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  1. nice photos on your site , real gravy shots. ( and I mean good turkey gravy yumm). thnx 4 the link.
  2. ok I sorted alphabetically now I have to check each album for quality making a list of what is here. no wonder I havn't done this it's a big job when there are a couple thousand records .yiks tried sending pics of the sorting stacks but inserting a picture from a url it is a shitty7 method of placing pictures.. anywhere else would have pick and load … ..it needs improvement
  3. just spent 6 hrs piling alphabetically a to z . now to sort each letter into bands then sort out quality copies from party records. maybe in a week I will have some idea of whats here too bad mice ate some covers but they don't like the taste of vinyl
  4. I just got a Elac miracord Benjamin 625 and I need a cover hinge , what are the chances .
  5. hundreds of rock&roll - blues 60's & 70's and some country from 50's &60's most in great condition lots with pics& paperwork inside . never been up for sale collection of an 62 yr old 50 yr. R&R /Blues guitarist such a waste sitting in boxes..