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  1. I have a Numark PT01 for sale. Also battery powered. PM me if your interested.
  2. Anyone going to the remaining dates, can you pick up a screen print? I will pay and make it worth your trouble.
  3. yeah it is any date. didnt get a chance to get in rhode island. if you could help that be awesome.
  4. Could you pick up a revival tour screen print for me? Ill cover your cost plus shipping and extra $5. Easy way to make some money.
  5. any bids on the fest ticket? friend needs one and this is a great cause for it.
  6. I have gone through all the inventory for NTR, sifting through boxes and boxes. I have decided to put these up for sale. Some are a little more rare then others, but I am open to any and all offers on these. Please PM me with offers. Kill Conrad - Work'Class/DBDS TEST PRESS Roam Alone - Retribution TEST PRESS x3 The Stereo State - Caffeine, Beer and Quoting Movies TEST PRESS Last Lights/Bad Habit - Split TEST PRESS These all will come in the OG Insert as the same 7". Thank you.
  7. Small batch of 7" I am looking to get rid of. Any reasonable offer will be accepted. Bridge & Tunnel - Self Titled 7"(Grey Marble) Bracewar - Self Titled 7" (Black) Teenage Cool Kids 7" - Speaking In Tongues(Black) Trash Talk - East of Eden 7" (180G Black) Modern Life is War - Stagger Lee 7" (Clear with Grey Swirl) Fired Up - When The Lights Go Out 7" (Green) Champion/Betrayed Split 7" Clear(2nd Press) New Found Glory - Dont Let Her Pull You Down 7" (Orange) Please Mr. Gravedigger/Gasoline Please Split 7" (Purple Marble) PM any offers.
  8. i had the honor of putting this on cassette and so happy this is getting vinyl treatment. wish we had the funds to do it, but animal style is the perfect home for it. Will be ordering.
  9. Like the flyer says..Neutral Territory Records will be attending. We will have Buy 2, Get 1 Free on all 7" records. We have distro from State of Mind, Barret, Arrest Records, Mayfly, Tripmachine and more. Tons of records to buy. Discount shirts and LPs. Stop by and say hi!
  10. For the PBC/Lemruia show? Looking for an extra ticket for a friend.
  11. can someone post a picture of the mint green? i got copy from the band at the show sunday and its not defiantly not minty. Its like a translucent green color. havent seen any info on it yet? but i am thinking its the panic color.