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  1. I'm 2 days away from my 5 year VC anniversary. I'm almost more than a year plus since my last post. Crazy how quick time flies by! I'm looking for 2 records right now: Digger - Monte Carlo LP - Hopeless Records - Purple Vinyl Brody - Against Forgetting 7" - Creep Records Please let me know if you have either - much thanks.
  2. just a heads up - based on the bidding, lack of paying and address listed, he is also operating under the eBay account name 2011revengeisbest.
  3. I figured I should have a Record Store Day sale of the online variety! Check out http://blackshirtmusic.ecrater.com/ for Weston's "This is my Voice and This is my Heart: Live at Maxwell's"! The pink vinyl version (out of 400) is 50% off and I have a few copies left of the silkscreened version that is hand numbered (out of 100) for 25% off. It's a fun live record and comes with a digital download that includes an additional 4 tracks for a total of 18 songs. I hopefully will have some exciting news very soon about a second release for BSM - Thanks all!
  4. if anyone gets an extra copy, hit me up! i'm looking to buy.
  5. catching him tomorrow here in brooklyn. am i bad person because i don't even know who he is touring with?
  6. Hey all! andywax and I are running a show here in Brooklyn this Friday, April 9. If anyone is in the area, come on out - it should be a fun time! The details are... Brooklyn Fire Proof 119 Ingraham St (at Porter Ave), Brooklyn, NY Early show starting at 6:30 $6 - all ages! THE REVELING http://www.myspace.com/thereveling Great melodic punk rock from NYC (yes, not everyone plays bad indie music in NYC) They kind of remind me of Smoke or Fire at times. (I could be wrong...). They get a lot of press since Jay Weinberg (son of Max and has also toured with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band) is their drummer. BOTTOM SHELF http://www.myspace.com/bottomshelfmusic fine fellas from Pennsylvania - for fans of Hot Water Music DOWNBOUND CITY http://www.myspace.com/downboundcity acoustic duo from Trenton, NJ. ex-Minnesota's Calling
  7. as much as i love walton goggins, i am not gonna see the first episode tonight. let me know how it is.
  8. yeah it was kind of a quick jump into it - so far i'm digging it. i definitely felt a giant letdown as soon as the episode ended like i just wanted it to keep rolling for another 2 hours. i'd buy the whole season on dvd right now if i could. i'm feeling confident that it'll be a good series. Thin Red Line is about Guadalcanal, but I guess that's relatively fiction.
  9. i watched it and dvr'd it as well. any thoughts so far people?
  10. and i'd tell you to come over and enjoy it with us but we finally lost the tv - so now i'm rocking my 15 inch...and yeah that's what she said
  11. you realize i did not know this before you wrote it? or should i say until i read what you wrote...super stoked. loved band of brothers.
  12. just got in my package yesterday - awesome yet again. thanks and much keystone love where do you press your vinyl? it all looks really good and from the ones i've listened to thus far, sound excellent as well.
  13. ordered all 3 + fest 8 shirt = wonderful saw them with andy last night, it was fantastic.
  14. they broke up in 2006 they did a reunion show at the knitting factory sometime late sping/summer.
  15. I just got in some copies of the Chuck Ragan-Muff Potter tour split. The shipping cost was flat rate and pretty high so I figured I'd order a few. It is a gatefold 7" on black vinyl and handnumbered to 2000. You can check out most of Muff Potter doing "The Boat" here: Taking offers - PM me (with shipping cost included) If you have any questions, just let me know! Thanks
  16. as i slide off topic...my gf and i caught day at the fair in nyc last year. it was a lot of fun. lanemeyer was great too. i miss that style sometimes.
  17. every nights turns out to be a little bit more like bukowski... but really i love his stuff. i started out on his short stories and am finally making the move to novels.
  18. omg i've seen those on the subway a couple times and every time i get a good laugh.
  19. very stoked! tickets purchased as soon as i saw it. i've lived in the nyc for about a year and a half and never did get to the cake shop yet. so i'm looking forward to that. small brown bike was 50% of the reason i went to the fest. i really dig the early stuff - dead reckoning might be my favorite. but the later stuff is super intense, they grew a lot and it worked. as far as i'm concerned, small brown bike NEVER wrote a bad song.
  20. andy you must go - i'm forcing you to. unless we're far too hungover...