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  1. I mean, both the Thought Crimes and With Honor ML drops are $45 and they also have the hand numbered screen printed insert and the exclusive slipmat. So that's essentially $30 for an 18x24 poster and I feel like the demand for posters isn't that high to get people to want to pay $75 to snag one, especially when they can snag the record for around $20. I don't think it's completely overpriced considering the costs to produce everything, I just think the overall product isn't enticing enough for a lot of people to want to spend that kind of money on it. Hence the slower time to sell through these drops compared to the ~$40 alt cover drops.
  2. The site crashed during Bless the Martyr so it oversold and some people got cancellation e-mails. From what I've seen it appears pretty much *everyone* has gotten cancellation e-mails for this. So either the listing was either a mistake or they meant to put up some leftovers and accidently put the original /500 up by mistake.
  3. My favorite thing about this is a good majority of these releases were up on the webstore and recently removed. A few of the others were recently on the store before selling out so those are likely leftovers, but they definitely removed most a week or so ago simply to drop this sale/promotion as a means to get people back to the web store. What they need to do is actually work on (re)pressing the older albums that haven't been in constant rotation the past couple years. Plenty of Victory albums have gone out of print that would definitely sell if repressed and also plenty of albums that if Craft/Concord went and did 500x/1000x runs they could sell through. They announced like six months ago they were going to show some love to the catalog and since then have only done like a tenth repress of Silverstein's first album and a live record for Straylight Run.
  4. The email is for a printing company so that's most likely the reason someone else responded since it's a general account.
  5. My order went through at 12:03 (or at least that's when I got the email) and my # is about 20ish after yours. Got #244 for Anthem with the print (no matches tho).
  6. He seems to base price on the market (ie. Discogs) and rarity. Those super high prices on some of the Victory LPs are likely because said variants aren't available readily. That being said he does have plenty of stuff for reasonable prices, just depends on what you're looking for. I've order fr their Discogs, from his website and at shows directly when he brought a bunch of stuff to LDB Fest. In case you guys didn't know dude who runs it is the vocalist for Facewreck.
  7. Been complaining about this not being on Spotify anymore for years. So yeah, instant cop.
  8. I think the point he was trying to make is it's funny how they made sure the album art was in high quality when the mp3s they made avail were low quality (160).
  9. Blue and red still avail if you snag a bundle with all three variants for what it's worth.
  10. The release date was October from the get go I believe. There's also a preorder on Amazon that is listed for October. If Metal Blade is the one releasing this (as mentioned, Ferret isn't around and Carl sold that label off to Warner back in like 2009) I'm kind of surprise this has been around for a couple weeks without them posting it on their web store yet.
  11. I had a feeling that might be it. I'm on lunch at work so I can't wait around so just bought the purple/black one instead of waiting for the mint variant. Out of curiosity how do you check that? I don't recall it showing but I'm sure there's a way
  12. Yeah, for whatever reason only one variant is up right now so I had to snag the purple/black one instead of the mint variant. At least it's more limited I guess
  13. Merchnow says it's supposed to ship the first press orders August 19th. Album drops on the 21st
  14. Kind of surprised to see five new variants for the second pressing considering it took a month to sell out the initial batch of /100s (and to be honest all of them were up just the other day this week). Also in case anyone didn't notice, new variants won't ship until October.
  15. Also available directly from the label if you're stateside so you won't have to pay as much for shipping from the UK. https://shop.prostheticrecords.com/products/672827-venom-prison-primeval
  16. My concern is that since Tony sold off the label the new company that owns it will only push merch/records more likely to sell so the smaller stuff won't end up back on the site and the chance of some of the smaller to midsize releases coming out on vinyl is going to fall off a cliff.
  17. Yeah, they immediately sold out. I loaded their store right at the beginning of the hour and got a clear one but I popped back on the shop five minutes after it went live to see if they still had black and both were gone.

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