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  1. 💎BUNDLES DROP LIVE NOW💎 Major update in the bundle section - over 50x new combinations Save $$$ - complete your collection - all coupons and free shipping still apply like for single items 🚨ALWAYS FREE USA SHIPPING OVER $100 🚨UNLIMITED CODE "STACK5" FOR 5% OVER 5 ITEMS 🚨UNLIMITED CODE "STACK10" FOR 10% OFF 10 🚨FIRST-TIME BUYERS USE "RAREMETALS" FOR 10% OFF - ONE TIME CODE
  2. ✨NEW IMPORTS IN STOCK✨ New death metal from Ván Records and many more are available now ALL LATEST ITEMS 🚨ALWAYS FREE USA SHIPPING OVER $100 🚨CODE "STACK5" FOR 5% OFF 5 ITEMS 🚨"STACK10" FOR 10% OFF 10 . . . Golem - Eternity: The Weeping Horizons 2xLP Nekrovault - Nachhut: Toward The Towering Tomb 12" EP Nekrovault - Totenzug: Festering Peregrination LP Nekrovault Vinyl 2-Pack Nekrovault - Totenzug: Festering Peregrination LP + Cassette Scalpture - Feldwärts LP Slaughterday - Ancient Death LP Wound - Engrained LP LOCAL PICKUP - WORLDWIDE SHIPPING
  3. ✨NEW FROM VENDETTA RECORDS✨ Weve got a couple of new black metal releases and restocks from Vendetta - a few new ones coming next week too 🚨ALWAYS FREE USA SHIPPING OVER $100 🚨CODE "STACK5" FOR 5% OFF 5 ITEMS 🚨"STACK10" FOR 10% OFF 10 Afsind - Afsind LP 1st press Afsky - sorg LP restocked Afsky LP Bundle restocked Kold - Kold LP 1st press Came up with some damaged jackets during quality control: BLEMISH - Afsky - sorg LP BLEMISH - Kold - Kold LP
  4. Vein.fm - This World Is Going To Ruin You LP 1st press - distro and collector variants ALL ITEMS LOCATED HERE: https://meteor-gem.com/search?type=product&q=vein.fm We have our distro copies of Vein.fm - TWIGTRY 1st press vinyl RED GALAXY retail exclusive GREEN CLOUDY PICTURE DISC Also available: sold out collector versions - very limited quantities BROWN / METALLIC GOLD BUTTERFLY w/ SPLATTER BLUE / WHITE PINWHEEL w/ SPLATTER OXBLOOD / SILVER STRIPE w/ SPLATTER Bundles are in stock with Errorzone and Old Data In A New Machine LPs - buy all together and save some $$$
  5. ✨AVAILABLE NOW✨ DEATHSPELL OMEGA - THE LONG DEFEAT LP 1st PRESS by Norma Evangelium Diaboli - comes with booklet insert https://meteor-gem.com/products/deathspell-omega-the-long-defeat-lp?_pos=1&_sid=60e6a3c6f&_ss=r 🚨ALWAYS FREE USA SHIPPING OVER $100 🚨CODE "STACK5" FOR 5% OFF 5 ITEMS 🚨"STACK10" FOR 10% OFF 10
  6. Been a really busy past week here at MG - some major drops are all set and shipping now We have new LPs from VANUM - UNDERGANG - ANATOMIA Restock and new variants from ME SACO UN OJO and PROFOUND LORE RECORDS We also linked up with DEATH RATTLE MARKET for a really sick black metal vinyl pack - great prices on sold out and rare releases! BUNDLES have been updated to reflect current stock 🚨ALWAYS FREE USA SHIPPING OVER $100 🚨CODE "STACK5" FOR 5% OFF 5 🚨"STACK10" FOR 10% OFF 10 . . . ✨LATEST UPDATES✨ Anatomia / Undergang - Split LP Anicon - Entropy Mantra LP Chrome Waves - A Grief Observed LP Cruciamentum - Paradise Envenomed 7" Cruciamentum Vinyl Pack Dïatrïbe – Odite Sermonis LP Dødheimsgard – Monumental Possession LP Faceless Burial - Multiversal Abattoir LP Faceless Burial LP Bundle Kult Ofenzivy - Jsem Ji Přizval K Sobě LP Naxen - Towards The Tomb Of Times LP Paramnesia - Ce Que Dit La Bouche D'Ombre LP Paysage D'Hiver - Kristall & Isa LP Sinistral King - Serpent Uncoiling LP Undergang - Døden Læger Alle Sår 2xLP Undergang Vinyl Bundle Vanum - Legend LP Vanum - Ageless Fire LP Vanum 2-LP Bundle Void Omnia / Insanity Cult - Contemplation In Discordance 12" EP Vomit The Soul - Cold LP Vukari - Divination LP Vukari - Aevum LP Vukari - En To Pan 12" EP Vukari - Omnes Nihil 12" EP Vukari Vinyl Bundle Wayfarer LPs new variants Woe - Hope Attrition LP Wolvhammer - The Obsidian Plains LP BLEMISH - Drave - Terroir LP BLEMISH - Hexen Holocaust - Equinox Baneful Assembly LP BLEMISH - Wolvhammer - The Obsidian Plains LP . . . LOCAL PICKUP - WORLDWIDE SHIPPING WWW.METEOR-GEM.COM
  7. ✨MG NEWS UPDATE✨ Weve got a lot going on with the physical location and web distro Our store displays are in the process of being built - as soon as they are finished we should be able to open to the general public not long afterwards As with all nice things, these are taking a bit of time to come together - our carpenter is handling it and they look great so far ✨In honor of RSD 2022 on Saturday we will give 15% off to any local customer who wants to stop in to check our progress and browse around. Despite the displays being unfinished all of our inventory is separated by sections and alphabetized - if you dont mind looking through a bunch of boxes this time then you are welcome to come by 10AM - 2PM at 3082 N Elston Ave this Saturday - payments accepted via cash, Paypal, and Venmo ✨A lot of new releases and restocks are coming - theres a pretty big update in the UPCOMING section of the webstore - make an account and sign up for stock notifications so you dont skip drops ✨In case you missed it - we have a very strong new daily deal - no need to wait for sales because we dont run them until the holidays anyway At checkout use code "STACK5" to get 5% off 5 items - "STACK10" for 10% off 10 items - in addition to this we always offer free USA shipping for any order over $100 Hit the BUNDLES section for some more savings - these also count as 1 item towards the STACK codes so you can really get a great deal if you load up big carts Dont hesitate to reach out to info at meteor dash gem dot com for any inquiries
  8. ✨SPECTRAL LORE REISSUES ✨ All our stock of Sentinel and II reissues by Throne Records has finally landed and orders are already shipping fast https://meteor-gem.com/search?type=product&q=spectral+lore It cannot be emphasized enough how nice these came out - heavy cardstock jackets - high quality print - extremely clean wax - chefs kiss all around. Do not wait to get yours - these vinyl issues are the ultimate versions of these definitive atmospheric black metal albums. In addition we have some last stock of the Ετερόφωτος issue by I, Voidhanger Records - yet another completely sick release There is a BUNDLE available for black vinyl - save a few $$$ if you want heavy play copies Take advantage of our daily discounts too: Free USA shipping over $100 Code "STACK5" for 5% off 5 items Code "STACK10" for 10% off 10 items
  9. ☄️SHIPPING NOW - THE CHISEL - RETALIATION☄️ Distro copies of the 2nd pressing are in hand and shipping today - do not miss the best punk album to come out in years - thank you to La Vida Es Un Mus for the nice package The band is touring USA very soon - look up a date near your hometown We also got in a few copies of the Spy - Habitual Offender 1st press clear/red splatter collector variant ✨NEW DAILY DISCOUNT✨ "STACK5" FOR 5% OFF 5 ITEMS "STACK10" FOR 10% OFF 10 ITEMS THE CHISEL - RETALIATION https://meteor-gem.com/products/the-chisel-retaliation-lp?_pos=1&_sid=bf433edc3&_ss=r SPY - HABITUAL OFFENDER https://meteor-gem.com/products/spy-habitual-offender-12?_pos=1&_sid=c75cd87c6&_ss=r
  10. VITAL REMAINS - ICONS OF EVIL 2022 reissue and new pressings from Osmose Productions, Norma Evangelium Diaboli, Sepulchral Voice, many more - lots of titles have been restocked as well - everything in the LATEST section FUNERAL MIST RESTOCK https://meteor-gem.com/search?type=product&q=band_funeral+mist HATE FOREST RESTOCK https://meteor-gem.com/search?type=product&q=band_hate+forest MINENWERFER - NIHILISTSCHEN https://meteor-gem.com/products/minenwerfer-nihilistschen-lp?_pos=1&_sid=1431190c5&_ss=r MARDUK - FRONTSCHWEIN https://meteor-gem.com/products/marduk-frontschwein-lp?_pos=1&_sid=a9ad40737&_ss=r VITAL REMAINS - ICONS OF EVIL https://meteor-gem.com/search?type=product&q=vital+remains
  11. HOW TO GET A DISCOUNT WWW.METEOR-GEM.COM Besides subscriber and holiday promotions we do not run sales - however for those of you willing to fill up those carts we are introducing a new tool to save some dough as many times as you'd like It's very easy - any time you are checking out with 5+ items just enter code STACK5 and you will get 5% off your subtotal - if you load up 10+ then enter STACK10 and get 10% off Both codes still work with our free shipping over $100 - add some discounted bundles into the mix and you can get a seriously great deal on a ton of sick metal records and tapes These can be used as many times as you want - no subscription needed - tag your friends and fellow vinyl collectors to let them know Of course anyone who subscribes to the newsletter will receive our quarterly subscriber specials which are an even better deal - next one is coming in June Thanks for your support and happy browsing - we ship worldwide - local pickup in CHICAGO
  12. New death metal LP issues and restock from Me Saco Un Ojo in the UK - distro copies CHAOTIAN - FESTERING EXCARNATION repress https://meteor-gem.com/products/chaotian-festering-excarnation-lp?_pos=1&_sid=75c21e598&_ss=r CRYPTWORM - SPEWING MEPHITIC PUTRIDITY 1st press https://meteor-gem.com/search?type=product&q=cryptworm HYPERDONTIA - A VESSEL FORLORN 12" repress https://meteor-gem.com/search?type=product&q=hyperdontia MORTIFERUM / HYPERDONTIA SPLIT 7" https://meteor-gem.com/search?type=product&q=hyperdontia SULPHUROUS - THE BLACK MOUTH OF SEPULCHRE 1st press https://meteor-gem.com/search?type=product&q=sulphurous UNDERGANG - MISANTROPOLOGI repress https://meteor-gem.com/search?type=product&q=undergang ALL ME SACO UN OJO AT METEOR GEM https://meteor-gem.com/collections/all/label_me-saco-un-ojo
  13. IN STOCK AND SHIPPING - Ninkharsag - The Dread March Of Solemn Gods LP 2nd press Excellent black metal in the vein of Dissection and Emperor NINKHARSAG - THE DREAD MARCH OF SOLEMN GODS https://meteor-gem.com/products/ninkharsag-the-dread-march-of-solemn-gods-lp?_pos=1&_sid=bcea6c5c9&_ss=r
  14. Big restock from Vendetta Records! Highest quality black metal coming out today WORLDWIDE SHIPPING - LOCAL PICKUP IN CHICAGO USA ORDERS OVER $100 GET FREE SHIPPING AFSKY LPs - new pressings https://meteor-gem.com/search?type=product&q=afsky GLEMSEL - UNAVNGIVET LP - 2022 repress https://meteor-gem.com/products/glemsel-unavngivet?_pos=1&_sid=95a3681a3&_ss=r SPECTRAL WOUND - INFERNAL DECADENCE - 2022 European press https://meteor-gem.com/products/spectral-wound-infernal-decadence-lp-1?_pos=1&_sid=228697972&_ss=r VUKARI - OMNES NIHIL 12" EP - 1st press https://meteor-gem.com/search?type=product&q=vukari ALL VENDETTA RECORDS LPs AT METEOR GEM https://meteor-gem.com/collections/all/label_vendetta

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