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  1. I'm often of the "never say never" crowd, but yea I don't see this happening. Would love to be wrong though.
  2. If I've learned anything throughout these COVID times, its that people have become even more so irrational about any delays then they were previously were. Anyone who wants their money back, more power to them, I could see this as a one and done pressing so it'll be their loss.
  3. I'm unfamilar with Sargent House. Their vinyl releases any good? Found a copy of Botch's live album in the used bin visiting my GF over the summer. Would definitely rebuy that one and all other material that botch is gonna put back out. So pumped at this news.
  4. 13 Point Program to Destroy America on white vinyl. https://dischord.com/release/057/13-point-program-to-destroy-america This album was incredibly important to me growing up.
  5. Good looks. Remember seeing these guys a ton around my way in the early 2000s in North Jersey.
  6. Engine Kid - Everything Left Inside 6XLP colored vinyl set Southern Lord is doing a color LP release of the boxset. Am kinda happy I didn't pull the trigger on discogs of the RSD set. https://southernlord.com/store/engine-kid-everything-left-inside-6xlp-color-vinyl-box-set/
  7. I would kill for this one. But a few years ago, at a show in NJ, Swami said then that It would probably never happen. But hey, never say never.
  8. Jackpot Records has preorder up for Either/Or & Roman Candle on Splatter vinyl. https://jackpotrecords.com/shop/elliott-smith-roman-candle-either/-or-lp-bundle-preorder-exclusive-jackpot-records-edition
  9. That's true but the TBS one is a run of a 1000 and also with seasick, so MAYBE it'd be the newbury comics variant they'd partner with, just because it seems like we all know Newbury will get a variant of it....Just spit balling here.
  10. Possibly Jane Doe by Converge will get one of the remaining ones as I think that's getting another press shortly.
  11. Fully expecting that /135 version to be mostly black with some purple streaks in it

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