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  1. From Matt Talbots email just now: HUM RE-ISSUES: YES, IT’S STILL, STILL HAPPENING… The day is here (almost). We’ve entered the actual manufacturing stage with RTI. We’ll likely be taking pre-orders mid-summer, with records shipping before the end of the year. Copies of Inlet, Downward is Heavenward, You’d Prefer and Astronaut, and Electra2000 will be available in both black and a color variant. (So, please, no major appliance purchases or new lawn mowers or anything before that so you can collect ‘em all.) Once the exact pre-order date is set, we’ll shout it from the rooftops. You won’t miss it, promise!
  2. https://www.squatchinthepit.com/products/preorder-coheed-cambria-the-second-stage-turbine-blade?_pos=6&_sid=f55ac1def&_ss=r&variant=43845677940989 Theres a listing at Elusive Disc as well but no official word but it seems like something is coming on 6/9/23! I also think that EVR's tweet apologizing for doing another Doppelganger repress and not TSSTB was more of a tease than an actual apology.
  3. https://www.instagram.com/p/CpBjRJUNVqV/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  4. https://www.itcanalwaysgetworse.org/collections/frontpage/products/step-into-the-light-vinyl-lp The /500 is up here.
  5. They're up! https://theacaciastrain.merchnow.com/ Nabbed the /300!
  6. No announcement yet. But there's a EU link for the preorder. Feel free to add links as this will probably drop this morning! https://www.impericon.com/en/the-acacia-strain-step-into-the-light-highlighter-yellow-colored-vinyl.html
  7. Happened to have the page opened already at 9:55am on Dine Alone.... It went up at 9:57 and was gone in no time. I did manage to grab one! I never have luck with Dine Alone drops.
  8. https://blindside.manheadmerch.com/ Holy fuck.
  9. Grabbed the red. Just revisted this album this morning. There's some bangers on it for sure... Hoping Self Titled is in the horizon. EDIT: didn't notice at the end of the Tooth and Nail email it states S/T is next!
  10. https://m.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=624656616115899&set=ecnf.100057146992273 Yeah I'd say it's confirmed.
  11. Unoriginal is teasing their next drop for this week. I think it's Parade of Chaos.
  12. Yeah I was refreshing before noon est and it said 39 items on the vinyl page and noticed it dropped to 37.i then checked Page 3 of the vinyl and saw only Embodyment.... I only wanted LIYW. I came out for my lunch break 20 minutes ater and they're right there on the main page.... Hope it's not a glitch!
  13. The leftovers of the Unoriginal Vinyl / Solid State FF exclusives go live tomorrow at 1 PM EST / 10 AM PST on the Solid State Merch Store. From the Tooth and Nail email: Solid State Records brings you an exclusive drop of the remaining copies of three first-time-on-vinyl record reissues — previously only sold in person at Furnace Fest 2022. There are far less than 100 copies remaining of Dead Poetic's Four Wall Blackmail & Life In Your Way's Waking Giants, and under 200 copies of Embodyment's The Narrow Scope of Things. Hand-numbered Obi Strips will remain exclusive to the festival attendees and will not be included with any of these online orders. All three titles will go live on tomorrow, November 3rd, at 10AM PST.
  14. Unoriginal posted a story saying that their FF leftovers will be going up in November just after Tooth and Nail's Halloween sale....Finally!
  15. Lets go!.... Who am I kidding? It's going to be a teaser for teaser #2....then more waiting.
  16. Hearing folks that ordered The Acacia Strain FF exclusive are also getting the Brooklyn Vegan variant of Stretch instead of "3750". What a mess.
  17. Deadline is 5pm PST for OBI holders. I'm sure we'll see these up end of the week or early next week. A friend Pm'd Unoriginal about Life In Your Way and they said all the OBI's are gone for that. Its the only one of the three I didn't manage to score. I'm hoping some make it online.

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