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  1. Anyone know about the Tenchu Stealth Assassin release? I saw a picture of it with a label SND-001
  2. Anyone have any info on clay fighter and clay pals?
  3. Hey I'm also looking for a copy, any color. I have lots of trades or cash
  4. Anyone able to share where to get Red Gorilla Records info? Or have copies of Splatter House, WWF, skitchin’ or Roadrash?
  5. It really is a lot of fun, I got a trial for Apple Arcade and played the hell out of it. It actually has an end too, which I feel like is rare for phone games. Unfortunately I played it on silent so I can’t comment on the music but I want to go back and play it and check out the soundtrack
  6. iam8bit has a preorder for a game on Apple Arcade What The Golf, worth a listen https://www.iam8bit.com/collections/what-the-golf?goal=0_e7557e3b34-fb5ecae7ef-304270537&mc_cid=fb5ecae7ef&mc_eid=9789140fc5#utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=pre_order
  7. Is there a big list of soundtracks that need to be made? I’ve always loved Bart’s Nightmare and Super Double Dragon
  8. Hey, first time posting here. I read all 133 pages before posting. I saw several people have mentioned Zombies Ate My Neighbors, I’m always hoping someone will release it! My best friend growing up was Joe McDermott’s son so I had an interest in this soundtrack from an early age