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  1. https://www.popmarket.com/collections/sunday-steals-hip-hop I know Popmarket isn't everyone's favorite, but they have Kid Cudi's 'Indicud' 3xLP for $7.99 currently with free shipping. I've never seen it drop below $25 anywhere online before.
  2. Honestly, not really. There are things in there from time to time at random releases, but there's not been much outside of the Vault releases that make it worth it really. The items in the Vault shop are mostly novelties (Shirts, pins, pennants, books,etc), not much on the actual music release front. I'm excited for this Vault release, I loved her album and this is a nice release to fill the gap.
  3. I'm shocked I didn't have this actually, so it was a great addition to the package. If you don't have this, https://www.amazon.com/Invite-Them-Up-VARIOUS-ARTISTS/dp/B000BRP2E6/ref=sr_1_1?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1483813260&sr=1-1&keywords=Invite+Them+Up&refinements=p_n_format_browse-bin%3A1294042011 make sure to track it down as well. Great showcase of early material from some of the bigger comedians in the game currently.
  4. Starting that tonight actually, looking forward to it.
  5. Same way I'm looking at it. Plus, I'm sure there will be at least a couple I'm interested in. At $0.81 each, you can't go wrong on this.
  6. Reads like the one you sent out wasn't packed correctly. Sounds like the one sent from Europe wasn't packed correctly. Or your mail carrier hates you or records. Or both.
  7. Picture is very late as I couldn't figure out to host it and actually get it to work (thanks @controlthebleeding for the tip and reminder). I thanked @curator previously, but want to do so again. Really went above and beyond and really nailed my personality/interests. Gifts: A number of mix CD's with very detailed notes on the songs - I have a lot of windshield time, these have been fantastic. Comedy Death Ray CD Wilco shirt Wilco: The Book - I've wanted this for years and held off, so amazing. Jimmy Eat World 7" from the new LP Hot Dog Bottle Opener - I'm in the beer industry and my favorite food is hot dogs, this was a win/win. Also a fantastic opener. Alamo Drafthouse Gift Card - Alamo is the #1 spot my wife and I visit and this came in very handy for our viewing of 'Rogue One'
  8. 'La La Land' OST - ordered Gameface - 'Now is what matters now' was last purchase I have in my possession.
  9. I agree if it was a purchase, however, it was an investment - at minimum, everyone should have got what they put in, if not a portion of the profits.
  10. Before VC, he ran a somewhat successful record label, Suburban Home, that put out some great stuff. On the initial vinyl boom he moved to the forefront of pressing vinyl for labels that didn't have the money or see the need. He created a co-op, Vinyl Collective, to release record voted upon by members - there were a handful of releases, The Falcon, This Charming Man, Jealous Sound, but when it came to press the next LP...crickets. He seemingly took the money made from these releases, all of which were pretty successful, if not very successful, and likely recouped cost +. Some folks got refunds, most got nothing and he made money on the investment of board members.