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  1. I'd be down for The Hammering Process and Liberate. I'll stand by my original 3 guesses: Norma Jean "Bless the Martyr..." He Is Legend "I Am Hollywood" The Chariot "Wars and Rumors of Wars" Either way, whatever UO Vinyl is teasing I do hope these see a wider release aside from a "fest" edition if that's what these are.
  2. https://store.warnermusic.ca/collections/funeral-for-a-friend Link for my fellow Canadians!
  3. I may grab this. This album still bangs hard 20+ years later. I saw them open for Incubus in 2000 around the time Deviant came out.
  4. I remember when Suck Out the Poison came out, all my friends hated it. Between IAH and that, I still go back to SOTP regularly. The Widow of Magnolia and (((louds are my jams
  5. Whatever the 3 releases are, are probably T&N/SS releases that Unoriginal is teasing. My guesses are: Norma Jean "Bless the Martyr..." He Is Legend "I Am Hollywood" The Chariot "Wars and Rumors of Wars"
  6. Haven't posted in awhile... If anyone didn't get a chance to grab a copy of The Splinter Shards the Birth of Separation last summer it seems there's extra copies up. If anyone is interested! https://merchnow.com/products/v2/318502/the-splinter-shards-the-birth-of-separation-clear-green-with-white-smoke
  7. My MSN names back in the day were definitely a lot of lyrics from TBYB haha. I can admit I haven't listened to it in ages in its entirety, but Reflections comes on some playlists from time to time! I'll definitely jam it on the way home from work!
  8. Grabbed that GF variant. One of my favourite albums of the early 2000s. I remember seeing them on this little makeshift stage at Warped Tour 2002. Don't sleep on this it'll sell quick!
  9. Electric Blue is sold out already.
  10. R.I.P.W. Is such a jam. It's definitely got some ISIS vibes in there!
  11. MBV's official store has all the deluxe editions and the bundle back up under preorder. The date is October 20, 2021 if anyone is interested in waiting until then. https://store.mybloodyvalentine.org/format/684900-album-bundles

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