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  1. I do have a copy of the opaque blue pressing, but still. This album is so great, Oso Oso / State Lines are one of my favorite bands, and it's difficult to find, a black copy would be so nice.
  2. Never listened to AMITW, any thoughts on how it compares to the first two JM albums?
  3. I just got one from Banquet Records, but it was pricey. It ended up being $43 total. ouch.
  4. I'm dying for a US release on this one! Little known fact, Tommy Lee played drums on this album.
  5. I missed it the first time around too. It's at the bottom of the announcement; they're doing those EPs, plus a Spiderman one. Presumably a "Vindicated" focused release, which is awesome because that's about their best song IMO.
  6. I mean, I hate the screaming teen audience, but I bought it anyways so...
  7. I love early Dashboard but I have a very hard time listening to this due to the audience. Not certain if I'm purchasing. I'm torn...
  8. He definitely was. As was Mike Kinsella, Erik Czaja (Dowsing, Pet Symmetry), and a bunch of others.