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  1. For me it’s just having the first pressings. I’ve been collecting for years and I just end up having too many records. Like stuff that I like but will probably never put on lol Kinda keeps me in check. But I actually did not know that and might end up doing that as well. Thanks man!
  2. Here is what I am looking for. This is not complete and I may be interested in something like that. I am only looking for 1st pressings from the country the band is from. WANTS Rancid - Let's Go Rancid - Life Won't Wait Rancid - B Sides And C Sides Rancid - Indestructible Bad Religion - Generator Screeching Weasel - Wiggle Black Flag - Slip It In Black Flag - Loose Nut Black Flag - In My Head Misfits - Famous Monsters Japanese Press Misfits - Walk Among Us Minor Threat - S/T Descendents - Enjoy! Operation Ivy - Energy Offspring - Conspiracy Of One Offspring - S/T Nemesis Records Offspring - Americana Offspring - Splinter Good Riddance - A Comprehensive Guide Good Riddance - Ballads From The Revolution Lagwagon - Trash Lagwagon - Hoss No Fun At All - Out Of Bounds Gadjits - Wish We Never Met Restarts - Sickness Of A Mind Restarts - Uprising 88 Fingers Louie - Behind Bars 88 Fingers Louie - Back To The Streets TRADE LIST AMT BAND ALBUM INFO LABEL 1 7 Seconds New Wind BYO 1 Abrasive Wheels Black Leather Girl Clay 1 Accursed Up With the Punks Wreck Em 1 Adolescents S/T NEW Frontier 1 Against Me! Transgender Dysphoria Blues NEW Total Treble 1 Against Me! Searching For A Former Clarity NEW Fat Wreck 1 Against Me! White Crosses Sire 1 Against Me! Shape Shift With Me NEW colour vinyl Total Treble 1 Against Me! Don't Lose Touch 12" Single Fat Wreck 1 Against Me! The Original Cowboy Fat Wreck 1 Amebix Sonic Mass Amebix 1 A Global Threat What The Fuck Will Change? Punkcore 1 Agression Don't Be Mistaken Reissue Mystic 1 Agression S/T Mystic 1 Alice Donut Donut Comes Alive Alternative Tantacles 1 Alkaline Trio Agony And Irony Epic 1 Angelic Upstarts LIVE! EMI 1 Anti-Flag Die For Your Government New Red Archives 1 Anti-Flag Terror State NEW Fat Wreck 1 Anti-Flag American Spring Spine Farm 1 Articles Of Faith In This Life Lone Wolf 1 Avail Front Porch Stories Fat Wreck 1 Bad Brains Bad Brains Reissue Roir 1 Bad Brains I Against I Fringe 1 Big D And The Kids Table Strictly Mixed And Mashed NEW Silver Sprocket 1 Black Flag First Four Years NEW SST 1 Black Flag Family Man Reissue SST 1 Black Flag Six Pack Reissue SST 1 Black Flag Loose Nut No Barcode SST 1 Black Flag Slip It In NEW SST 1 Blink 182 Mark, Tom And Travis Show NEW Geffen 1 Bombshell Rocks Street Art Gallery Burning Heart 1 Bouncing Souls Anchors Aweigh NEW Epitaph 1 Buzzcocks A Different Kind Of Tension IRS 1 Batmobile Bail Was Set At $6000000 Nervous 1 Bikini Kill Bikini Kill Reissue Kill Rock Stars 1 Bloodshot Bill Full Blast Sin 1 Blitz Complete Blitz Singles Collection Get Back 1 Business Smash the Discos Link 1 Bauhaus Burning From The Inside Beggars Banquet 1 Citizen Fish Goods Alternative Tantacles 1 Clash Give Em Enough Rope CBS 1 Clash Clash Epic 1 Clash Sandinista Epic 1 Clash Cut The Crap Epic 1 Clash Combat Rock Epic 1 Cramps Stay Sick! Vengence 1 Cramps Fiends Of Dope Island Vengence 1 Cramps Look Mom! No Head Vengence 1 Cramps A Date With Elvis Vengence 1 Choking Victim No Gods/ No Managers Hellcat 1 Dag Nasty Field Day Giant 1 Dag Nasty Wig Out At Denkos Dischord 1 Dayglo Abortions Death Race 2000 NEW Unrest 1 Dayglo Abortions Armageddon Survival Guide NEW Unrest 1 Dead Boys Night Of The Living Dead Boys Bomp! 1 Dead Kennedy's Mutiny On The Bay NEW Manifesto 1 Dead Kennedy's Plastic Surgery Disasters Fringe 1 Dead Kennedy's Frankenchrist Fringe 1 Dead Kennedy's Bedtime For Democracy Fringe 1 Dead Kennedy's In God We Trust Inc Fringe 2 Descendents Enjoy! NEW SST 1 Descendents I Don't Want To Grow Up NEW SST 1 Descendents Milo Goes To College NEW SST 2 Descendents Hypercaffium Spazinate NEW Epitaph 1 Descendents Liveage SST 1 Dirty Bird/Ulcer Split Outcast 1 Dirty Rotten Imbeciles Dirty Rotten LP Radical 1 Dirty Rotten Imbeciles Dealing With It Fringe 1 Discharge War Is Hell Unrest 1 Discharge Hear Nothing Say Nothing See Nothing Havoc 1 Distillers S/T Hellcat 1 DOA Something Better Change Red Vinyl Sudden Death 1 DOA Lets Wreck The Party Alternative Tantacles 1 Demented Are Go! Hellbilly Storm I used to fuck people 1 Demented Are Go! Insickness And In Health ID 1 Demented Are Go! Kicked Out Of Hell White Vinyl Cargo 1 Demented Are Go! Live And Rockin Link 1 Deltas Live And Rockin Link 1 Down By Law Blue Epitaph 1 Down By Law Last Of The Sharpshooters Epitaph 1 Dropkick Murphys Gangs All Here NEW Hellcat 1 English Beat I Just Can't Stop Rockin IRS 1 English Beat Special Beat Service IRS 1 Exploited Troops Of Tomorrow Grand Slam 1 Exploited Horror Epics DOJO 1 Fear More Beer Restless 1 Fugazi Repeater NEW Dischord 1 Fugazi Steady Diet Of Nothing NEW Dischord 1 Face To Face Three Chords And A Half Truth Rise 1 Frantic Flintstones Freaked Out And Psyched Out Drunkobilly 1 Frantic Flintstones A Nightmare On Nervous Nervous 1 Frenzy Hall Of Mirrors Nervous 1 Gang Of Four Hard Warner Bros 1 Gang Of Four Solid Gold Warner Bros 1 Gaslight Anthem American Slang Side One Dummy 1 Generation X Kiss Me Deadly Chrysalis 1 Government Electric Eye Capac 1 Government Issue No Way Out 82 Lost and Found 1 Government Issue S/T Fabr 1 Green Day Warning NEW Reprise 1 Green Day Nimrod NEW Reprise 1 Green Day Insomniac NEW Reprise 1 Green Day American Idiot Adeline 1 Green Day Dookie NEW Reprise 1 Gruesomes Gruesomania OG 1 Gruesomes Tyrants Of Teen Trash OG 1 GBH A Fridge Too Far Rough Justice 1 GBH Leather Bristels No Survivours And Sickboys Clay 1 Gunsmoke From Somewhere Inside My Brain 1 Godless Wicked Creeps Hystereo Crazy Love 1 Good Riddance My Republic Fat Wreck 1 Gutter Demons Enter The Demons Pink Klub 666 1 Horrible Crows Elsie Side One Dummy 1 Hot Water Music Exister NEW Rise 1 Hot Water Music Finding The Rhythms Yellow No Idea 1 Hot Water Music A Flight And A Crash Green No Idea 1 Hanson Brothers Sudden Death Wrong 1 Horrorpops Kiss Kiss Kill Kill NEW Hellcat 1 Husker Du Warehouse: Songs And Stories Warner Bros 1 Husker Du Land Speed Record SST 1 Iceburn Firon Victory 1 Ill Repute Omelette Mystic 1 Jon Cougar Concentration Camp My Hair Hurts Livid 1 Jawbreaker Bivouac Tupelo 1 Krewmen Adventures Of The Krewmen Crazy Love 1 Krewmen Krewmen Lost Moment 1 LARD The Power Of Lard Sealed Fringe 1 Left Alone Streets Of Wilmington Smelvis 1 Leftover Crack Mediocre Generica Hellcat 1 Leftover Crack Constructs Of The State Fat Wreck 1 Lime Spiders Weirdo Libido Zinger 1 Limp Guitarded Honest Dons 1 Lagracia On Parallels Suburban Home 1 Lower Class Brats A Class Of Our Own Punkcore 1 Magazine Play IRS 1 Me First And The Gimme Gimmes Take A Break NEW Fat Wreck 1 Meat Puppets Mirage SST 1 Mighty Mighty Bosstones A Jackknife To A Swan Side One Dummy 1 Millions of Dead Cops S/T NEW Beer City 1 Millions of Dead Cops Metal Devil Cokes Boner 1 Millions of Dead Cops This Blood's For You Radical 1 Millions of Dead Cops S/T Alternative Tantacles 1 Minor Threat S/T NEW Dischord 1 Minor Threat Out Of Step NEW Dischord 1 Minutemen 3 Way Tie For Last SST 1 Misfits Static Age NEW Caroline 1 Misfits Collection Vol 1 NEW Caroline 1 Misfits Collection Vol 2 NEW Caroline 1 Moneen hold that sound ep Dine Alone 1 Mr. T Experience Alcatraz Lookout! 1 Mr. T Experience Revenge Is Sweet And So Are You Lookout! 1 Menace Crisis Cargo 1 Mad Sin Sweet And Innocent Loud And Dirty Orange Vinyl I used to fuck people 1 Mad Sin Survival Of The Sickest I used to fuck people 1 Meteors Wreckin' Crew ID 1 Meteors From Beyond Green Splatt Raucous 1 Meteors In Heaven Lost Soul 1 Meteors Stampede Picture Disc Cherry Red 1 Meteors These Evil Things I used to fuck people 1 Meteors Wreckin' Crew 12" Single TOF 1 Mad Dog Cole Ultra Violence Crazy Love 1 Naked Aggression Bitter Youth Broken Rekids 1 New Bomb Turks Switchblade, Tongues, Butterknife, Brains Gearhead 1 New Bomb Turks Information Highway Revisited Crypt 1 New Order Substance Factory 1 No Means No Sex Mad Psyche Industry 1 No Use For A Name Leche Con Carne NEW Fat Wreck 1 NY Citizens On The Move Moon 1 Nekromantix Dead Bodies Rancid 1 Nekromantix Dead Girls Don't Cry Hellcat 1 Nekromantix Return Of The Loving Dead Hellcat 1 Off With Their Heads All Things Move Tward Their End No Idea 1 OFF! Wasted Years Vice 1 OFF! S/T Vice 1 Officer Down Dead Lands Self Release 1 Offspring Smash New Epitaph 1 Operation Ivy Energy NEW Hellcat 1 Operation Ivy Bring Me Back Up Live Radio X 1 Pears Go To Prison Fat Wreck 1 Pears Green Star Fat Wreck 1 Pennywise Unknown Road NEW Epitaph 1 Peter And The Test Tube Babies Pissed And Proud No Future 1 Peter Murphy Should The World Fail To Fall Apart Beggars Banquet 1 Poison Idea Confuse And Concur NEW Southern Lord 1 Poison Idea Kings Of Punk Pusmort 1 Propagandhi Potemkin City Limits NEW Fat Wreck 1 Propagandhi How To Clean Everything NEW Fat Wreck 1 Public Image Limited Album Elektra 2 Public Image Limited Happy? Virgin 1 Public Image Limited The Flowers Of Romance Virgin 1 Public Image Limited This Is What You Want Elektra 1 PUP PUP Royal Mountain 1 PUP The Dream Is Over Green Splatter Royal Mountain 1 Queers Back To The Basement Asian Man 1 Queers A Day Late And A Dollar Short Asian Man 1 Quakes Quakes Nervous 1 Restarts/MDC Mobocracy Red Vinyl Beer City 1 Ramones Ramones reissue Sire 1 Ramones Road to Ruin reissue Sire 1 Ramones We're Outta Here! Red Vinyl Empty 1 Ramones Rocket To Russia reissue Sire 1 Ramones Something To Believe In 12" EP Beggars Banquet 1 Ramones I Wanna Live 12"EP Beggars Banquet 1 Ramones End Of The Century Sire 1 Rancid Live In Colonia 4Q 1 Rancid Death Won't Wait Cenotapy 1 Rancid Indestructible Hellcat 1 Rancid And Out Come The Wolves New Epitaph 1 Rancid Rancid Reissue Epitaph 1 Rancid Rancid 2000 Picture Disc Rancid 1 Refused Everlasting NEW ORG 1 Rise Against Appeal to Reason DBC 1 Rise Against The Sufferer and the Witness Geffen 1 Rise Against Endgame DBC 1 Rise Against The Black Market Interscope 1 Saccharine Trust Worldbroken SST 1 Screeching Weasel Television City Dream NEW Fat Wreck 1 Sex Pistols Some Product Virgin 1 Single Mothers Our Pleasure NEW Arts & Crafts 1 Sioxsie And The Banshees A Kiss In The Dreamhouse Polydor 1 Sisters Of Mercy First And Last And Always WEA 1 Snuff FlibbidyDibbidyDop Workers Playtime 1 Snuff Snuff Said Fat Wreck 1 Spitts Cut The Circulation Off Burning Heart 1 Star Fucking Hipsters Never Rest In Peace Alternative Tantacles 1 Sham 69 The Best Of Get Back 1 Strung Out Prototypes And Painkillers Fat Wreck 1 Subhumans Worlds Apart Bluurg 1 Subhumans The Day The Country Died Bluurg 1 Subhumans Internal Riot Bluurg 1 Sharks Phantom Rockers Nervous 1 Spook And The Ghouls Whitechapel Murders Nervous 1 Selecter Too Much Pressure Chrysalis 1 Specials More Specials Chrysalis 1 Teen Idols S/T Honest Dons 1 Teengenerate Live At Shelter NEW Ugly Pop 1 Toasters Skabooom! Moving Target 1 Tom Gabel Heart Burns Sire 1 Taking Back Sunday Where You Want To Be Blue Vinyl Victory 1 US Bombs Never Mind The Open Minds Here's The US Bombs Alive 1 US Bombs Lost In America 2001 Live Orange Vinyl Disaster 1 US Bombs Back At The Laundromat Hellcat 1 Vandals Slippery When Ill Restless 1 Varukers How Do You Sleep? Red Vinyl Go Kart 1 Vibrators Pure Mania Columbia 1 Vibrators Alaska 127 Dallcorte 1 Violent Femmes The Blind Leading The Naked Slash 1 Wet Spots Wake Up With The.. PWC 1 World Inferno Friendship Society The Anarchy And The Ecstasy Orange Splat Chunksaa 1 X Under The Big Black Sun Elektra Shoot a message with any trade lists or inquiries!