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  1. and after this week, we really need some amy winehouse rehab
  2. COOL!!! I will def put most of the stuff on my personal list Two thumbs up...guys Thanks!!! Don`t hold back, keep on posting
  3. Hi there My girl and I will travel to New York (end of April). We`ll stay 7 nights, and of course we have gone through some books and asked friends about what to see and cool stuff to do. So, what else are we missing, apart from eating a burger at the Shake Shack? Feel free to post your ideas and stuff.... Eating, drinking, record shops, concerts, sightseeing, shopping (as I mentioned...my girl is in the travelteam :-) ), relaxing......and so on. Many thanks in advance Regards
  4. hell yea, i studied in germany for a year and drank paulaner weiss alllll the time well, I lived in Germany for about 30 years. I know what you are talking about
  5. Hm, you can also trust my opinion. I also know how to cook
  6. Well, sometimes you have to jump in ice cold water. Trying something new...
  7. I have to admit, I never heard Against Me....just read here and there about those guys. Then I saw that they are playing in my city. Bought 2 tickets, for the lady and me.....so we went there. the first band were some local dudes. Well. BUT -the second band CRAZY ARMS from the UK. MAN, THESE BASTARDS ARE BIG. Bloody hell, they rock. Super tight sound. The singer with a great voice, variety, speed, feeling. Everything perfect. Then after another two beers and a smile on my face...Against Me. The first song. Hm ok. The second one. Ok. And after several more, we went to a tapas bar. the songs were so similar, the speed - always the same. Man, that was boring. So, if you have the chance to see CRAZY ARMS. Go for it. And if you want to eat brilliant spanish food. Ask me. My breath is full of beer, garlic, fish, meat....PERFECT!
  8. hmm..I lost "contact" to this band. Any information about new releases from those guys???
  9. what is the actual price for the Gamits - Come get some, 7" ???
  10. Hi If someone is interested in this blue jewel, pass me a serious offer. Sure, the best offer wins. Cheers
  11. http://shop.ebay.com/haasmen/m.html some cool records...more or less
  12. well...i also want my records to be untouched. the problem is that i haven`t had any mailers for a LP so i taped it like macguyver would do. boy, this really looked some "suspicous" thing. i hope that this guy will ever get his lp. and it was a REAL REAL beauty. damn
  13. to hijack this thread.... up for offers: Boris the sprinkler - Century, tour edition, lim to 300
  14. if you liked Zombieland....maybe you also like Shawn Of The Dead ?
  15. Well, I send 3 packages from here , Switzerland...on the 6th of December. None of them reached their destination until yet. I called the guys at the post and they friendly told me that since the 15th of November the US is absolutely crazy about packages from outside the US and that they want to open everyone of them. So, if you order - plan some extra-time.....maybe this is nothing new for all of you? Happy New Year To Me
  16. As some remember I made a thread screaming at some people here which are idiots and stupid bastards. This guy is really NOT among them!!! VINYLWHAT - trustful seller

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