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  1. Hello VC. I've been reading/watching reviews and trying to come up with a stylus and cartridge upgrade for my AT-LP120. I'm on the fence between the Ortofon 2m Red and the Nagaoka mp-110 (coming from the AT95E) Another thing I've considered is just leaving my TT as-is and selling it. Use the money towards another deck - I really like the setup included with the Fluance RT-85. If I were to keep the table I have now, aside from the cart/stylus upgrade - I intend to remove the preamp, get a heavier counterweight and headshell. So my upgrades alone are pretty much the cost of the LP120. Which end result would you go for? Regards, Duran Durandall
  2. Hello everyone. Just introducing myself and welcoming some feedback/suggestions. I have an ATLP120 - bone stock. "Happy" with it. I'm not underwhelmed or ecstatic, I guess you could say I'm whelmed. It's playing through a Technics SA-AX6 Receiver. Speakers are some vintage Bose 501's. I'm just beginning my journey to improve overall quality. So far I've ordered an acrylic platter, might also pick up a cork one just to decide for myself which I prefer the most. I've been considering the pre-amp bypass mod which YouTube seems to recommend. My anti-skate seems to actually work, so I guess I'm lucky or AT addressed it before I bought mine. I also thought I'd venture into a new cartridge - I'm curious to know if my ears would even notice the difference. I mostly listen to rock. I've got a handful of albums... somewhere around maybe 60, spanning from the 1970's to present. Some of these are handed down from Dad so they are original 70's releases, not all are modern pressings. I believe the stock cart is an AT95e - I was considering the popular 2m Red. Does anyone have that cart on this TT? Also considered selling my TT as-is and springing for a slight upgrade. Something a little less flashy and more on the "reference" side. Maybe the fluance? I do like that my TT has a usb out for recording - was one of the reasons I chose it, but I've had it for about 2 years now and I haven't connected it to my PC once. Any suggestions from the experienced are welcome. Nice meeting you guys