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  1. I saw Bright Eyes in March and it was a real concerning performance. Conor ruined every song that wasn't a new song. They had to restart 3 songs, Conor's stage banter was incoherent and never-ending, he fell into the drums at point. It's realllly clear something isn't okay with him. I hope he gets well.
  2. My initial thought is: "but people will still pay these prices, right?" I keep seeing preorders that at are $45-$60 that still sell out no problem. I dont know why, but I never saw the bubble bursting because of people priced out of vinyl. I just figured the trendiness, culture, and allure of it dying out in a bunch of years would do it?
  3. Topshelf Records spring sale 2022! - 25% off everything in US and UK shops* - 15% off on bandcamp - bandcamp subscription lowered to $8/month - restocked & new items - orders over $100 get a free random test press - use code: BADSUMMER
  4. Oh this must be the release Pat Kindlon was talking yapping about Drug Church having to do a punk cover for on Axe To Grind like a year ago. Excited to hear what they cooked up.
  5. Just curious, what is this referring to?
  6. yeah most of their IG follows are the Parting Gift Records people
  7. I don’t think it matters if it’s a big band. Look at this Clapton thing from December… https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/german-woman-fined-eric-clapton-bootleg-ebay-1273130/amp/ it’s also been random what boots are allowed to sell on Discogs too? Seems like no rhyme or reason as too what their marketplace will allow for boots.
  8. Damn, did not expect so many people to have similar experiences. TY all for weighing in. So, I chatted with a helpful eBay rep who said I shouldn't ship the record and the buyer is refunded automatically. There will be no funds released to me. So there's that. But I wonder what would have happened if I had already shipped it?? 🤔
  9. i don't know about the label operations, but the brick and mortar store kept operating under a new name... https://pitchfork.com/news/disgraced-label-burger-records-headquarters-lives-on-as-white-rabbit-shop/
  10. Genuinely confused about what I'm supposed to do here. I listed a used bootleg hip-hop record on eBay and it sold right away overnight. A few hours later I got notified from eBay that my listing was removed because it's illegal to sell counterfeit goods. There's still an option to print a shipping label if I click the right combo of things, but some places it just goes an error and says there's no listing for the item. eBay says the "funds are available" but a few community posts for similar situations say they don't actually pay you. Anyone been in this situation or or can weigh in on what to do?
  11. too overwhelmed by Taylor releases but wanna get 1989. what have the Taylor drops been like for vinyl? where should i look for the limited shit?
  12. How is this band thinking they can move 1,000 CDs lmaooo
  13. I’m starting to feel like high prices are driving me away at pre-ordering things. There are too many variants coming out after I get my PO in. Trusting record stores to have something in stock is becoming a gamble- even for big obvious releases. Half of the time a record I want gets included in a label’s [insert holiday] sale, so I feel like an idiot for paying full price. I want to support and pre-order everything of interest like I was 3 years ago but nobody is making it easy anymore.
  14. Already on sale right now on Merchbar for $44 https://www.merchbar.com/r-b-hiphop-rap/kanye-west/kanye-west-donda-vinyl-record
  15. $23 now at Walmart. Same pressing it looks like. https://www.walmart.com/ip/seort/219532253
  16. I get villainzing for his public conduct, but thinking that Kanye is the one who is pricing and manufacturing his vinyl records is so funny to me.
  17. i'm still battling with No Sleep and Awesome Merch on IN-STOCK records I ordered in December. Awesome Merch has told me since March that my records are going to mailed "this week."
  18. Gonna head out to a shop or two in an hour. Feel free to DM me if you have anything you want me to look for.
  19. I hear people on podcasts talk about it quite often for a lot of highly anticipated grunge/90s alt stuff. Mostly talking about driving around on the way home being disappointed on big followup albums.
  20. Saw an Amazon link for this. Counter Intuitive seems to be repressing the very out of print debut EP, Quiet Hours. No word from CI, but the 5 year anniversary is this month so probs a 5 year celebration. https://www.amazon.com/Quiet-Hours-Origami-Angel/dp/B09TRGGK1Z
  21. Praying this goes better than the Heroin reunion!
  22. I remember when this LP and all of the RFC classics were consistently like $15 or less in stores and Amazon

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