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  1. Absolutely pre-ordered. Though most likely cancel when the band officially announced it. Want to support them, not Amazon.
  2. maybe that’s why this album took so long to come out…he waited announcing it until all the jackets were signed. Haha
  3. Does anyone think there’s going to be tour variants? I’m thinking of buying a VIP package to one of their shows but not sure if it’ll be worth it. You get sound check access and exclusive merch. But I wonder if the merch is only going to be shirts and hoodies..haha Not sure if I want to spend $120 for only that. Haha
  4. Have they given an estimated date of delivery? I know it won’t be for a few more months most likely. But wanted to see if they have at least a broad ETA.
  5. *insert witty pun about k.r.e.a.m.ing his pants*
  6. This is my question too. New pressing, or just a repress?
  7. saw that they posted more to their store and was able to snag the tri-color. Stoked. I’ve really come to love this project over the years.
  8. As much as I love Anberlin, I always find it hard to like this project, (which honestly, same goes for Loose Talk). There’s always a handful of tracks on each release that I really dig, but overall, not the biggest fan. Sorry for the completely unwarranted opinion. Haha
  9. no news, just momentum bump. haha listened to Lights Out tonight, suuuuch an underrated record...we gotta start tweeting Marko/Fearless/SRC again to get this pressed, also Palm Trees! haha
  10. I think the best way to describe this album is: It’s a Foxboro Hot Tubs-ish Green Day record. or It’s a Green Day-ish Foxboro Hot Tubs record. take your pick.
  11. Personally, this album is a blast. Whomever said this was a tight fun record nailed it. Is it Green Day’s best record? Nah, far from it. But it great record to blast while driving. People need to stop complaining about every little thing these days that isn’t to their liking. The band’s over 30 years old at this point, they can do what every they want to do. “I’m an LEGIT fan, I ONLY like the ‘old’ records.” Get over yourself.

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