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  1. Very tough for me to pull the trigger on box sets -- even for artists I'm a big fan of -- because stuff like books, posters, display boxes just don't appeal much to me. Even at $286, I'm looking at around $20 per record, with most of these regularly available under $18. I'm whatever the opposite of a hoarder is, so the prospect of buying box sets always gives me the howling fantods. 😅
  2. Seems to be fairly random in terms of when they tab stuff for +60% off. Recently, they've really been yanking sub $10 records off the board, so it's been very quiet lately.
  3. 7/14/20: Later that same day... Just received this note from DD re: the re-ordered Liquid Swords. There you go. It looks like DD will honor reorders within 10 days of original purchase. So here's the plan the next time you get one of those pesky cancellations: Go back to the product page and add your email to the box that says "Email me when available." If you get an email within 10 days, go back to DD and order the (likely much higher priced) album again. Email [email protected] after that, and give them... Original order number Item number with original price paid New price listed Total amount they should refund you It'll be interesting to see how many titles come back within 10 days. My guess? Not a ton. But shoot, if we can get just a few of those cancellations at the discounted price, I'll take it.
  4. Partial update, with recap preceding... 6/24/20: Ordered a bunch of previously cancelled DD stock and requested reimbursement after receiving email that stated, "Please feel free to reorder the items at your convenience on our website. If you do reorder the items and prices have changed, just forward us the new order number and we will refund any price differences. We apologize for any inconvenience." 6/27/20: Received email from DD stating, "We regret to inform you we are not able to do a price adjustment for the complete order. [...] We have a policy of 10 days after the order is placed to request a price adjustment." 7/02/20: Upon receiving the items purchased on 6/24, immediately returned via USPS media mail (cost, roughly $4). 7/07/20: Confirmation that items arrived back at DD warehouse. 7/14/20: Just now received reimbursement for full amount*, so no restocking fee was assessed. The endeavor only ended up costing me about four bucks, 45 minutes of total time and an almost imperceivable portion of my soul. The upshot: It appears even if you fail at checking DD on their squirrelly inventory practices, you can return items for a full refund (minus media mail shipping fees). Thus, probably worth a shot if there was a sweet deal on something you really wanted, and you ended up getting the dreaded cancellation notice. Caveat emptor, though, remember the (supposed) policy of having to place a reorder within 10 days of the original order. As outlined previously, this was the case with my purchase of Liquid Swords on July 4, and I made another purchase when it showed up as in stock again July 7. I'll touch base when I hear back on that one. * - "full amount" meaning the full amount... minus a penny. This is #73 on this list of bizarre shit Deep Discount does.
  5. The "scam" I posted a couple weeks ago was about how I reordered a bunch of records I'd purchased when they were ~70% off. Deep Discount had previously responded to one of my emails saying to notify them when something returned to stock if it had been in an order that was cancelled. I did that and gave everyone here a heads up, assuming a lot of others had experienced immediate DD cancellations. The reaction was... something. I didn't bother following up when I heard back since a number of folks felt the need to step in front of a bullet for a mega online retailer with clearly suspect selling practices, but hey, to each their own. The upshot is that DD responded to my purchase with an email that said something like, oh, actually, when we said you could reorder that stuff, we meant it had to be within 10 days of your first order. Details! Is the reorder-a-cancelled-purchase-within-10-days-to-get-the-original-value a stone cold fact? Given who we're dealing with, probably not. But I received a notice this morning that Liquid Swords (one of the July 4 sale titles) was miraculously back in stock a week later. 😐 Shocking 😐 I went to DD and saw a number of other titles that had been on sale last week. I placed (another) order for Liquid Swords, then sent DD an email with the details of the two orders. We'll see what happens. User poll: Do you want to hear if DD ends up refunding the difference? To vote yes, reply "yes." To vote no, put on your cool kids shades and fire off a pithy quote reply. 😎
  6. By the way, a lot of the albums for sale during the July 4 sale are back on Deep Discount. If you ordered them at the reduced price, DD's policy is supposed to honor the sale price now that they're back (since it's within 10 days). Feel free to check into it if you had a cancelled order. Unless you think that makes you a scam artist, I guess.
  7. An in-depth scam where I receive cancelled goods I paid for when they return a couple weeks later at higher prices? Starting to think some of you work at Deep Discount or something. 😂
  8. A bunch of new titles were added at ~70% off. Stuff you'd expect would get scooped up quickly at those prices -- Rush, Gza, Stones, etc. Two days later, and pretty much all of it cancelled across the board. For folks who use PayPal, they're finding DD didn't refund the full amount. I, for example, was shorted around $50. Amounts vary. This isn't the first time I (and others) have had issues with DD not refunding correctly -- I've had to spend weeks before getting back $11, $8 and so on for different cancellations -- and I've had many instances where they refund all but a penny. I don't even bother with those. You can strike it up to incompetence and accounting errors all you want, but I find folks' indifference to this fairly baffling. I mean, companies get into deep shit with the FTC over stuff like this, but because "they handle half the world's vinyl distribution" we should just shrug our shoulders and take whatever they give us? Despite what some people might think, our commercial markets largely police themselves. This laissez-faire attitude towards clearly egregious retail practices is what allows companies like Deep Discount to keep abusing their customers. I mean, just think about the shit storm that would brew if this were happening at Amazon. lmao
  9. Probably indicative of why it's continually a giant pain in the ass to deal with them.
  10. We still going to bat for Deep Discount after the July 4th fiasco and fallout?
  11. Only had one album out of 12 show up mangled, and getting a refund took seconds. And I got to keep the mangled album (just the sleeve was damaged). Jacked up shipments happen, but if a company is lickity split on resolution, I'll never begrudge 'em, so I feel good about shipping from Target even with the horror stories I've heard.
  12. Right. No, I feel you and have also leveraged this "hack" in the past, but I'm not going to recline in my threadbare La-Z-Boy, filled to the gills with indica, taking the super chill position of just being thankful a monolithic online retailer is able to ship me anything at all. Not sure why taking an emotionless online seller that clearly cuts as many corners as possible to increase profit margins to task makes me a Karen, but if it does, pass the fuk'n Snapple, baybaaaaaaaaay!
  13. Hey, we've all been there. You make a Deep Discount purchase. You're excited because it's a double LP that typically goes for $30, and here you've only paid $8! Then a few hours later, it happens... email notification: Your order has been cancelled. I sent Deep Discount an email a few weeks ago raking them over the coals for what I see as a pretty egregious business practice, posting items for sale that they really have no intention of ever fulfilling. This happens to literally no other retailer I know anywhere near the frequency it does on Deep Discount. I heard back from them, and they were very apologetic, of course, and then they closed their email with this... "Please feel free to reorder the item at your convenience on our website. If you do reorder the item and prices have changed, just forward us the new order number and we will refund any price differences." Oh, REEEEEAAAAAALLY? Now, some items you order that immediately get cancelled just disappear from the site. Recent examples of this are a St. Vincent title, as well as an import of Beatles for Sale. Those orders get cancelled, then you return to the site with the item numbers in tow, and poof, they're gone. Other titles remain, either on backorder or available at their regular prices. So with that bit of communication from DD in mind, I went in there and re-ordered ELEVEN titles that have recently been cancelled at their Bargain Bin pricing and that are now listed at regular price. Grand total? $303.02. Amount due back to me considering my previously confirmed purchases? $209.54. A bit of a gamble on my part, sure, but trust me, I WILL GO TO WAR with Deep Discount if they f*** this up. Even if this goes as planned, I'm not expecting the situation to be completely resolved for the next month or two, but I'll report back if things work out. I'd love for other people to start hammering them on stuff like this so they get their s*** together and fix whatever inventory software they have that's leading to these confirmed-but-moments-later-cancelled orders.
  14. They're like any other big box trying to move the most merch as quickly as possible, so their exclusives are all fairly popular titles. I know they have exclusive colors on a few Fleetwood Mac albums: Rumours, Tango in the Night, etc.