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  1. NWN quietly snuck Amputation (pre-Immortal) test presses on bandcamp. Total collector item. Instant grab! https://nuclearwarnowproductions.bandcamp.com/album/slaughtered-in-the-arms-of-god
  2. Ask and you shall receive! Copied from newsletter "The big news we have for today is that we are releasing quantities of sold out titles, originally kept as reserves in case there are orders damaged in the mail etc. These are available in the webshop now, and the titles are: Green Lung: First Rites 2LP (10 copies) Green Lung: Woodland Rites LP green vinyl (20 copies) Sonic's Rendezvous Band: Detroit Tango 2LP red vinyl (20 copies) Reverend Bizarre: So Long Suckers 4LP gold vinyl (30 copies) Winter: Into Darkness 2LP clear vinyl (10 copies) Goden: Beyond Darkness 2LP (10 copies) Goden: Beyond Darkness 2LP clear vinyl (10 copies) Xysma box set - black vinyl (4 copies) Once these quantities are gone, these titles are very unlikely to appear for sale again." I grabbed a few of these definitely
  3. Goratory - Sour Grapes is up at Everlasting Spew https://everlastingspew.com/everlasting-spew/6216--pre-order-goratory-sour-grapes-lp.html
  4. I wish more metal labels would get on board with subs. This one sounds like a good deal. Not loving the first record too much but what can you do https://shop.gimmeradio.com/pages/gimme-metal-vinyl-club
  5. Dystopia - The Aftermath up at Tankcrimes https://tankcrimes.merchtable.com/tankcrimes-music/vinyl/dystopia-the-aftermath-2xlp/?
  6. AMEN to this. Buyers who take your stock offline for a weekend or longer are super rude. I usually make 2 attempts to get in touch and cancel the order after 2 days. These types of people always DM you later with some personal excuse you dont care about at all. I dont know you and dont want to hear it! I am at work!
  7. Yeah youre probably right. I wasnt sure what the ceiling was on popularity that still can leave you considered "from" a city, but yeah AT is probably the biggest here whose members are still non millionaire regular people. Ive heard rumors but nothing ever confirmed by anyone and my circles dont run close enough. In general I think its kind of weird for adult people to continue to play music thats mostly attractive to tweens-teens. Should be a red flag in itself...
  8. most all time well known PP band from chicago is probably Fallout Boy at this point but that was not who my ex told me about
  9. Ok so heres an interesting quote from Nobunny's statement: "When I was a freshman in HS a member of arguably the most popular punk band from Chicago ever used to come to my school after class and buy my friends and I booze and sleep with my teenage female friends. It seemed perfectly normal. It shouldn’t have been then and it shouldn't be now." During this time (i assume 2000s) I remember the most popular pop punk groups in this city.......hmmmmm I cant wait to see how this snowballs. I was dating a girl in 2004 when we were both barely 20 and she told me about a singer who she hooked up with while underage but at the time I just let it go and she never brought it up again.
  10. the perv vibe is extremely strong in this scene for sure. always been with beach and yacht music. Its the sounds of Epstein Style. I brought up Adams specifically because he had pedo smoke in the media not too long ago but it seems like it got buried. Maybe not after this.
  11. Interesting, I just redid my setup about a week ago but must not have checked every country. Should be a fun project tomorrow...