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  1. Reminder that Hopesfall The Satellite Years 2.0 goes up at 1pm EST on EVR. https://equal-vision-records.myshopify.com/ I hear there's a "handful" of alt covers going up. In case anyone is wondering the alt cover was $45 USD at FF. Also the album is up on streaming services and sounds brilliant! I'm hearing little nuances that Ive never heard before in the songs!
  2. Shipping 12/15 Band Variants: The Hammering Process: https://livingsacrifice.manheadmerch.com/products/the-hammering-process-brown-gold-black-swirl-vinyl Conceived in Fire: https://livingsacrifice.manheadmerch.com/products/conceived-in-fire-2lp-fire-vinyl Solid State Variants: The Hammering Process : https://solidstaterecords.store/collections/featured-vinyl/products/living-sacrifice-the-hammering-process-rivet-hole-vinyl-pre-order Conceived in Fire : https://solidstaterecords.store/products/living-sacrifice-conceived-in-fire-fire-in-the-sky-vinyl-pre-order
  3. EVR posted the tour variant up... Folks who dropped $125 for VIP to nab the vinyl are piiiiiised. Haha. https://equal-vision-records.myshopify.com/products/mae0debegd-lp?fbclid=IwAR34sXFybbinKxoQ2PSdpRomFfbnj0D7G2-LP23rHBjGBnauOlk0O6fi3-Y
  4. One of the blurred out exclusives that will also drop after the Fest. https://www.instagram.com/tfutopia/?utm_source=ig_embed&ig_rid=c0cc42a7-c9ff-4fa6-b8ab-34b3f79de6a4&ig_mid=58875FDB-D0B2-4780-BF46-84C1F0F6D797
  5. Unfortunately, no. I wish. UO needs to press that! No on Hide Nothing, yes on HTSAF. Hopesfall, yes.
  6. I think the non OBIs will be a much wider release. I'm sure Chasing Victory will be on SMLXL vinyl since they released that pressing of Fiends.
  7. Wish granted I may or may not have seen all 12 exclusives.... Well 9 now that OBIs are out in the wild.... If you all wanna start guessing.
  8. Holy shit. My wife doesn't care for vinyl at all but I think she'd want this one. One of her favourite albums/artists!
  9. New END album "The Sin of Human Frailty" 10/27. New track tonight. If it's Closed Casket the PO for " will probably drop at midnight as well.
  10. Sharptone variant. Cheaper than their merch site : https://sharptonerecords.co/products/story-of-the-year-page-avenue-20th-anniversary
  11. 2.5 years later. Thanks for coming through on all the Daphne releases Corey!
  12. Got my order in as soon as I got the email link. I'm stoked. This brings me back to elementary school and rocking the cassette in my Sony Walkman. I wonder if I still remember all the lyrics...
  13. From Matt Talbots email just now: HUM RE-ISSUES: YES, IT’S STILL, STILL HAPPENING… The day is here (almost). We’ve entered the actual manufacturing stage with RTI. We’ll likely be taking pre-orders mid-summer, with records shipping before the end of the year. Copies of Inlet, Downward is Heavenward, You’d Prefer and Astronaut, and Electra2000 will be available in both black and a color variant. (So, please, no major appliance purchases or new lawn mowers or anything before that so you can collect ‘em all.) Once the exact pre-order date is set, we’ll shout it from the rooftops. You won’t miss it, promise!
  14. https://www.squatchinthepit.com/products/preorder-coheed-cambria-the-second-stage-turbine-blade?_pos=6&_sid=f55ac1def&_ss=r&variant=43845677940989 Theres a listing at Elusive Disc as well but no official word but it seems like something is coming on 6/9/23! I also think that EVR's tweet apologizing for doing another Doppelganger repress and not TSSTB was more of a tease than an actual apology.
  15. https://www.instagram.com/p/CpBjRJUNVqV/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  16. https://www.itcanalwaysgetworse.org/collections/frontpage/products/step-into-the-light-vinyl-lp The /500 is up here.
  17. They're up! https://theacaciastrain.merchnow.com/ Nabbed the /300!
  18. No announcement yet. But there's a EU link for the preorder. Feel free to add links as this will probably drop this morning! https://www.impericon.com/en/the-acacia-strain-step-into-the-light-highlighter-yellow-colored-vinyl.html

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