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  1. Literally beat me to the punch by 2 minutes. Haha
  2. “Rebel Girl” premiered on Utah’s x96 today at noon. A user on Reddit recorded the stream, and uploaded it to Dropbox. I gotta say, it’s a unique track. Definitely a new direction for the band, yet had the signature Tom/Angels sound. Love the OG Angels guitar toward the end. Stoked for this album!
  3. I doubt the julythirteen.com site has anything to do with a release date. It’s more likely a code for 7th album, 13 years since her 1st album. Nothing more.
  4. this would be her seventh album and 13 years since her first album..hmm
  5. https://getawaygall.tumblr.com/post/184262600151/guys-i-found-something this looks interesting...
  6. I wonder if the track’s leaked anywhere. I really want t hear it, and too impatient to wait until it drops. Haha
  7. Apparently the new single is dropping Wednesday?
  8. Same, I would love both but money’s tight. Need MGS in my collection! Haha
  9. I was able to snag two deals just under the wire. Ended up getting both Blaqk Audio variants they offered, as well as Weezer’s Black Album (don’t judge me, I actually dig it haha) for $5.65. Crazy awesome deal. Overall, spent $34 for $73 worth of records. Not too bad.
  10. @rundmcc ah, thanks for that man! That’s exactly what I needed to know. I’m too lazy to make seperate accounts for Groupon and Amoeba. Haha
  11. Can you buy multiples of this deal? I would love to pick up the variants of Blaqk Audio’s Only Things We Love for basically $29 bucks instead of $60