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  1. just listened to a track off this its fuckin great. ZBR said they only have a few copies https://zegemabeachrecords.bandcamp.com/album/mali-a-bahat-zmar-split
  2. Just got my copies from France. these REEK of patchouli. I wish I could laugh about it but its to the point that since sitting in my house overnight you can smell them in every room. This is NOT my favorite smell or even close. Very rude. To top it off came with folded corners because the mailer was very sub-par. Disappointed. Fuck that shipping department!
  3. Anyone else get a green Hell Songs with the hype sticker indicating it as the S/T?
  4. the Ripped To Shreds reissue is at HHR as well for US buyers, but i am not sure of the color
  5. Not going to lie I am super sick of people who have tons of buyer ratings still act like theyre clueless about these mail delays. People who are looking at the same tracking number as me day to day still messaging about it. Pay for expedited or shut the f*ck up. Have a great day at work everyone!
  6. Follow your taste, buy used collections in bulk, and email labels about how they do wholesale. You may open some wholesale distributor accounts like for example with Revolver or Bertus if youre going to be selling non-limited retail copies in black. Keep a separate calendar for drops. Get a good hookup for packaging because without a web operation youre going to probably lose money. Keep separate logs for your purchasing and sales so your taxes dont turn into a nightmare. Come up with a good brand that people can roll off their tongue. Oh and make sure you have plenty of money to do any of thi
  7. Hot take: this person is picking mainstream records which have enormous pressing sizes and are bound to be fraught with imperfections because of that. I am not totally sure but a few of the ones he mentioned may have had pressings of 10k+. At this point what can you say? Listen to more obscure music? Buy limited editions with lower pressing numbers? Stop buying colored vinyl? Research the pressing plant before making a purchase? All of the above would probably improve buyer satisfaction.
  8. Maggot Stomp releases super sick stuff. $26 for an LP shipped is nothing. Unless youre on allowance lol

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