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  1. I suppose with those numbers, it's possible. Seems much more likely to be greater than 5000 though
  2. One of the greatest albums of all time?
  3. The mock-up pic on the site still shows clear, but the listing is for a limited lp
  4. Perhaps trying to really sink your teeth into the album is what caused the gash in your vinyl.
  5. Hey, this album rules. A shade below EMOTION for me personally because it felt tailored to my tastes, but Dedicated is phenomenal
  6. I would guess they will pop up in her online store sometime after the lps have been pressed and she's had an opportunity to autograph them
  7. Give it time and I think you'll come around to the rest. Every song is excellent...the singles may be better, but I think the whole thing rules.
  8. There is at least a Japanese version with 2 extra remixes. Seems like Target only has the only physical US deluxe CD.
  9. Yes it did. I assumed it was a mistake but I guess not. Especially frustrating knowing European dudes have gotten it already
  10. I listened to the snippets once and won't again. Those are for people on the fence about ordering it, not for those who already know they're getting it. I hate that I've already worn out the mental grooves of four of these songs, and I've heard another song will be released next week. I don't like the way pop albums are rolled out these days. Just give me a single to tide me over. I don't need to intimately know half the album before it's released. I don't want to, but I haven't the strength to hold out.
  11. No precedent in her history to expect a deluxe or even color version for vinyl
  12. Same exact story here. That batch of autographed EMOTION lps was just randomly dropped with no announcement that I saw
  13. She has been flawless since EMOTION. I have come to like the Kiss era but she is on another level now. Perfect pop
  14. This happened with Side B too. I bet they show up on her site too soon enough