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  1. apparently it's a canadian retail press /200 that was confirmed to be called "lava" at least what my friend was told about it
  2. that's what i told him it could be, just seemed pretty dark compared to the mock for that one!
  3. yo @IanRees might be a bit of a weird question here but do you have any clue what variant my friend got? can't figure out what press was actually sent in the order since he originally ordered the galaxy
  4. asked around about the vinyl, even though awsten said each signing had a different variant the signing tonight in baltimore got the same variant as the previous night https://twitter.com/underscorebea/status/1181698291744038912?s=20
  5. i would believe that this was the same for every store but awsten has said that each store has a different variants, but i don't think that seems very practical at all
  6. here's a look at the vinyl variant people got at the signing tonight. pretty sure this is the indie exclusive. not sure what's going on with all the signings, considering awsten said this on twitter i don't think that they would have a different variant for EVERY store, but i'm still not sure. there's some places you can order the indie exclusive online, which i think is this one. still not sure what the green banquet records one is.
  7. https://www.banquetrecords.com/waterparks/fandom/WATERPARKS3 banquet has a green variant but also a red variant. does anyone know anymore info about these pressings?
  8. huh. probably only limited to the store is what they mean 🙄 grabbed one just in case it sells out and somehow becomes a 100$+ thing
  9. 4 variants? only 3 are coming up for purchase also, are these in any way limited?
  10. went to grab the rfc exclusive but was a bit late, went and snagged one off the uk store since it ships to the us as well
  11. i'm super behind (was a fan pretty late) and have 4/7 what we're missing and 1/5 adornment. i'm stoked to get another variant of adornment on tour
  12. nah, haven’t gotten the gold one! still deciding if i wanna do a vc or not
  13. got those plus the evergreen and the firework. excited to see what the firework looks like in person.
  14. if anyone needs the gold variant, it's available for us shipping here https://thesoundofvinyl.com/*/Pre-Orders/Nella-Vita-Gold-Vinyl/67GU0JXN000
  15. i back this. i’m on the tampa side and know how dangerous a hurricane of this capacity can be (with irma last year) - hope everyone is staying safe!