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  1. 10 Questions: Vinyl Collective Edition 1. What's your real name? Ben 2. Where are you from? Liverpool 3. What inspired your username? Lyrics from the Dennis Wilson song Holy Man (feat Taylor Hawkins) 4. What bands do you like? Queen, Talking Heads, Muse, The Beach Boys, Gorillaz, The Divine Comedy, Pet Shop Boys, amongst others. 5. What turntable/speakers/audio stuff do you have? Audiotechnica LP60, with Edifier Speakers, and a Sony CD Walkman. 6. Any other hobbies? Writing, LEGO, and Coin collecting 7. Can I social media you? You can go on my website, and message me on there ifyouaskben.co.uk 8. Favourite Guitar solo? Alexander The Great by Iron Maiden is my all time favourite guitar solo 9. Favourite album of all time? Queen II 10. Any other fun facts? I am autistic. That's fun.
  2. I have no experience with that particular turntable, but the best advice I would give anyone is to certainly download the repair manual, if you can find it. While I don't know what you have in terms of documentation, I doubt the previous owner would have given you anything. That might help you diagnose your problem more easily.
  3. Hi. After making an earlier post, I was told by members that rather than upgrade my LP60, it would be best if I get a new record player altogether. The ATLP60 served me well, and I have enjoyed playing music on it. What would you recommend I get? I have a couple of considerations: 1. I am happy to buy refurbished or used players on EBay, if the price is right. 2. I am ideally after an fully automatic direct drive player, just for ease (I am dyspraxic, so dropping needles will be a dice with death for my LP's) 3. A built in phono preamp would be nice, as that is what I have with my current player. 4. My budget is between 100-250 pounds. Any assistance and advice is greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi. I have had an Audiotechnica LP60 turntable for almost two years now. As I have some Christmas cheddar to spend on some new goodies for myself (and most definitely will I be buying a couple of LP's) what upgrades should I make? So far, I am debating whether to get the following: 1. A New Slipmat (the one I have I really don't like) 2. A new stylus (this one might be for down the line, as it hasn't done 400 hours of playback yet) 3. A new belt (I think my turntable runs a bit fast) What would you recommend? I know that some members don't like the LP60, but it works for me.