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  1. lots of bills and shit going on right now...slow at work, gotta slang a few records - before i hit ebay i will list them here. sorry the prices are high (ebay) prices...but i need money badly. Daft Punk Translucence Tron Legacy - 10" yellow - $50 Spawn Soundtrack - 3x10" red - $35 BTBAM The Parallax Hypersleep Dialogues RSD (have three, selling two, unsure of color as of now) - $30 each Dredg el cielo - $80 Dredg leitmotif - $150 foo fighters medium rare - $35 gorillaz the fall - $65 mgmt congratulations (scratch off cover) -$25 primus green
  2. i know the chances of this happening are like a snowball in hell, but im looking for the rift record with the welker print that was released this weekend at MAGNABALL. i can pay for it, or trade...im sure i have something you might like thank you for looking
  3. If anyone can get the Phish box set I'll pay you and send you a nice surprise record. Please and thank you. I hate work. EDIT - Thank you snp304!! You're my hero.
  4. dillinger rules. so does mike patton
  5. id like The Aristocrats - Culture Clash from Amazon. on that preorder. youre a very nice human being for doing this.
  6. word. i should have known better and searched, my bad both my white and black copy are like this, pretty sure im going to sell one now because of it...fooey
  7. For those who have glassjaw W+T on vinyl, have you put the record in a different sleeve? If not, what did you do to clean the plastic off the record? Something like this
  8. Me and my buddy want this every time I die shirt they are selling exclusively at these shows on the all stars tour. It has Spuds Mackenzie pouring a beer on it. It is awesome. Would anyone going to one of these shows be so kind as to consider picking up a medium and large? PM me if you're going to one of these shows and we will work it out, please and thank you
  9. anyone get all 9's on their dl card? im curious as to what happens if you got 9's and talk with bulby.
  10. i really love the transition from when i lost my bet to one of us is the killer - i consider it one song almost. so awesome
  11. thanks for the kind words! i was def thrilled with how the rhino turned out.. heres my other from stefano

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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