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  1. Okay. I said what I said. If I owe you, message me. To naysayers, I'm sorry the world, including me has wronged you for you to feel such hate in your heart. Out.
  2. No, this is not me. Refer to this thread, but remember I am lying in this post. No, this is not me. Refer to this thread, but remember I am lying in this post. The explanation that I had submitted on this post was a lie (this was my first and only response to the scammer thread). Looking back, I was literally buying time to commit more crimes and keep the mob off my back for the time being, until PayPal disputes kicked in and I could run with the money. I was a piece of shit who did shitty things. I am not generating an excuse for what I did for mercy of anyone, but I am explaining what and why I had these motives to rob this beloved community of their hard earned money, and to pay back those members who are still at a loss (again, not to make me whole, but because it is due ) My life was already in shambles as I was active in my addiction, and I was hanging on by a thread. I made a conscious effort to sell my entire vinyl discography to make ends meet (pay rent, eat, survive) while I searched for work after exiting the military. As I was selling both here on VinylCollective and Discogs, I generated a substantial amount of money to survive on and feedback - but I blew it all away on my addiction. I was at wit's end, and demoralized by my self-defeat. I came to terms that I was a loser and had no other means to go on. The idea to scam the community became a vision in my head, and went through with it. All of my sales were valid, until I ran out of discography around the time of (December 20? 2015). That is when I began to deceive members by creating threads of vinyl I had already sold, and preying on want to buy threads by messaging members that I had owned what they were requesting, which was false. I used my good reputation to deceive further because the scamming process was working for the first week, until members started to catch on that i was not replying with tracking information. At this point, the thread of me being a scammer was created, and the rest is in the black and white. The majority of the members' propositions were true. MY intentions were nothing but evil and wrong. I admit guilty to this. If I have wronged you, please reach out. If not accepted, I will sincerely accept a "f*** off" in lieu of. - Joey
  3. okay, i have forgiven myself for everything wrong i've done in the past. not to make me feel better, but to pay back those who were never made whole. i am very receptive of which ever way this sways.
  4. Bringing this matter to light... again... I am a former seller on this thread. I want to express my sincere apology for the damage I have caused, financially, emotionally, and socially. My intentions were nothing but malicious, and I am here to hopefully open the floor for questions or comments on this matter. If harm was caused, or you never received a refund from PayPal dispute, I am here to make things right. What I did was not right, and it was nothing but selfishness and self-centered action on my part. Thank you for listening.

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