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  1. New Bad Breeding on Iron Lung Records. Best anarcho band going. https://ironlungrecords.bandcamp.com/album/human-capital-lungs-227?from=discover-top
  2. Charging more for coloured vinyl is straight up bullshit
  3. Saw the Napalm Death/Behemoth/Arch Enemy tour last night in Vancouver. ND are the best live metal band. Behemoth were fun too.
  4. I have Good Riddance - Ballads on blue I'd be willing to sell for the right price
  5. Grabbed Cursed "III". Now I can sell my record release variant.
  6. Picked up Cursed "III". Now I can sell my record release variant.
  7. This is great. Melodic hardcore/punk out of Columbia. Sorry State has copies https://staticshockrecords.bandcamp.com/album/ataque-zero
  8. Been listening to this while at work this morning https://brienstewart.bandcamp.com/album/avail-each-other-1988-1990