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  1. I've seen Earthless twice and they are definitely the loudest live act I've ever seen. Amazing live for sure. I've never seen Elder perform and I'm really hoping to catch them on this tour. The new album is the best yet.
  2. Nice!!! May is a complicated for me with my baby girl due in the first part of the month. If everything works out I'll see Elder in ether San Francisco for Fresno on the 15th and 16th ( or maybe both?!?). Earthless is playing in Santa Cruz on the 17th and I really want to see them too. My wife is going to kill me🤣🤣🤣
  3. Just got my Ten Stories 45 order and my Catch For Us The Foxes 45 preorder on the same day. I had been expecting Ten Stories due to shipping info emails. I was surprised to receive CFUTF as I had received no email communication on that order. Man I love Mewithoutyou, not so much the in-house order fulfillment. It's been hit and miss over the years. At least it wasn't as bad as the self titled collectors fiasco.
  4. I'm really loving the new Colour Haze album "Sacred". https://colourhaze.bandcamp.com/album/sacred It's everything I like about them and no filler. A solid single LP release. I'm placing it in my favorite top three along with "In Her Garden," and "She Said."
  5. I remember getting the AB and CFUTF a few years back. When I listen to them I thought AB sounded amazing and CFUTF sounded muddled or compressed. Major difference to my ears. I recently picked up the 45 AB but I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet. I'm really hoping for a killer sounding CFUTF
  6. Kerosene and fine steel wool. Makes my punkrock records sound more legit. ☺️
  7. Omens took about 5+ listens to grow on me. Reflections had been my favorite and I really liked the Gold and Silver sessions. However I got to agree Innate Passage is my new favorite. This album rips from start to finish. The white European pressing sounds flawless. Can't wait to see them on the west coast in May!!!
  8. The blue looks a lot like the icy tracks variant. Oh well it is what it is. The sound is what matters.
  9. I found this on the Vasily Kafanov website https://www.kafanov.com/rock-memorabilia/h29qv90jmgmtaauxjbcy55jvvqw5gj I hope his dream come true soon
  10. I really liked the picture on the order page a lot more than the actual product. Looks nothing at all what was advertised. Weird
  11. Cleaned and played it, has a distorted bad sound on several tracks on both sides compared to my CD. Anyone else have sound quality issues?
  12. This is a heavy and melodious album. Definitely one of their best. I'm not sure what all the fuss is about.? I'm really happy to hear it and pleased with the effort to deliver a solid offering to the awaiting fans.
  13. I just saw this new Elder song and was pumped up! Pressed play and turned up the volume. I had to do a double take and check to make sure I was indeed listening to Elder when the vocals came on. It's not that they are bad, just not the same as before. Actually I feel the vocals might be a improvement as I always thought Elders vocals where the weakest link in the band. The music is great in this new track. The addition of keyboards worked well. The song established a nice groove that builds over time and makes some cool movements. I think it's going to be a great album.
  14. I thought he was singing Elvis the whole time.
  15. I took your survey and I wish you well. I'm sorry for all the butthurt retards on this site.
  16. I just placed an order for the glow in the dark lp!
  17. The following is from an email I received today. Some of you have walked with us for almost 2 decades. You’ve been there through multiple seasons of life. Supported me. Sang with me. Stood with me through love, loss, conflict, and doubt. You’ve seen me at my best and maybe at my not-so-best. Still, throughout it all you’ve almost always been nothing but gracious and kind. Today I trust and hope that you will also be willing to walk with me back into faith. I’ve got to warn you - it’s different. It’s not the same. It never is. It’s not supposed to be. But it’s honest, it’s real, and it’s willing… willing to see the universe through new eyes, and follow gratitude all the way back to God. I hope you’ll join me. It’s bound to be a hot mess, and tons of fun. But It certainly wouldn’t be the same without you. Thanks again and much love. -JMM Peopled With Dreams (Glow In The Dark LP)
  18. I think that the only other place that cuts lacquers is in Japan. Here's a business opportunity for the right person.
  19. I purchased "Learning To Breathe" and "New Way To Be Human". They both sound great. I saw Switchfoot in November and they are still amazing live. They played through out there catalog and are still just as big as ever. The Theater was sold out.

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