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  1. This is truly excellent! Listened several times already. Step Into You is a new repeat play favorite. However, not opting for vinyl was one of the easiest decisions on format in awhile. Before shipping, $35 for vinyl. $10 for the CD as well as a download that includes 24 bit / 88.2k WAV, standard WAV, and Mp3. Just wanted to to put that perspective out there.
  2. This comes with a 24bit download as well. That's awesome.
  3. Most of what I heard was better than than the last one but damn, the sound quality is shit. So much compression, the drums are so dull, and any opportunity for emphasis or punch is totally squashed. Aside from all that, I saw it in a record store for $32 ... on sale ...
  4. Pleasantly surprised by the quality of the vinyl release. Thick gatefold with various texture, large booklet, very decent pressing, and housed in a clear slipcase with a layer of the art on it. And a 24 bit - 48k download to boot.
  5. Anyone have a digital version they could share? Kinda bullshit for a record to not have a download code at this point.
  6. I am, which is how most people hear it. The vinyl version is definitely more listenable thanks to Bellman. The digital version has dynamic range of 4, which is lunacy, while the vinyl is 10.
  7. Awarding the mastering of this album is confounding. It's a prime example of too fucking loud with a pitiful dynamic range. Lazar has been the loudness champ for several of these, like the Foo Fighters' Saint Cecilia EP, which is a real ear blaster.
  8. Can't believe it sold out in my cart again. Didn't care about the print, but had no choice.
  9. anyone aware of what source was used for the new W&S pressing?