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  1. Those look great man. What did you use for the border/background? The color match is perfect.
  2. Thanks for the info. I actually have a bunch of plastic bins from target that fit records perfectly but they aren't sturdy enough for bulk shipping. I'm just going to pack up a few of those with my more expensive/rare stuff and bring them in the car with me. When you receive bulk orders on pallets how are they typically packed? How high approximately? I'm guessing it was a bunch of smaller cardboard boxes packed with 25-50 records, stacked and the whole pallet wrapped tightly with plastic wrap? Are the records typically stacked in the boxes horizontally on top of eachother or vertically? (i've seen a bunch of debate about this one, i'm leaning towards packing them upright, side by side)
  3. Do you know of a particular plastic types of boxes that works well for LP's? I'm most worried about the sturdiness of the boxes and if I could find some reasonably priced, stack-able, heavy duty plastic ones that would be preferable.
  4. I was actually hoping I could load a pallet myself and have them pick it up. I trust myself stacking them more than some random freight employee. Not sure if that's possible though. Any recommendations on particularly sturdy boxes?
  5. Alright folks, i'm planning a move cross country (Florida to Oregon) and i'm trying to figure out the logistics of getting all my records cross country. I think i'm probably going to pay for some kind of freight rather than a u-haul since i'm going to take my time during the trip and want to be driving my own car. Anywho I haven't counted but between everything i've collected and the records my father passed down to me I probably have at least 5,000 records I need to move. I'm not even sure the best way to pack such a large quantity, anyone have some tips or recommendations? I was thinking of doing a pallet but i'm worried about stacking too high and damaging records on the bottom. Maybe some labels and/or distros have some tips?
  6. I think you would be surprised how cheap bananas would be if they weren't essentially "flipped" by companies like Chiquita. The only difference between record flippers and them is that bananas are "flipped" before they get to the grocery store and records are flipped after. The same concepts apply to both. As for someone buying out all the bananas from grocery stores and reselling them trust me someone would be doing it if the price/market would allow it. The only way to "solve" flipping is for labels to stop doing a million different pressings in small quantities, which will never happen because it is a way for them to get people to buy the same record multiple times.
  7. The same argument can be made for nearly everything that is sold for a profit. Yet no one goes "Oh my gawd this grocery store bought all this food without the intention of eating it?!?! They bought all this food for the sole purpose of selling it for a profit? WTF?!?!" It's a dumb and useless thing to get angry about. Bitching about flippers isn't suddenly going to make the principles of supply and demand no longer apply to the medium.
  8. You gave your friend shit because the company he works for was selling a record at a price too high for your liking? No offense, but you sound like a twat of a friend.
  9. That is sexy my friend. Did you somehow hinge those glasdex and use them as doors or are they just leaning up against your records?
  10. Looks awesome man. Approximately how many records is that setup holding for you?
  11. No worries my dude, I don't take anything said on the interweb personally.
  12. Uh oh we've got the username police over here. Next time i'll try something more creative, maybe i'll go with "BillyB"