in your pajamas. Defeats the entire point. Granted I have a very small store and probably could have only sold 20 copies or so but that is 20 copies that would have been sold at an actual record store.
  4. I mean, definitely get a new turntable but like you said, I’d take the LP’s to a record store to have them try them on a few tables before you go smashing and burning anything. It just doesn’t make any sense that it would only play the A-side of two different LP’s and then play both sides of others. If it was a tracking force issue you would think that would happen on both sides. That said, if it was a pressing issue you’d think that would be notated somewhere by now as well.... weird.
  5. 🙄 Christ. Surprised this isn’t sponsored by The Sound of Vinyl...
  6. I never said that man. All I am saying is I went to my local FYE and seemingly preordered their upcoming vinyl version. That’s it and to my knowledge no one has confirmed or denied that info. That’s all. Does it seem unlikely? Yes, it does and I’ll be the first to admit that. I’m just trying to be helpful and relay info just as I am thankful for any info anyone can give me. I’m sure you’re a nice guy but you’re being a dick here for no reason.
  7. Haha, this fucking guy. Goes out of his way to be a dick then plays the ole “I’m cool, calm and collected and I baited you into getting upset so my job is done” thing. Yea man, you got me so upset I’m fucking crying in my Cheerios over here.
  8. I didn’t mean to double post jackass. I accidentally quoted the wrong post so I deleted that and reposted it under the right quote. Why would someone double or triple post? What would be the point? Again, why are you being a dick?
  9. Thanks for actually talking about what we should be talking about. I love the new track as well. It took a good many listens to shake of any expectations and to start to unpack everything but I’m more than happy with the single and can’t wait for the full LP.
  10. Dude, I’m trying to be helpful here. I am a Tool fan, in a Tool thread, trying to help other Tool fans get a copy of their new album. When someone is a dick, I try to say something funny. You are being a dick on purpose. Good for you.
  11. But if you mean anything starts an argument here then you’re probably right.
  12. That was actually in reference to earlier on this thread when I was trying to be helpful and tell everyone that I “might” have pre-ordered the LP at FYE. It went really well!
  13. Plus, as a tool fan, I obviously want the CD as well so there is no loss there. Feel free to commence sipping on your $1.99 Coke.
  14. And I definitely didn’t pre-order a CD. I could have maybe pre-ordered the new “Jewel” LP “Deer, I walk with ‘em” but definitely not a CD.
  15. It wasn’t available on Amazon then, nor is it now...
  16. Hopefully this “cool story” won’t set off another pages long argument but here goes. I saw someone posted a photo of an upcoming release schedule for FYE which looked different than the one they put out, seemingly an internal email type situation (with all the Tool discussions going on everywhere I can’t find it for the life of me, I’ll keep looking). It specifically said the word “vinyl”. Then another user mentioned that he had pre-ordered the CD there for $5. So I figured why not just try to pre-order that “maybe vinyl”. I asked to reserve a copy of the new Tool vinyl Fear Inoculum and they seemed to know exactly what I was talking about, no “what is a Tool?” And then I asked multiple times for them to make sure it was for the vinyl. They assured me and the receipt says vinyl specifically. Plus it was $15 instead of the $5 I’ve seen people mention with pre-ordering the CD there. That being said, the receipt has the release date as TBD. Now, that picture I saw could have been fake. The people at FYE could be full of shit and have no idea what they are talking about. But we know there is a vinyl release coming for sure and I “might” have an exclusive variant pre-ordered or I might not. But I’d rather have it maybe preordered than definitely not. So... argument ensue!
  17. Buy LP from Be With Records Steve Hiett - “Down On The Road By The Beach” LP - First reissue outside of Japan and first repress since 1983 - Classic, highly sought after, Japanese jazz/soul
  18. All reservations I’ve made previously have come off the price so I’d assume but you can add that to the list of questions I didn’t ask.
  19. Are you a TOOL fan or what dude? Yes, of course, I will pay $15 to reserve a copy of a limited vinyl by my favorite band. Plus, I wasn’t buying, I will be buying and like I said “I don’t care about the cost”. It’s TOOL...
  20. lol, didn’t ask. Mainly because I don’t care as I’m buying it regardless but also because I was just so happy to lock in a copy that I didn’t think about anything else. In hindsight that would have been good info to get... ($15 to reserve a copy)