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  1. Iz dat good "er bad ? It'z duh furzt page I have slapped up but I need more space and they want cash 4 dat . so I am searching out a 1 to 5 gb. of free space web building page . then I can have the space to put more of my old 1500 albums 150 cd's &700 movies and a couple dozen 8 track tapes& turntables and reel to reels on display to sell . even an old 40 pound 1972 JVC quad amp 4 vr 5445 .
  2. 40 yrs ago after a heavy duty party ,you would have to wash some records off with mild detergent , used to be sunlight soap rince them well with warm water and shamy , takes care of a lot of bad sound from crud building up , or someone washed the record with soap that had too much bite and it damaged the lands above the grooves (flutes), where the music is a brand new stylus tip will sometimes recover the groove width so the needle sits fully in the groove , anyway that's what an old crawfish used to do. Oh ya , If you just want to get a recording from the record you can also try this ,, … put a layer of distilled water on the album with a turkey baster or what ever you have to slowly feed water onto the record as it is playing, the needle will skate on a micro film of water , getting rid of many crackle pops and muffled sections , this does no damage to anything ,unless you flood your turntable, , you use enough water to see a wake ripple on either side of the stylus/cartridge I used to use a sure m95ed for this. .. used this trick a lot with old rare party records just to get a final saved copy on reel to reel or cassette, still even have an old 8 track recorder back in the day 60's 70's early 80's we would try anything . LONG LONG ago . rick
  3. www.angelfire.com/folk/straightgoods/#photo2531941. This is a page that I just put up with a few things for sale. more albums will appear eventually
  4. a few I have yanked while cataloging the works boogie with canned heat zztop- tres hombres, zztop- fandango ,free- tons of sobs, the butterfield blues band- east-west , The butterfield blues band , johnny winter -nothin but the blues, Spike Hogan -and his educated piano. mott the hoople, mc5- back in the usa , deep purple -in rock , michael Jackson - thriller x2 almost mint ,beatles - abby road, pink Floyd -wall, Black oak Arkansas raunch &roll live Quadra disc cd-4 channel discrete vinyl L.P., in fold out cover. that's a few there are 1500 more of the same. even dave dudly & the who live at leeds , with all the paperwork .
  5. ok I sorted alphabetically now I have to check each album for quality making a list of what is here. no wonder I havn't done this it's a big job when there are a couple thousand records .yiks tried sending pics of the sorting stacks but inserting a picture from a url it is a shitty7 method of placing pictures.. anywhere else would have pick and load … ..it needs improvement
  6. just spent 6 hrs piling alphabetically a to z . now to sort each letter into bands then sort out quality copies from party records. maybe in a week I will have some idea of whats here too bad mice ate some covers but they don't like the taste of vinyl
  7. I just got a Elac miracord Benjamin 625 and I need a cover hinge , what are the chances .
  8. hundreds of rock&roll - blues 60's & 70's and some country from 50's &60's most in great condition lots with pics& paperwork inside . never been up for sale collection of an 62 yr old 50 yr. R&R /Blues guitarist such a waste sitting in boxes..