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  1. Hey there y’all- Looking for 1. “A Different Age” by Current Joys in red/white swirl variant 2. “Grow” by Bedroom (Noah Kittinger) in black or white variants Name your price or let me know if you would like me to offer. Thanks!
  2. Either variant works, let me know the condition and your price. I can also make an offer if you would like me to.
  3. Picked up the AAL as I came across it by chance last night. Now I also picked up Diamond thanks to your post!
  4. Looking for a copy of the recent reissue of Catch Us For The Foxes in the Cinnamon variant. Anyone has an extra or willing to part, let me know!!! Thanks.
  5. Looking for the “I thought you didn’t even like leaving” album in the Green / Orange split. Let me know!!