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  1. astrangerwithcandy

    PO: Baroness - Purple

    Check Spotify...
  2. astrangerwithcandy

    Fallout Discussion: “76”

    100%'d Fallout 3. Had lockers filled with almost every weapon/piece of gear. Really hoping for a F4 announcement. Even better if it's set in the commonwealth which I believe to be Boston.
  3. Snagged the last one. Looking forward to the vinyl release. Thanks guys!
  4. astrangerwithcandy

    PO NOW : Coliseum - Anxiety's Kiss

    Bass line kinda reminds me of I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness - According To Plan. Totally different, just reminds me is all.
  5. Agreed. Now if I can get a Feral Trash on color, I'll be set.
  6. Will order once I'm home.Thanks Var!
  7. Got an email that says subscription members will be receiving this.
  8. astrangerwithcandy

    Available Jan. 7: Mansions - Dig Up The Dead Acoustic

    Damn, I slept on this. Anyone have an extra?
  9. astrangerwithcandy

    What should I d in Trenton New Jersey?

    Agreed. It has its bad parts but it's not like you're entering Camden
  10. astrangerwithcandy

    What should I d in Trenton New Jersey?

    Ha that's probably either the filtration plant in hamilton or on a really hot day, you can smell the landfill across the river in PA.
  11. astrangerwithcandy

    What should I d in Trenton New Jersey?

    That Champs or the Trenton Social.My buddy snagged me a Descendents x-mas ornament from the flea market. If you like Spanish/Portuguese food, check out Malaga's on Lalor street. They have awesome Sangria. Sadly, most of the other good restaurants moved to either Ewing, Hamilton or Robbinsville. If you feel like traveling for like 10 minutes outside of Trenton, try Delorenzos Pizza on Sloan Ave in Hamilton or Rossi's on Whitehorse Mercerville Rd. They have really good burgers.
  12. Shit I missed this for the first year. Dammit.