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  1. After copping the Manchester Orchestra album at noon (which was almost $80 Canadian) and the Gulch repress... I come out on my lunchbreak and see this.... Guess I'll be doing some extra hours at work! 🤣
  2. Very stoked to hear good things about the pressing! Gonna take another week or so for mine to come since it's heading north of the border
  3. Happy release day to this beast of a record. Looks like we've got 3 new variants up at Merchnow. The Tempest /150 Sunlifter /175 River King /175 The mockups are gorgeous. Ive got the /100 on the way so I'm good. https://merchnow.com/catalogs/misery-signals
  4. Well seeing as how there was a restock of CFUTF, maybe there'll be one for Brother, Sister. I'll keep my eyes out for you!
  5. If anybody is interested in this 2004 jam, Codeseven "Dancing Echos /Dead Sounds" is getting a first pressing. 2 variants. 250 copies each https://merchnow.com/catalogs/codeseven
  6. Newbury Comics variant. https://www.newburycomics.com/collections/exclusive-vinyl/products/sevendust-blood_and_stone_exclusive_lp_autographed?variant=32683908956265 I agree. Just press Home and Animosity!
  7. As much as I'm bummed I missed this, I'm glad I did.... My wallet hates me the last few weeks 😅
  8. I forgot the limited editions all ended today. I had a copy of "In the Weeds" in my cart on the Canadian site. It was still in my cart, and I managed to order it now. *phew*
  9. I just remembered the VHS I had of "The Last Tour On Earth" I had... *shudders*
  10. I made the listing. Don't know how it got moved to the EP section. I managed to move it to the albums sections but it's not merged with the actual album... Im kind of a noob at submitting releases over there! 😊
  11. Got one earlier today! Thank you!
  12. In case anyone missed out on the CFUTF Collectors set, it looks like both variants are in stock on their US merch site. https://mewithoutyou.com/collections/vinyl/products/catch-for-us-the-foxes-collectors-edition