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  1. Hello I currently own a Pro-Ject Debut III which I bought secondhand. I've come to the point where I'm considering upgrading for something a bit more expensive. I bought the turntable secondhand with the upgraded acrylic platter it's hooked up to a Pro-Ject Phono box and on to my amp. The pickup is the Ortofon 2M Red. What I'm currently considering is upgrading for the Pro-Ject The Classic (Comes with 2M Silver) here where I live it's currently on sale for €870 and I could probably get some trade-in discount if I trade in my Debut III. I think that the Classic looks like a solid "higher-end'ish" turntable, however there are things about it where I'm reconsidering for example the anti-skate system which is the same as on the Debut III (it kind of looks cheap to me?), the fact that it's manual speed switching (I rarely play anything but 33½s but anyway) I've also considered the Rega Planar 3 + 2M blue which would cost about the same as the Classic.. There's also Thorens who seems to be making some nice turntables in the same price range as the before mentioned.. A third option I could go with would be to save the money, upgrade the stylus on the Debut III to a 2M Blue and then spend the rest on records What would you do?