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  1. So glad those UK distro options finally came online, thank you!
  2. Thank you so much. I know vinyl and shipping isn't cheap so every order we see brings a deep sense of appreciation.
  3. Thank you for sharing! It still always blows me away when people share our music that aren't related to us. (mom this isn't you right?)
  4. Whoa someone already posted it, aww shucks that's cool! I'm so bad at using forums I should have searched first. Thanks for the kind words, we are so excited for this album. Been 2 years in the making but we had fun when we weren't losing our minds
  5. Also I hope this is ok to post - apologies if not allowed please feel free to remove, this is Michelle from Blushing just doing my indie band DIY duty of spreading the word for my little band!
  6. Blue variant for preorder only (ltd 200 copies): https://weareblushing.bandcamp.com Cloudy clear retail variant: https://www.resident-music.com/productdetails&product_id=84785 Lead single "Blame (feat. Miki Berenyi)"
  7. https://weareblushing.bandcamp.com Limited Edition Pink "Galaxy Swirl" vinyl LP - second pressing of the self-titled debut album. Sold out through label, these are the remaining tour stock.
  8. This is the second pressing of the Blushing S/T LP on pink galaxy swirl vinyl. Orders will ship from the UK hub January 3rd: https://shiftingsounds.bandcamp.com/album/blushing RIYL: Lush, Cocteau Twins, Slowdive, Breeders
  9. Thank you so much, we were blown away by the crowd in Norman on a Monday night. Come out next time if you can, we will definitely be back.
  10. Yep I'm in Blushing, rhythm guitar. Our label gave us an update that the pink vinyl was close to selling out and so I figured I would get the word out here if anyone might be interested. So glad you got one of the 5 that we took over the border, that Toronto show was a blast! Stoked you got a blue galaxy swirl, there are no more of those left, only pink.
  11. Blushing - Blushing Repress on Pink Galaxy Swirl Vinyl: https://wallflowerrecords.org/products/blushing-blushing-blue-pink-galaxy-lp-pre-order Limited Edition of 300 Label let us know they were running low on this second pressing, sharing the news here. Had an amazing tour and met some great shoegaze / dreampop fans out there. Hope to make it to the UK soon!
  12. I live in the Austin Texas area. Lots of record stores for sure but would like to try to find friends / family and people I know would appreciate them before taking them that route.
  13. My father passed away recently and while he didn’t have many worldly possessions he did have A LOT of vinyl records which he treasured. He owned his own business as a night club disc jockey during the 80’s and 90’s and some of my earliest memories are being with him in the DJ booth memorized by the turntable light illuminating the spinning decks. An entire wall of his home was dedicated to the floor to ceiling shelves of vinyl. Pictured here is just a small sampling (maybe 5%) of what he had that I was able to go through so far and take home (I have more pics and video). He spun anything from The KLF to Bowie to Fleetwood Mac and everything in between. He had a binder with every record catalogued and numbered and put a sticker on each record with the corresponding catalog number. They are well worn, none near mint. They are worn because this was his livelihood and passion. Him and my mom would load up their car with heavy crates and head to each new gig. I’m glad to inherit his collection and along with hundreds of vinyl records I also received his two turntables, both Technics SL-1200MK2 in mint condition. I am a bit overwhelmed with the sheer magnitude of the collection, there are many I just can’t keep due to space. I’d like to bring them all to my house and invite friends and local vinyl enthusiasts over to peruse. I am not trying to make money and will keep all of the vinyl that I hold dear. I didn’t have a very close relationship with my father in the last years of his life for many complicated reasons but there is always one thing I knew he wanted, for me to take and care for his vinyl collection. I will honor that and treasure the copies I get to keep and make sure the rest go into great hands. I wanted to share this with a community which would appreciate this share.

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