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  1. I think it was down at the beginning of the week for a half a day or something. Then the whole weekend.
  2. IMO there should probably be more dedicated PO threads for records. I can imagine there's a lot of people missing out on some crucial pre-orders like this one because Gel and your local beatdown bands are both being posted in the same thread, so there's no urgency to check this thread lol.
  3. Northern Scene orange /100 https://northernscene.net/products/gel-only-constant-orange-northern-scene-exclusive
  4. this is fuckin strange https://www.vinylmeplease.com/pages/first-gathering?utm_source=Klaviyo&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=vinylmeparton&_kx=knBvOv7WRElhlipZ_qaXj-bDkMEsqf72gucOrowGPvU%3D.LfaAHK
  5. This single is $24 shipped worthy, but absolutely not $39 shipped worthy. That's where we're at with 2023 record collecting, brother.
  6. I wasn’t being wholly serious, but also…????They have absolutely released twinkly music in the past decade. Emo revival is not face of their catalog anymore, but it’s far from absent… Sweet Pill, Gulfer, AGPOL, Really From, Standards… those are all bands who just released stuff since 2020.
  7. Did anyone buy a mystery box from TSR? I got my 10 pack today. Not familiar with like half of these, which is cool. Biggest mystery is where's the twinkly shit!? Curious what other boxes are looking like! Sundials – Kick (10-inch) Cool Original - outtakes from "bad summer" My Fictions – Stranger Songs Solids - Else Gregory Uhlmann – Neighborhood Watch Clearance - At Your Leisure Field Mouse - Hold Still Life Wild Ones – Heatwave Zenizen – P.O.C. (Proof of Concept) Nai Harvest - Hairball
  8. honestly kinda surprised it took this long for someone to make this.
  9. Flower Boy has like 7000 in stock right now, so no idea whats going on.
  10. I could be just connecting two ideas that aren’t related, but with this and the Tyler represses, I’m wondering if some manager got hip to the resale market on some pressings and saw that there’s easy money to be made by keeping these in press? I dk.
  11. Hey Andy, go back to playing with Buzz and Woody
  12. Judiciary - Flesh + Blood | 3/31 on Closed Casket Shit is hard bro 300 - Silver & Black Pinwheel 500 - Blue in Clear with Black Splatter 700 - Red Bone & Black Mix 1000 - Silver with Splatter https://closedcasketactivities.com/products/judiciary-flesh-blood
  13. IGOR on mint green and Flower Boy on Yellow have been getting restocked by the thousands and selling out the past two evenings. IGOR: https://golfwang.com/collections/music/products/igor-special-edition-vinyl?variant=42338073772204 SFFB: https://golfwang.com/collections/music/products/flower-boy?variant=42338102706348
  14. easily top 3 least exciting and most mundane "rock" bios i've read (i basically only read music bios.) he tries to be funny and cute on every page and it's over the top cringe. just overall made me feel confused about who let green-lit a book by the least interesting member of this band.
  15. I read his book (which sucked ass) where talks at length about back issues. But also talked about wanting the band to get back on track and acknowledged that their last couple of pop albums aren't good for their discography.
  16. they are back on Fueled By Ramen and working with Neal Avron (Corktree, Folie, Infinity producer)
  17. Merge Records has some records marked down half off. Not any all-timers in there, but a good deals for sure. https://mergerecords.com/store/warehouse_moving_sale
  18. No idea what you’re talking about, but I Be Stiff all the time, brother.
  19. Some folks found a pre-order for the debut LP in the boygenius Instagram shop. It's been taken down since. Album drops March 31st. Assuming proper announcement/PO drop is coming soon. Screenshots below. Photos of the back of the jacket show that it's apparently being released by Interscope.
  20. Nah fool. This is a different/new boxset. Different: 2 LP expanded version of On Avery Island Live at Jittery Joe's LP new version of Little Birds on a-side new art for Holland 1945 7" (also released via Merge and not via Jeff as NMH Records.)
  21. the RSD release is up on Alex's webstore now. same color as the RSD release, which was released as a really small run for RSD. it's a soundtrack Alex did. https://merch.sandyalexg.com/products/737179-were-all-going-to-the-worlds-fair-lp-original-motion-picture-soundtrack
  22. bunch of boomer rock and Mariah Carey records for $10 and $8 plus 20 off with code SOV20OFF https://thesoundofvinyl.us/collections/markdowns

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