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  1. Snagged the color in color. I've messed up and still haven't caught these guys live yet.
  2. Red Walmart exclusive is still up for preorder.
  3. Same! Gonna cancel my brooklyn vegan black version.
  4. Goddammit, missed the store exclusive. Walmart has the listing back, but is marked out of stock too. No clue when it went back up.
  5. Was beaten to the Mindforce punch. Carry on all, gonna be a great album.
  6. Patient Zero records has the Green variant with option with the Zine up for preorder. Out of 100. https://patientzero413.com/products/stretch-arm-strong-rituals-of-life-lp-pz-exclusive-green-vinyl
  7. Simulakra - The Infection Spreads is up for pre-order on Daze. 4 variants are in their store. 2 European spots have exclusive variants as well. https://daze-style.com/products/simulakra-the-infection-spreads-12-lp-pre-order?variant=42880395510000
  8. I live roughly 10 minutes from the JC hub and i've noticed the last bunch of packages i've had that usually go through there, were in Kearny first then a random spot like Clifton, which are both really close to me too, but not JC. A few records were in no mans land once they got and left Kearny, so I suspect they were in JC too. I didn't open up any kind of inquiry with USPS as I just let it ride.
  9. This band really goes out of its way for its fans not to own their music but rather wants them to spend $55 on a goddamn tshirt.