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  1. Cheers in the round, as reflecting TOP 10 releases in 2019 this Album came way too short IMO also Paste wrote about it - https://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2019/12/best-shoegaze-albums-2019.html?fbclid=IwAR17pOMFKkxt4upshVm20sPfC7fF8XfQTgbYonqfb-ap6mUikq5Ih1pGh_E. Also I recognized not much attention on this board for this record. Really wondering as many liked WHIRR, DIIV and TENNIS SYSTEM. This is an absolute MUST listen and buy for you guys. So maybe this Thread helps to keep you in the right direction ;) haha This came out through RFC in US, Through Love Rec (Europe) and Luxury in March. I think there are still limited vinyl left (lim. 100) at TLR... https://throughloverec.bandcamp.com/album/westkust Beside that Sweden alone needs a Thread for outstanding shoegazy Indie Music.
  2. Get the twisted vinyl exclusively here: https://shop.throughloverec.com/collections/pre-order/products/twins-soon
  3. Regarde from Italy releasing their 2nd Album by the end of January 2020. This is for all the people who are disappointed by the newer Turnover stuff (and loving the 'Peripheral Vision' era) and the ones who can't get over the Title Fight hiatus. Pre-Order: https://bit.ly/37qyX8S 100 x White in Clear with Blue Splatter (TLR EXCLUSIVE) 300 x Blue Vinyl All copies coming with printed innersleeves
  4. "This is the missing link between Explosions in the Sky and Bongripper“ says a friend about Berlin based instrumental 5-piece neànder. Where do you draw the line between Post-Metal, Doom, Stoner or even Modern Black Metal? Post-Rock and Underground Metal have always been familiar. This is sweeping Ambient music combined with the intensity of a Norwegian Black Metal group. Epic songs hovering around the 10 minute mark. Black Sabbath influenced droning Doom riffs ascending into heavenly, dreamy soundscapes. 5 hypnotic chapters made to be listened to in its entirety; this album tends to be ritual music. Founded in 2017 the collective consists of members from bands like Ånd, Patsy O' Hara, Not Now Not Ever, Earth Ship. Asked about why they keep their music on an instrumental level the answer is „a singer would reduce us into being either a Metal- or a Post-Rock band. We believe that the sacrifice of lyrics will keep our musical vision open and will help to intend on the music“. neànder recorded its self-titled debut album in March 2018 at Hidden Planet Studios, Berlin (The Ocean, Abest, Sun Worship) mixed by Jan Oberg from Earth Ship, mastered by Magnus Lindberg from Cult of Luna. FFO: Bongripper, Explosions in the Sky, Isis, Neurosis, Russian Circles, Year Of No Light or Mogwai.
  5. Cheers, EARTH MOVES (formed of members from We Never Learned To Live, Grappler, and Cloud Boat) have announced their stunning second LP Human Intricacy, released 15th November via Through Love Records & Truthseeker Music. Band released 2 new singles 'Into The Ether' and 'Other Voices, Other Rooms" here: https://throughloverec.bandcamp.com/album/human-intricacy Pre-order Human Intricacy: http://bit.ly/human-intricacy-through-love [Ships from Germany - around 6€ Shipping / 9€ registered Shipping] A combination of post-metal, screamo, sludgy shoegaze and black metal, EARTH MOVES boast an abundance of musical influences, including Deftones, Amenra, Slowdive, and Wolves in the Throne Room. EARTH MOVES are also highly influenced by classical music, not least because guitarist Sam Ricketts (Grappler, Cloud Boat) studied music at University, and named the band after an aria in Benjamin Britten’s opera Peter Grimes. Whilst in Cloud Boat Sam toured with James Blake, Ghostpoet and more – fair to say that EARTH MOVES are a band with a mountain of experience and interest to draw on. PRESSING INFORMATION: 100 x Cream/Pink with Black Splatter [TLR EXCLUSIVE] 200 x Blue/Silver 200 x Gold All vinyl coming with printed inners, hotfoil print on cover and download code.
  6. AOTY Contender! Full Album can be streamed/purchased here: https://shop.throughloverec.com/collections/all/products/newmoon-nothing-hurts-forever