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  1. Spoke to someone very close to the band and this is pretty much what they hinted at. The good news is that Epitaph pumps out vinyl, so maybe it won't be a year wait...
  2. I did, and it's the same. It sounds like they transferred CD audio to the vinyl.
  3. I read somewhere that CD sales are way up since the vinyl shortage. Also, this band is pretty great and poised to pounce.
  4. Instant order of black vinyl. The new song slaps.
  5. Any recommendations for sites to visit for a virtual remote RSD? I've used Jackpot Records before but it looks like they are not selling online until Sunday.
  6. Agreed that Get Hurt is their worst album, but it's a damn fine discography if your worst album is still great.
  7. Holy shit, immediately ordered. People are charging $250+ for this on Discogs.
  8. Yeah, it looks way better than my warped clear copy. I might get this too, but am always concerned that these pinwheels/swirls will end up looking just brown.
  9. Actually, I'd like them to spend that money on making the record sound as good as possible. Get the High Res audio and use that for the vinyl master, lacquer cut by someone who knows rock music, and give it to me on a SINGLE 180G BLACK VINYL. /soapbox

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