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  1. Any US options? I want Ruiner but $42 shipped is high. Edit: Found it. https://creatordestructor.bigcartel.com/
  2. I only saw that the Gold variant was available on Bandcamp. Didn't know that the tri-colors were available. I really don't like the Gold variant packaging and may have to swap my order.
  3. I was very tempted by this, but with the 180G still available from Storm Chasers, I went with that. It ended up being $3 more.
  4. Generally, if 180G is available, I'll go for that. It's highly collectible and is actually distinct from the other variants, sonically. Now only if this was a 180G black... I've had some bad experiences with clear.
  5. Yeah, the marble looks good in the mock-up . This should be the go-to version on aesthetics. I have the Coke bottle clear, I DON'T NEED the marble. Right? RIGHT?
  6. Honestly I haven't listened to Taster. I'll go back there now.
  7. One other thing to keep in mind when deciding on shops is that the single download from Bandcamp is 24-bit 96Khz for those hi-res fans. When the full download is unlocked, it's reasonable to assume that it will also be hi-res audio.
  8. Cranberry was good, Heavy Lifter was great, and I have high hopes for this.
  9. 1. Sometimes 2. True Love 3. Lake June 4. GSM 5. Around Again 6. Hope 7. Joy 8. One Bottle 9. Blindsided 10. Hue 11. Junior Day League 12. I Never Wanna Make You Sad New album 10/01 Available in Coke Bottle Clear (500) / Black (Unlimited) https://hovvdy.bandcamp.com/album/true-love
  10. This collection is truly awesome. It looks and sounds great, and kicked me off on a Appleseed Cast marathon session. While LLO is epic, I also realized how much I love Mare Vitalis.
  11. Got mine through Steadfast and it had the outer wrap. Likely just an oversight.
  12. My Teal copy arrived today and not only does it sound great, but the packaging and level of care that went into this is fantastic. WHOOPS, I thought Thirty Something Records did this, but it was in fact Steadfast Records, who also did the Brandtson reissues which were also great. And wow, they actually still have copies of Send Us A Signal in stock.
  13. Definitely my favorite Superchunk record. Now I can turn off my Discogs alerts...
  14. The remastered 2 lp set is $25 from the official store? REASONABLE. I'm guessing shipping will be a nightmare...

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