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  1. Yeah, the one time that I was on the ball, and ready for the drop... No signed version.
  2. Preorder: https://pjharvey.kontraband.store/products/dance-hall-at-louse-point
  3. Cool. I actually did email them on Monday with my order info, but haven't gotten a reply yet. I guess they're backed up.
  4. Cool. I only ordered Dry and Dry Demos from them, so there'd be no reason for them to be shipped later.
  5. Speaking of udiscovermusic (US)... Did anybody else preorder Dry and/or Dry Demos from them and still waiting for it to ship out? Mine still shows as "unfulfilled". I just figured they were busy/behind, so not stressing about it, but still curious.
  6. Hmmm... When I contacted VMP about my damaged jacket, providing images and details, they responded with a $10 store coupon, saying they would not offer of a replacement.
  7. Thanks. Yeah, I have seen that button before, but did forget to look there, and looked there later after posting. That definitely is helpful info. The last one was $240 and NM condition. Maybe similar to mine. I'm guessing somewhere between 200-250 for mine. I think I'll be holding onto it for now anyways. I like The Toadies a lot. Was more just curious, and had never noticed it being a rare piece before. Unless I lose my job or something happens where I am hurting for money. I also just noticed last week that I have a US orange vinyl release of GNR Spaghetti Incident, that I forgot I had. I see that one too is around the 90-100 area. I need to take the time and look closer at my 90's items. In that CD heavy era, vinyl was pressed less.
  8. True. I've seen some stores give the option when purchasing, which is nice: a) Do you want them shipped sealed and risk split seams? or b) Ship them unwrapped, with the record outside of the sleeve?
  9. I actually got the B&N edition too, and it made it over just fine. No damage of any kind. B&N was actually better protected in the packaging than VMP.
  10. I get that point. However, one could make the argument that it could have been packaged better to protect the corners. The box wasn't that badly smashed in. I've seen better packaging methods used than what they used. Theirs wasn't horrible, but could be better. I know this isn't their policy, but I could see a compromise being a fair resolution. Maybe not get a replacement, or even a 100% refund, but maybe a partial refund (again, they cost over $40 each), or a store credit of a certain amount. That way the label / artist doesn't take much (or any) of a hit, and the customer is taken care of some. It may benefit them too to do something to take care of the customer, because if a customer is totally rejected, he/she could open a credit card dispute, which would cost the store even more. The store would have to pay a chargeback fee, even if the dispute goes in favor of the store. Not an action I intend on taking, but is something for the store to consider.
  11. Well, their store policy says this: Cosmetic issues including: Seam splits (on the jackets or internal sleeves) Dinged or bent corners Miscellaneous print defects and other imperfections While a bummer to get things with minor cosmetic damages, we generally do not send full replacements for these types of issues (unless it is severe).
  12. My two copies from VMP arrived today. No seam splits, but the corners got smashed up. The bubble wrap protects the tops and bottoms fine, but does nothing to protect the corners. When paying around $40 for each one, would expect to have them in nicer condition.
  13. Yeah, was about to answer my own question. I see none for sale currently, but had this info: Last Sold: 27 May 20 Lowest: $141.00 Median: $237.65 Highest: $352.94 Mine isn't sealed, but would consider it in NM condition, and again, with original hype sticker (whatever that adds to it's worth). Was probably only played once or twice. It's in great shape and stored well. Not much shelf wear.