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  1. 6131 exclusive clear yellow splatter of 500- https://6131records.com/collections/julien-baker/products/julien-baker-little-oblivions-lp-6131-exclusive-clear-yellow-splatter-vinyl
  2. Definitely a top album of the year for me, can't stop listening (as was the case with the first album as well). I ended up with the tangerine from the band directly, and the Rough Trade as well.
  3. EP just dropped, tracks were mostly already available digitally as singles, but I love the sound and songwriting. 12" picture disc and "Cloudy Clear" vinyl pre-orders available for Secretly Club members. To ship late October..... https://www.secretlystore.com/skullcrusher-skullcrusher
  4. Sure does look different, maybe just an incorrect mock-up though. 6131 just sent out an email, which is obviously too late, but it included these numbers- Julien Baker 'Sprained Ankle' LP - Purple w/ Splatter Vinyl (Limited to 100 - 30 available) Julien Baker 'Sprained Ankle' LP - Half Blue / Half Clear Vinyl (Limited to 100 - 80 available) Looks like there were some more of the purple out there previously, but explains why blue/clear wouldn't be listed yet.
  5. I believe this is the purple splatter- https://www.discogs.com/Julien-Baker-Sprained-Ankle-/release/12143634
  6. Same. Was looking for it on Discogs after seeing it was available, but didn't see it listed. Might just be missing it, but anyone happen to if this has been available previously?
  7. Thanks for the recommendation. Listening to the full album through today, it's fantastic. A lot of influences from all over the place on here, but it makes a really well rounded full length. Twisted is a bone chilling track.
  8. Banquet just let me know that they don’t actually have the yellow variant in stock and the European distributor doesn’t either so they’re reaching out to the label. Looking like the Yellow is in fact sold out everywhere.
  9. Looks like Banquet has yellow in stock. Shipping is of course expensive, but works out to about $23 USD shipped I believe. https://www.banquetrecords.com/dogleg/melee/TCR03234CD (edit oops just saw Streiti already posted the heads up on getting at Banquet)
  10. Release date of 7/10/20 Tangerine Vinyl at Bandcamp, Merchbar looks to be standard Rough Trade Exclusive (Red / 500) VMP (Yellow/300) New single dropped yesterday- https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/the-beths-dying-to-believe-980278/
  11. This ended up being the new Pictures of Vernon LP- http://www.counterintuitiverecords.com/products/659494-pictures-of-vernon-bug "if you bought the mystery surprise you get the swirl variant while supplies last, and then the orange 1st press variant" The only pressing available for purchase through them at the moment is "Blue" vinyl (assumed this is the 2nd pressing of 500) 1st Press: Blue w Orange Swirl /250 Orange /300 2nd Press: Blue /500
  12. The blue/yellow split that is sold out on bandcamp is now available on shopify- https://soccermommy.myshopify.com/
  13. Just got word from Seasick and Merge that production of the Red vinyl is delayed due to COVID shutdowns. Received a download code active today so that's a nice touch. Imagine there's going to be quite a bit of this on any release in the coming weeks.