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  1. SRC was communicating with me for most of 2019 when I would occasionally ask for a shipping update. Then, last month they suddenly went radio silent and just started ignoring requests for a shipping update. I think it has been over a month on one request and 2 weeks on the other and no reply. Always a really good sign when communication just stops - tells you everything you need to know. The thing that really sucks is that they charged me (and I assume everyone else) about 2 months back. Likely the reason they are stringing everyone along. They will have to issue refunds. Nice that their policy is that they don't charge your CC until the item ships! From the SRC website (where you can STILL order your copy) ... Do You Charge When I Order or When It Ships? We do both depending on which payment option you pick! We offer PayPal, Credit / Debit Cards and also Amazon Pay! If you pick PayPal or Amazon Pay you will be charged the second you place your order. If you pay using a Credit / Debit or Apple Pay or pick you will not be charged until your order ships! This is a great way to pre order records without having to pay until they actually ship!