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  1. Despite being frowned upon... I am looking to sell the back 5 records from my boxset that arrived today (BEAA, Panic, Secret Weapon, Plans Within Plans, & Self-Titled). PM me if you're interested and we can work something out!
  2. Pre-order up now: Webstore https://kf-merch.com/collections/snail-mail - Merlot /500 (SOLD OUT) - Hot Pink /2000 Matador / Bandcamp https://store.matadorrecords.com/valentine https://snailmail.bandcamp.com/album/valentine - Gold Explosion /4000 - Black /? Also an indie record store variant looks like it may be also gold.
  3. Just cancelled my cream for $136 and picked up a Canadian copy of the red for about $75 USD shipped here: https://shop.listenrecords.net/radiohead-kid-a-mnesia-lp.html It comes out to CA $94.99 shipped ~ $75 USD. Worth the $61 savings for sure.
  4. Will most definitely sell out by this afternoon. 3500 LPs, fucking good for them.
  5. People are insane. Who cares if you split up a boxset. I literally bought it for the first 5 LPs and I'm hoping I can sell the other 5 to people who want them individually! Seems like a pretty normal thing to do...
  6. That shit is absurd. 1.) that someone would do that and 2.) thinking someone would pay that. I feel sorry if someone actually falls for it.
  7. I just snagged one, but have no interest in the back 5 records (BAEE, Panic, Secret Weapon, PWP, and Self-titled) if anyone is interested in shooting me an offer via DM or [email protected]
  8. Please! I missed the boat on this one!