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  1. Still waiting for a notification mine have shipped. Are all the shirts done and shipping?
  2. I just found I have a sealed box set. Did the gold ones all have the sticker? Mine doesn't have the sticker...I assume I bought the colored version, but I'd rather sell this thing as mint if I knew for sure which version I have.
  3. The only thing is that if it does get caught elsewhere, it will be the recipients who have to pay the missing postage. I can tell you in my smaller office, the clerks would undoubtedly catch it. In a bigger, understaffed office, they might not care
  4. Are they located in Germany? Last I knew they weren't accepting mail to the US (if that's where you reside). All international mail is super slow or suspended. I've been waiting 5 weeks for a package from Japan.
  5. This is the most excited I've been for a non-CRJ pop album, based solely off the released tracks. I hope the rest of the album is as good
  6. MS is virtually dead, though neither of the owners is. This guess is not so far from the truth, but I cannot imagine the other partner being able to salvage the label. It is not my place to divulge things, and I don't know everything, but if you have an outstanding order with them, you should probably just cut your losses and be happy with all we got from them. I know the end of the label eats away at their soul, but I would not expect compensation or order fulfillment. A terrible situation but unfortunately that info is all I can offer.
  7. I suppose with those numbers, it's possible. Seems much more likely to be greater than 5000 though
  8. The mock-up pic on the site still shows clear, but the listing is for a limited lp
  9. Perhaps trying to really sink your teeth into the album is what caused the gash in your vinyl.

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