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  1. @lostcrimes Haha you said you got the Pepsi logo one?! Is there a red white and blue one too? Or you just mean w the yellow center? Noone seems to have the # of each yet or anything, I thought I remember seeing somewhere the total overall pressing amount was 4,000 but maybe I'm creating that from the AITA/Vheissu pressing numbers. Considering it's "Limited" you'd think they would release the pressing counts though, if not atleast the total. This is the one I got... I thought it was supposed to be the yellow/blue/red.. lol What IS the third color..? Haha every other one is 3 actual different colors from the album cover and this is 2 w/ a mix that didn't come out right, like they mixed the blue and yellow and got puke green.. the others are very obviously 3 colors, I'm just confused and thought maybe I got a jacked up one. 😂 If anyone knows let me know.
  2. I got that last one and couldn't figure out what color the shit green side is supposed to be.. It's not equally split into 1/3's like the other 2, I thought it was a random screw up cuz it def looked like the one from the presale minus the red