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  1. This is when I called it quits as well. Loved Nimrod hard, but I think the Warning single showed a new direction that didn't grab me.
  2. Mine arrived today, and overall this is a great release. The foil cover should have been a gatefold, but is still really nice, and the records themselves sound wonderful.
  3. To their credit, Second City Prints has refunded me the cost of the record that arrived scratched. They were unable to replace the copy since it's limited edition
  4. My most recent Second City prints delivery. Mind you, brand new, in shrink wrap, so I don't know if this is from them or the factory. Either way, they have not responded after three emails.
  5. The band-specific variant was supposed to be hand-numbered, but I don't see that on mine. Anyone else?
  6. My band/Bandcamp variant arrived today and it's a beauty inside and out. The way ThirtySomethingRecords is treated this has me very excited for the rest of the Deep Elm catalog.
  7. My tri-color copy arrived today, and I'll have to say that it sounds excellent. I have far from golden ears, but this sounds dynamic and super wide. Very happy!
  8. Oh god, for a second I thought you were talking about this Insomniac pressing... 😲
  9. Mine arrived today, and am also impressed by the quality. This sounds fantastic, and I now have Miss California on vinyl 🥰 Mine is #425, not that that really means anything?
  10. I ordered Send Us A Signal and Death & Taxes, and they arrived really fast. Send Us A Signal appears to be the Kickstarter pressing and sounds excellent. Death & Taxes looks beautiful and sounds WAY LOUD. I have to trim 4db off my pre-amp for it to not sound over-modulated. With that adjustment, it does sound good, but surprised me as I haven't run into this much.
  11. Red Cat pressing arrived today and it's very pretty and sounds super clean. Not the most dynamic sounding album I have, but all in all, a good pressing.
  12. And we get the b-sides for Killing Time which are stellar.

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