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  1. all three variants are sold out. i'm glad i was able to cop when they first went up
  2. has anyone been able to get the shipping switched to media mail after purchasing? i'm 100% not paying $11 for shipping that they want to charge
  3. finally got my hands on a copy, keep refreshing it and trying to check out! edit: looks like i possibly got the last one, uk store officially says unavailable
  4. damn, think it's legit sold out now. mad i missed this
  5. i'm surprised it's still there too. 12 in stock so it should be gone within a few hours or by the end of the day.
  6. nice. super stoked on this one, grabbed the /100 for now
  7. honestly not sure how they sold out that 500 so quickly. i'd sign up for restock alerts.
  8. indie exclusive black/silver split available on banquet https://www.banquetrecords.com/boston-manor/glue/BMLP3
  9. this one right here is definitely more of a single for those who were worried there wasn't going to be any heaviness on the new album
  10. if anyone here is in the uk and is going to the shows they have, can you check and see if the fandom variant is the same one as the us tour and not a uk tour exclusive?
  11. just saw code orange replying to a comment about the fifth pressing on instagram. it is not a standard black & it is coming soon.
  12. haven't found anything yet. it's either a split or a standard black that's got a "glare" on it. either an indie exclusive or it's gonna be available in a future merch drop that they have coming. i'm fairly certain the one they have right now only runs till the 26th
  13. here you go https://store.roadrunnerrecords.com/artists-1/creeper/sex-death-the-infinite-void-vinyl-2.html
  14. my bad not putting them, jumped the gun on posting before i added them into the post