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  1. I had it in my cart, but I got interrupted when I wanted to pay and then it was gone...
  2. It was, but the website where the vinyl could be purchased with the OBI-strips is already offline, sorry!
  3. Is there anyone here who has already commented on this topic that is interested in an Embodyment OBI-strip? I have one extra, you can have it.
  4. Yeah thanks man, the Ship7 option is really interesting! Will try that in the near future. I did request an annulment at MerchNow and orderd it at Impericon.
  5. I went the other way round: I ordered it at Merchnow, paid $30 shipping, and then found out Impericon is also selling it (€ 7 shipping)...
  6. The people who listened to Thrice on Spotify the most got an e-mail for this one. It had already sold out when the other variant got posted...
  7. Oof, all three are really nice! Would love to add them to the collection.
  8. I chose to order at T&N instead of Burnt Toast Vinyl and then found out shipping was $10 more expensive at T&N. That sucks... 😒
  9. Finally a new release on colored vinyl! And they look like this... I'm a tad disappointed, to be honest. They could have made them prettier than this.
  10. Wow, great idea to order vinyl in the US like this! Thank you! Shipping to the EU is insanely expensive, I might just start using ship7.com.
  11. I got the swirl combo! Although 53 CAD shipping to the EU is insane. And I'll probably get to pay an additional import fee of about € 25 as well... But I love these albums...
  12. Hoping for a EU/UK-release of Major/Minor... International shipping is still insane...
  13. Hoping for a EU/UK-release of Thrice - Major/Minor!
  14. The release will probably be next week, the band hinted this in the replies to their announcement.
  15. I didn't know this band untill they were added to the line-up of Furnace Fest. Turns out they're from our friendly neighbour Belgium! 😄
  16. Hassle Records (UK) still has it. But the shipping is probably pretty expensive. https://shop.hasslerecords.com/products/the-get-up-kids-on-a-wire
  17. I ordered four times from them, one order got delivered fast. For the other three (!) I got a refund after a while because they couldn't deliver what I ordered... So I don't recommend them.
  18. I received an e-mail from Green Hell Records that the repress isn't expected before January 7th, 2022 and that their share of the pre-orders are sold out already. They offered me a refund or the possibility to wait, I chose the latter... This isn't looking good 😬
  19. On the 'In Exile' Facebook group, there's a post of someone stating this is not the box set that Vagrant announced. This could be nonsense, of course! On the other hand: the message 'Thrice Box Set release coming soon' is still on the Vagrant website. And why would they announce a box set, when it is a repress of just the one album? So I'm keeping my hopes up 😃

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