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  1. Had enough depressing things the last few years I'm good haha! I guess it's not up on Apple yet? The original definitely has a lot of memories tied to it and it's great the way it is. But this new version is just so heavy! ("there's that word again, heavy!") 18V has been one of my favourite bands since UTIRO and watching them on the Hellfest 2000 DVD. Hope everyone likes Vanity 2.0 as much as myself.
  2. If I dig into my old Interpunk account and look at when I started buying vinyl in 2006. The prices of vinyl were just wonderful, the shipping to Canada was great too! Ahh, when life was much simple.
  3. I just noticed that now after clicking on your site. My bad! Excitement got to me.
  4. Need some new Armor. Also need EVR to make that DTMB pressing to happen one day! Edit: as mentioned above use this site instead: https://dealsonvinyl.com/amazon/B0B5HGXB9S
  5. Hand numbered and limited to 250 copies (each) Sides A&B feature Vanity re-recordings Sides C&D feature the original recordings *please note this is a PRE-ORDER item. Estimated shipping date is December/January Hot. Pink + Blue Jay Pinwheel /250 https://18vmerch.com/products/vanity-2lp-vinyl-hot-pink-bluejay-pinwheel Hot pink blob + In Clear /250 https://18vmerch.com/products/vanity-2lp-hot-pink-blob-in-clear-edition-of-250 The re-recorded album (missing tracks Gorgeous, There is Always, and Love in Autumn)
  6. I was on the fence about ordering and when I saw the two splatters were sold out, I jumped on the tri-colour. Which was my preferred option, I need a break from splatter. Another preorder to forget about.
  7. https://anberlinmerch.com/ 3 variants limited to 100. (All Sold Out) 1 variant limited to 700. Shipping April 2023. (yup)
  8. Sold out on The Prodigy's webstore XL link: https://xlrecordings.com/buy/theprodigy-thefatoftheland25thanniversaryedition
  9. Same here! Nice to forget these preorders from 6 months ago and seeing some movement.
  10. I don't do social media but my buddy is on some FB new vinyl release page. Someone posted on there and my friend said the individual has "insider info" I figured no harm posting it here since I know there's a lot of Fear Before fans like myself. I'm glad it was legit haha.

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