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  1. If you have Amazon Prime, this is probably the best budget way to get these. I am tempted by those colors, but I don't know if that's worth an $11 premium per disc + shipping. Amazon UYI 1 Amazon UYI 2
  2. Seems like it's getting a nice treatment with a hi-res audio remaster. I'm not thrilled that they messed with November Rain though!
  3. Still Searching was an instant purchase. Interested in the Fire, but I'm just so apprehensive about Vagrant pressings. I'm still stinging from the From Here To Infirmary re-press that clearly sounded like 16-bit 44kHz audio...
  4. From the label website: Luminaries from rock’s thriving post-punk, and hardcore scenes, guitarist Frank Iero (My Chemical Romance), guitarist Travis Stever (Coheed and Cambria), vocalist Anthony Green (Circa Survive), bassist Tim Payne (Thursday), and drummer Tucker Rule (Thursday/Yellowcard) have joined forces to create L.S. DUNES. The brand new band will release their debut album, Past Lives on 11.11.22 via Fantasy Records. Today, L.S. DUNES unleashed the album’s first single, the blazing “Permanent Rebellion.” Watch the track’s frenzied video HERE and pre-order Past Lives HERE On their sites it looks the order-able variants are 180G Black /500 Custard vinyl /1000 There appear to be some other site tie-ins Brooklyn Vegan & Revolver - purple and black swirl /500 (sold out)
  5. Yeah, I am a tiny bit nervous here. Ultimately, I decided to pre-order because at this point, I don't think there's much that Arctic Monkeys could do to alienate me. TBHC was as abrupt of a sea change as I could endure and in truth, I ended up loving it after I got over my mourning period of it not being AM2. I'm all in on the Monkeys and I hope they didn't hold back the lead single because it stinks.
  6. I went with the Custard. Huge fan, and the import was about $42 including upgraded shipping.
  7. New Arctic Monkeys album, supposedly kinda funky? Curious to see what variants will exist. So far, I've seen two below: Tracklisting Side A 1. There'd Better Be A Mirrorball 2. I Ain't Quite Where I Think I Am 3. Sculptures Of Anything Goes 4. Jet Skis On The Moat 5. Body Paint Side B 6. The Car 7. Big Ideas 8. Hello You 9. Mr Schwartz 10. Perfect Sense Gray (aka Deluxe) Black Custard (Indie?)
  8. I've got the 2015 Jade Tree black pressing. Haven't read if there is a re-mix or remaster for this, so I'm not sure if I'm getting one. The Jade Tree variant looks nice though.
  9. Smartpunk is doing a 25th anniversary pressing of Nothing Feels Good. Limited to 300. $27, ships October 22. Coke Bottle Blue & Cloudy Clear / 300 SmartPunk store
  10. I do not know if I want this. Have they released any tracks alongside this announcement?