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  1. Anyone have an extra Black with Purple, Blue, and Yellow Splatter variant of this by any chance? Ordered it the day it came out and Memory Music screwed me over and over sold it when they resold it again a few months later willing to pay $150 + for it
  2. well i got a shipping notification from them....almost 2 months later -_-
  3. well sad to know i havent gotten mines yet either. they emailed me 2 weeks ago saying theyre going to ship soon....and still nothing -_- i doubt itll come after the holiday shipping rush -_-
  4. did anybody get a shipping notification from them? cause i havent ;( and i bought it the day of -_-
  5. https://dgd.merchnow.com/products/v2/288524/head-hunter-7 Head Hunter 7" Vinyl - Electric Blue w/ Bone Splatter: Pressing Limit - 300 Head Hunter 7" Vinyl - Baby Pink & Bone: Pressing Limit - 700 Head Hunter 7" Vinyl - Neon Orange: Pressing Limit - 1,000
  6. they jammed the hell out of my 7in inside my small mail box and i have no idea how to get it out lol
  7. Hearing the Tour variant has the Deluxe with the Blue 7in and also seeing that the Indie variant has the Blue 7in as well. can anybody confirm this?
  8. -Pressed exclusively on Color Pop vinyl with limited edition covers and bundled at a discounted price. wonder what the non discounted price is lol
  9. http://dgd.merchnow.com/products/v2/276054/color-pop-vinyl
  10. https://www.merchconnectioninc.com/collections/anthony-green/products/anthony-green-avalon-10-year-anniversary-vinyl-lp
  11. it wasnt released officially. someone on a FB metalcore group made 30 or so bootlegs for the group that included the S/T.
  12. Clear blue is almost gone LOL Cloud clear - 853 Clear blue - 244
  13. does anybody know how many are left with the signed deluxe alt cover?