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  1. END OF YEAR SALE IS HAPPENING - 10% off all orders and free USA shipping for orders $50+ THROUGH END OF DAY JAN 1ST - After a long wait we have distro copies of Offscourings LP by Mefitis - this is an incredible black/death metal album and is easily one of the best this year - There is also a big restock of underground extreme music from Night Rhythms Recordings Mefitis - Offscourings LP 1st press - perfectly written black / death metal - FFO: Dissection, Death, Morbid Angel https://meteor-gem.com/products/mefitis-offscourings-lp-1 Lurid Panacea - Demos 7" restock - very extreme pinging goregrind https://meteor-gem.com/products/lurid-panacea-demos-collection-7 Ripped to Shreds - 埋葬 LP 2nd press restock - HM2 death metal assault https://meteor-gem.com/products/ripped-to-shreds-埋葬-lp-1 Yahar'gul - Yahar'gul 12" - excellent atmospheric black metal based on the lore of Bloodborne game series https://meteor-gem.com/products/yahargul-yahargul-12 All Night Rhythms at MG https://meteor-gem.com/collections/all/label_night-rhythms?sort_by=created-descending
  2. HOLIDAY KICKOFF SALE IS LIVE 15% off all items and free USA shipping on all new orders - no minimum 72 hour sale WWW.METEOR-GEM.COM
  3. Some excellent releases are in stock and shipping - lots of new bundles available too . All new items here in the LATEST section: https://meteor-gem.com/collections/latest?sort_by=created-descending . Ad Nauseam - Imperative Imperceptible Impulse 2xLP 3rd press- technical, atmospheric, and completely entrancing jazz / prog / death metal from Italy which is sure to make many people's year-end list https://meteor-gem.com/products/ad-nauseam-imperative-imperceptible-impulse-2xlp-1 . Afsky - Ofte jeg drømmer mig død LP 2021 press - mournful and perfectly written Danish black metal - last restock from this sold-out pressing https://meteor-gem.com/products/afsky-ofte-jeg-drommer-mig-dod-lp-1 . Dødsdrift - Ødnis LP 1st press - aggressive and fast melodic / atmospheric black metal - imported from Germany https://meteor-gem.com/products/dodsdrift-odnis-lp-1 . Genocide Pact - Order Of Torment LP 2nd press - finally a reissue of this pounder! - FFO: Obituary, Entombed, Gatecreeper https://meteor-gem.com/products/genocide-pact-order-of-torment-lp . Nordjevel - Necrogenesis 2xLP - fast and extreme black metal - FFO: Necrosadist, Xeper, Whoredom Rife https://meteor-gem.com/products/nordjevel-necrogenesis-2xlp . Plebeian Grandstand - Rien ne suffit 2xLP 1st press - extreme and experimental post / black / death album - very forward thinking https://meteor-gem.com/products/plebeian-grandstand-rien-ne-suffit-2xlp . Yith - Passage LP 1st press - perfectly written new black / doom metal release on Vendetta Records! https://meteor-gem.com/products/yith-passage-lp-1 . Yob - Clearing The Path To Ascend 2xLP 2021 press on butterfly variant - psychedelic and atmospheric doom-sludge - one of Yob's best https://meteor-gem.com/products/yob-clearing-the-path-to-ascend-2xlp-1
  4. WEBSITE UPDATE: Meteor Gem has a new BUNDLES section in the menu bar. Check it out for better deals on vinyl and tape discographies and packs BUNDLES PACKAGES AT MG https://meteor-gem.com/collections/music-bundles
  5. BIG DISTRO UPDATE 2/2 We got some very limited and very heavy releases from Krucyator Productions over in France - FFO: Nile, Morbid Angel, Archgoat, Portal, The Ominous Circle, Florida death metal Autokrator - Persecution LP https://meteor-gem.com/products/autokrator-persecution-lp-1 Drawn And Quartered - Congregation Pestilence LP https://meteor-gem.com/products/drawn-and-quartered-congregation-pestilence-lp-1
  6. BIG DISTRO UPDATE 1/2 Another round of Me Saco Un Ojo represses and new releases - LPs from Phrenelith, Gorephilia, Sulphurous, Ossuary, Rothadas, Galvanizer, Diabolizer, Undergang, many more Gorephilia - In The Eye Of Nothing LP https://meteor-gem.com/products/gorephilia-in-the-eye-of-nothing-lp Hyperdontia - A Vessel Forlorn 12" https://meteor-gem.com/products/hyperdontia-a-vessel-forlorn-ep Ossuary - Supreme Degradation 12" https://meteor-gem.com/products/ossuary-supreme-degradation-lp Phrenelith - Desolate Endscape LP https://meteor-gem.com/products/phrenelith-desolate-endscape-lp-1 Rothadás - Kopár hant..az alvilág felé LP https://meteor-gem.com/products/rothadas-kopar-hant-az-alvilag-fele-lp-1 Sulphurous - The Black Mouth Of Sepulchre LP https://meteor-gem.com/products/sulphurous-the-black-mouth-of-sepulchre-lp-1 ALL ME SACO UN OJO AT METEOR GEM https://meteor-gem.com/collections/all/label_me-saco-un-ojo?sort_by=created-descending
  7. Distro copies of the new Dödsrit LP "Mortal Coil" are now available. Also in stock - the Dödsrit S/T repress, new album from Ossaert, and some vinyl restock from Wolves Of Hades and Argento Records - killer black metal from Verwoed, Uthullun, Worsen, Affliction Vector, many more Dödsrit - Mortal Coil LP 1st press https://meteor-gem.com/collections/latest/products/dodsrit-mortal-coil-lp-1 Dödsrit - Dödsrit LP 2021 press https://meteor-gem.com/collections/latest/products/dodsrit-dodsrit-lp-1 Dödsrit vinyl bundles https://meteor-gem.com/collections/latest/products/dodsrit-lp-bundle-1 Ossaert - Pelgrimsoord LP 1st press https://meteor-gem.com/collections/latest/products/ossaert-pelgrimsoord-lp-1 Ossaert vinyl bundle https://meteor-gem.com/collections/latest/products/ossaert-lp-bundle-1 All Wolves Of Hades and Argento Records at MG: https://meteor-gem.com/search?type=product&q=wolves+of+hades
  8. Big distro update from Wolves And Vibrancy Records - European versions of Fawn Limbs LPs, Heathe, Walk Through Fire, Arakk, and many other post metal / drone / mathcore / noise rock records Fawn Limbs - Darwin Falls LP https://meteor-gem.com/collections/latest/products/fawn-limbs-darwin-falls-13 Fawn Limbs - Sleeper Vessels LP https://meteor-gem.com/collections/latest/products/fawn-limbs-sleeper-vessels-lp-1 Fawn Limbs - Harm Remissions LP https://meteor-gem.com/collections/latest/products/fawn-limbs-harm-remissions-lp-1 Fawn Limbs - Trek Through A Black Maw 12" https://meteor-gem.com/collections/latest/products/fawn-limbs-trek-through-a-black-maw-13 Fawn Limbs bundle https://meteor-gem.com/collections/latest/products/fawn-limbs-vinyl-bundle-1 All Wolves And Vibrancy releases at MG: https://meteor-gem.com/collections/all/label_wolves-and-vibrancy?sort_by=created-descending
  9. 🚨LAST DAY TO USE 2021 COUPONS🚨 All 2021 discounts besides the newsletter are going inactive at midnight Central Time. We will have more deals during the holiday season and in 2022 - use these up! CRATER - 10% off COMET - 15% off BIGBANG - 15% off All discounts still work with free USA shipping for orders over $100 All orders shipping tomorrow WWW.METEOR-GEM.COM
  10. Outre-Tombe - Abysse Mortifere LP distro copies are in stock! Outre-Tombe - Abysse Mortifere LP https://meteor-gem.com/products/outre-tombe-abysse-mortifere-lp-1
  11. AZOTHYST - BLOOD OF DEAD GOD LP has arrived from Vault Of Dried Bones in Canada Very evil black / death metal in the vein of Immolation, Prometheus, Conqueror Azothyst - Blood Of Dead God https://meteor-gem.com/products/azothyst-blood-of-dead-god-lp-1
  12. Gojira - The Way Of All Flesh is back in stock - bundles with From Mars To Sirius are also available Gojira - The Way Of All Flesh https://meteor-gem.com/products/gojira-the-way-of-all-flesh-2xlp Gojira - From Mars To Sirius https://meteor-gem.com/products/gojira-from-mars-to-sirius-2xlp-1 TWOAF / FMTS vinyl bundle https://meteor-gem.com/products/gojira-lp-bundle-1 All Gojira at MG https://meteor-gem.com/collections/all/band_gojira?sort_by=created-descending All Listenable Records at MG https://meteor-gem.com/collections/all/label_listenable?sort_by=created-descending
  13. New Korgonthurus 12" XX is finally in stock - also general restock of Finnish black metal from Woodcut Records Korgonthurus - XX https://meteor-gem.com/products/korgonthurus-xx-lp-1 Korgonthurus vinyl bundle https://meteor-gem.com/products/korgonthurus-lp-bundle All Woodcut Records at MG: https://meteor-gem.com/collections/all/label_woodcut?sort_by=created-descending
  14. Update from Seed Of Doom records over in the Netherlands - new splits from Total Isolation / Sedimentum, Astriferous / Bloodsoaked Necrovoid, many others Total Isolation / Sedimentum split 7" https://meteor-gem.com/products/total-isolation-sedimentum-split-7 Carcinoid / Charnel Altar split 10" https://meteor-gem.com/products/carcinoid-charnel-altar-split-11 Astriferous / Bloodsoaked Necrovoid split 7" https://meteor-gem.com/products/astriferous-bloodsoaked-necrovoid-split-8 Carcinoid vinyl bundle https://meteor-gem.com/products/carcinoid-vinyl-pack Astriferous vinyl bundle https://meteor-gem.com/products/astriferous-vinyl-pack Bloodsoaked Necrovoid vinyl bundle https://meteor-gem.com/products/bloodsoaked-necrovoid-lp-bundle-1 All Seed Of Doom at MG: https://meteor-gem.com/collections/all/label_seed-of-doom?sort_by=created-descending

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