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  1. Nearly everything has been sold. There are a few records left but really no need to update the list. If I didn't respond back to a message I apologize but I am done with this sale, this was quite difficult to manage. Thanks everyone! You guys really helped me raise money for desperately needed drum equipment.
  2. Ok, the majority of PM's have been replied to. There are 21 left in my inbox. I had many people message twice, some even several times because they were just being too impatient. I'll get to the rest tonight and update the list like I said I would before the weekend. But as for now I have shit to do. Thanks to everyone who looked at the bold print carefully and chose not to haggle. No thanks to the people who didn't.
  3. Sorry guys, I'm not trying to ignore anyone. I just got so overwhelmed with messages and some people are still trying to haggle me on prices and wanting deals on a huge list they compiled together with records which is increasingly becoming annoying. Many records have been sold and I will update the list tonight after work and respond to the rest of the messages remaining. I'm doing the best I can.
  4. My inbox is very cluttered at the moment but I will get to everyones message asap!
  5. Ha. Made you look! But really, how is my thread misleading? I mean I have a shit ton of records for 5ppd. No I didn't do the math but I sure as hell remember typing a bunch of '5's. Sorry to disappoint you by not having prices set to 5ppd of my entire collection that would obviously rip me off. Oh and everyone please read the bold print. 7"s without a * are 5ppd. Those that have a * are NOT 5ppd and are for offers only.
  6. Once again I'm selling off records I have been trying to get rid of for a year now. All 7"s without a * is 5ppd within the states. The 7"s with a * are for offers only. 12"s have prices set, and most very good records you will find for just 5 bucks. So take a look and hit me up with anything you are interested in. One $5 record will not cut it, you guys know the deal.. be courteous and buy at least two records. 7" Split Affirmative Action Jackson/The Sound Of Failure -split- /PINK (100) Agent/Polygon -split- /BLACK (300) Bomb The Music Industry/Laura Stevenson And The Cans -split- /CLEAR (300) *Bridge and Tunnel/Young Livers -split- /DARK GRAY (34) *Castevet/Into It Over It- Snack Town /BLACK Death Is Not Glamorous/Another Year -split- /BLACK End Of A Year/Three Fifteen -split- /BLACK *Ezra Joyce/Pianos Become The Teeth -split- /BEER Fellow Project/Thousandaires -split- /PINK MARBLE Get Bent/Jean Claude Jam Band -split- /BLACK Hot Water Music/Bouncing Souls -split- /BLACK RED Hot Water Music/Rydell -split- /BLACK *Kill Your Idols/Nerve Agents -split- /GREEN *Latterman/Nakatomi Plaza -split- /BLACK (600) *Mid Carson July/Grey AM -split- /BLACK *Mock Orange/Borgo Pass -split- /GOLD (500?) New Bruises/O Pioneers!!! -split- /BLUE *No Knife/Lazycain -split- /RED No Knife/Sunshine -split- /BLACK (yellow cover) No Knife/Tanner -split- /BLACK Permanent/Resonance -split- /BLUE *Red Animal War/Sand Which Is -split- /BLACK Red Scare/True North -split- /BLACK *Sharks Keep Moving/Kentucky Pistol -split- /PURPLE *Shorebirds/Somethings Wrong -split- /BLACK Stolen Bikes Ride Faster/New Bruises -split- /GREEN w/ YELLOW (5) 7" *AFI- All Hallows /ORANGE (1000) *AFI- Girls Not Grey b/w Now The World /CLEAR RED *AFI- The Leaving Song Part II /GREEN *Agent- Awake In Their World /ORANGE (200) *Algernon Cadwallader- Fun (GREEN) *American Steel- Every New Morning /BLACK Army Of Ponch- VS The Curse /BLACK Braid- I'm Afraid of Everything /BLACK (3500?) *Bridge And Tunnel- Live @ Fest 9 /VOMIT MARBLE *Bridge and Tunnel- Loss Leaders /RED (210) Bridge And Tunnel- S/T /YELLOWISH TAN (28) Capitalist Casualties- Dope And War /BLACK Capsule- Voluminant /BLACK Casket Lottery- Lost At Sea /BROWN WHITE MARBLE (250) Cloak Dagger- Demo /RED *Crime In Stereo- Love /BABY BLUE (200) 1st pressing *Crime In Stereo- The Contract /RED (200) tour press Curl Up And Die- 1998 /BLUE (500) Daytrader- Demo /BLUE (144) De La Soul- Me Myself And I /BLACK Death First- S/T /BLACK Death Is Not Glamorous- Undercurrents /BLACK (700) Dillinger Four- More Songs About Girlfriends & Bubblegum /BLACK Drama Queens- Sting of The Bee /BLACK Engine Down- S/T /BLACK Field Day- Christian Television /CLEAR (175) Fire Team Charlie- S/T /BLACK (196/270) handscreened Forming- S/T /BLACK Four Star Alarm- S/T /BLACK Get Bent- Dead It /BLACK (500) Get Bent- Demo /DARK GRAY MARBLE (500) His Hero Is Gone- The Dead of Night In Eight Movements /PURPLE (1000) 5th pressing Holy Mountain- Wrath /GRAY *Hot Water Music- Live In Chicago /#2 RED *Hot Water Music- Live In Chicago /#3 YELLOW *Hot Water Music- Live In Chicago /#4 GREEN *Hot Water Music- Live In Chicago /#5 PURPLE *Hot Water Music- Moments Pass SCREENPRINTED COVER /200 *Hot Water Music- Moonpies For Misfits SCREENPRINTED COVER /200 *Hot Water Music- The Fire, The Steel, The Tread /ELECTRIC BLUE (200) No Idea exclusive *Hot Water Music- You Can Take The Boy Out of Bradenton /SEMI-TRANSLUCENT BLACK (gatefold) Ink & Dagger- Drive This Seven Inch Through My Philadelphia Heart /BLACK Ink & Dagger- Love Is Dead /CLEAR (666) Inside- S/T /BLACK *Iron Chic- Shitty Rambo /GRAYISH PURPLE MARBLE (500) Laura Stevenson And The Cans- Holy Ghost /BLUE GRAY MARBLE Lemuria- Chautauqua County /GOLD Lifetime- The Boys No Good b/w Somewhere In The Swamps of Jersey /BLACK Maneuvers- S/T /CLEAR Mid Carson July- Turn The Radio Down Modern Life Is War- S/T /WHITE (500) 6th pressing Mountain Asleep- Smile Medicine Mouthbreather- S/T /GREEN (300) 1st pressing My Heart To Joy- Reasons To Be /LIGHT BLUE (200) *My Heart To Joy- Virgin Sails /GRAY New Bruises- Goodbye Middle Class /YELLOW New Mexican Disaster Squad- Weapons and Equipment of Counter-Terrorism /RED *No Knife- Jackboots /BLACK *Operation Ivy- Hectic EP /BLACK Laytonville ppd *P.S. Eliot- Living In Squalor /BLACK Paint It Black- Amnesia /MUDDY RAINBOW SWIRL (300) *Paint It Black- Goliath Paint It Black- Surrender /BLACK Panthro U.K. United 13- Goleta /GREEN (1009) Permanent-Sleeping /YELLOW (300) Planes Mistaken For Stars- Fucking Fight /BLACK (704) 2nd press w/ different cover art. Planes Mistaken For Stars- Spearheading The Sin Movement /CLEAR WHITE (#108/123 HN) Potboiler- Art of The Underground Single Series VOL.14 /BLACK (250) Potboiler- Izzy Alcantara /CLEAR PURPLE Pygmy Lush- Cold World/Guilt /CLEAR *RVIVR- Deralier /GREEN MARBLE Saves The Day- Anywhere With You (promo) /WHITE Shorebirds- S/T /PURPLE-RED MIX (150) *Silent Majority- Distant Second /BLACK *Silent Majority- This Island Earth /BLACK Six Going On Seven- Method Actor b/w New Faith In Loss /WHITE *Six Going On Seven/Hot Water Music -split- /GREEN Sleeper Horse/Echoes of Harpers Ferry -split- /BLACK (#204/500 HN) Small Brown Bike- Composite VOL 2. /PURPLE (50) Small Brown Bike- Composite VOL.1 /GRAY (950) Small Brown Bike- No Place Like You /BLACK Static Radio NJ- One For The Good Guys /BLUE Stolen Parts- S/T /UNFLUSHED TOILET MIX (275) Strike Anywhere- Iron Front EP /CLEAR GREEN SPLATTER (700) Swamp Thing- The Youth Is Sick / SOLID GRAY (93) 1st pressing Talk Is Poison- Rage To Infinity /BLACK Texas Is The Reason- S/T /BLACK Thieves and Assassins- S/T /GARFIELD COLORED MIX Thousandaires- Land Seal Demo /BLACK (300) Threadbare- S/T /BLACK Time Flies- Can't Change The Past /BLACK *Title Fight- The Last Thing You Forget /YELLOW (240) Trapdoor Fucking Exit- Devils Egg /YELLOW (1100) 12" 6ppd Amateur Party- Truncheons In The Manor /CLEAR 5ppd Antlers- S/T /BROWN w/ WHITE SPLATTER (423) Appleseed Cast- Middle States /AQUA BLUE SWIRL (500) 5ppd Army of Ponch- So Many You Could Never Win /CREAM (292) 5ppd Banner Pilot- Collapser /BLACK 7ppd Black Flag- Damaged /BLACK 15ppd Bridge And Tunnel- East/West /WHITE (100) 15ppd Bridge And Tunnel- Indoor Voices /PURPLE (250) Limited Euro tour pressing 15ppd Capn' Jazz- Analphabeteplothology /WHITE (300) 2xLP 12ppd Casket Lottery- Choose Bronze /BLACK 8ppd Casket Lottery- Possiblies And Maybes /BLACK (1500) 8ppd Casket Lottery- Survival Is For Cowards /BLACK 5ppd Chuck Ragan- Gold Country/BLACK (1000) TenFour records 7ppd Clairmel- Fair Weather Fan /BLUE (9) promo 8ppd Converge- No Heroes /BLACK 8ppd Converge- You Fail Me /BLACK 5ppd Crime In Stereo- I Was Trying To Describe You To Someone /CLEAR 5ppd Crime In Stereo- Is Dead /BLACK WITH SILVER STARS (1000) 5ppd Down In The Dumps- Dumps Luck /GRAY MARBLE 5ppd Euclid- The Wind Blew... /BLACK 15ppd Explosions In The Sky- Take Care Take Care Take Care /BLACK 2xLP 12ppd Explosivo!- If The Devil Had A Guitar /GLOW IN THE DARK (100) 5ppd Fugazi- 7 Songs /BLACK 6ppd Fugazi- Steady Diet of Nothing /BLACK (OG) 8ppd Glass And Ashes- Aesthetic Arrest /BLUE (408) 15ppd Glassjaw- Worship And Tribute /WHITE (2000) 10ppd Grade- And Such Is Progress /BLACK 30ppd Grade- Under The Radar /BLUE (517) Have Heart- Songs To Scream At The Sun /WHITE (1000) 5ppd His Hero is Gone- 15 Counts of Arson /BLACK 5ppd His Hero Is Gone- Monuments To Thieves /BLACK 10ppd His Hero Is Gone- The Plot Sickens /BLACK 8ppd ppd Hot Water Music- Fuel For The Hate Game /SPOOKY DARK RED (510) 6th pressing 8ppd Hot Water Music- No Division /BLACK -Some Records- 7ppd Into It. Over It.- 12 Towns /ORANGE 8ppd Iron And Wine- Our Endless Numbered Days /BLACK 15ppd Iron Chic- Not Like This /LAVENDER (200) 6ppd Japanther- Skuffed Up My Huffy /GREEN 8ppd Jawbreaker- ETC /BLACK (5000) 5ppd Kill Your Idols- S/T /BLACK 7ppd Killing The Dream- Fractures /SKY BLUE (1000) 50ppd Knapsack- This Conversation Is Ending Starting Right Now /BLACK 15ppd Latterman- Turn Up The Punk We'll Be Singing /BLACK (500) 25ppd Latterman- Turn Up The Punk We'll Be Singing /RED (100) Latterman- We Are Still Alive /GRAY COLORFUL (153) 1st pressing 8ppd Lawrence Arms- Apathy And Exhaustion /BLACK 8ppd Lawrence Arms- Cocktails and Dreams /ORANGE-RED 2xLP (500) 8ppd Lifetime- Hello Bastards /MINT GREEN (500) no idea Minks- By The Hedge /WHITE #6/100 20ppd Mock Orange- The Record Play /BLACK 15ppd Modest Mouse- Good News For People Who Love Bad News /BLACK 2xLP 12ppd New Found Glory- Nothing Gold Can Stay /YELLOW MARBLE (1000) 5ppd No Freinds- S/T / PINK PURPLE MIX 50ppd No Knife- Hit Man Dreams /BLACK 18ppd Paint It Black- New Lexicon /BLACK (270) 25ppd Paint It Black- Paradise /GREEN (1000) 12ppd Pegboy- Earwig /BLACK 7ppd Pygmy Lush- Bitter River /BLACK 5ppd Resonance- Transfuse /BLACK 8ppd Rival Schools- Pedals /BLACK 180 gram 12ppd RVIVR- S/T /BLACK 10ppd Salvo Rain- S/T /BLACK 15ppd Samiam- Astray /BLACK 12ppd Samiam- Trips /WHITE 8ppd Shorebirds- It's Gonna Get Ugly /BLACK 5ppd Small Brown Bike- Nail Yourself To The Ground /BLACK 5ppd Smoke Or Fire- The Speakeasy /BLACK 5ppd Soul Control- Cycles /BLUE (800) 10ppd Strike Anywhere- Exit English /WHITE (1500) 8ppd Strike Anywhere- Iron Front /PINK (700) 6ppd Strike Anywhere- To Live In Discontent /PICTURE DISC (1000) 5ppd The Clash- S/T 5ppd The Riot Before- Rebellion /ORANGE WHITE HAZE 8ppd Threadbare- Excapist /BLACK 5ppd Vivian Girls- S/T /BLACK 8ppd Witch Hunt- Blood Red States /RED (500) 1st pressing 5ppd Witch Hunt- Burning Bridges To Nowhere /BLACK Test Presses 50ppd My Heart To Joy- Seasons In Verse 10ppd Permanent/Resonance -split- V/A 5ppd READ ARMY FACTION "A benefit for AK Press /OPAQUE GREEN (3300) 10ppd WE DO WHAT WE WANT "Rumbletowne Records" /SON SKULLS/SHORBIRDS/COMIN' UP ROSES/BLACK BEAR/HOOKY
  7. One very strange dream I remember was where I was at this old chapel... it was dark and just kinda dreary inside with only candles lit. Anyway, this young woman kept appearing as I was walking through and it's as if she was leading me somewhere as I would constantly try and catch up. She would peep behind curtains and doors and have this warm giggle, but I could never get close enough or seek out what she was trying to communicate with me. I never caught up with her but for days after that dream I felt lost and as if I had been missing a good friend or girlfriend. It might sound weird as hell but for days after I had felt this undeniable attraction to this mysterious lady in my dream. Maybe because it was so real and the fact that I just wanted to figure out who this person was and what they wanted.. I really don't know but it was a dream like I've never experienced.
  8. I also do this. My go-to records for the summer will be: Antlers- S/T Avail- Front Porch Stories Grade- Under The Radar Great Explainer- The Way Things Swell HWM- Forever and Counting Pygmy Lush- Old Friends Samiam- Trips Strike Anywhere- Dead FM
  9. Millencolin was one of the first punk bands I ever got into. Still love them today. I'm stoked to hear about this.
  10. I get into demo cassettes and EP's but not full length studio recordings. Something like what Wavelets did is cool, where they put the new LP on one side and the demos and unreleased shit on the other.
  11. Var, can you give any sort of update with that Blacktop Cadence record? Is it old demos or some kind of unreleased stuff compiled for an LP?
  12. I'm mainly looking to buy (or trade) the first purple variant but any will do. I know a white colored vinyl has been pressed but not sure what other colors have surfaced.
  13. Fuck money. I can't save it to save my life. The last few years I've had some good jobs that paid pretty well and I have absolutely nothing to show for it other than records and a beer belly. But as far as records go, I haven't bought many in 2012. Hoping it stays that way until I can save some cash and move the hell up out of here.